Congress has made its wishes known that all businesses in the US are greedy, power-hungry ventures that use the needs of the people to control them and ruin their lives. I have always felt that this was a very incorrect statement, but I thought that I should do some research into the ideal and see if I could find some truth in it. Knowing that there are some businesses in the US, especially foreign-owned businesses, that are not seeking the best interests of the Americans citizens, I thought I could find at least one in America that fit the Progressive’s explanation, and I found one.

Like many businesses in the US, this one started as a small, socially invested organization that looked to build it’s strength and income on the needs of the people, providing them with the necessities of what they needed to provide good lives for themselves. I remember when I was a kid and my Mother worked as the corporate secretary for W K Kellogg at the Kellogg factory in Battle Creek, Michigan. She knew Mr. Kellogg very well, and she always told me about how he donated money around the country to help the people that bought his products. I went to a High School, Hickory Corners Kellogg, one of many that he built in Michigan, and he was always donating money to Cities, Counties and the State of Michigan to help build better lives! He was a rich man who worked hard to build his business and he lived a very comfortable life but, like a great many businesses back then, he shared his wealth and made many lives better because of doing so! But, the business I researched had already lost its true meaning back then, and it was on the path of becoming a vulture!

It started out with a small governing body; people who wanted to do things the right way, but time swayed their hearts and the base of the company changed. As the company grew, many investors involved themselves with the management of the organization and began buying power within it, allowing them influence in the policies of the company, swaying it away from its initial statement of policy that once held great promise! And it grew; it expanded from being a multi-State operation to a company that had influence across the entire United States! And as it grew, the management began to see possibilities of growing personal power and great wealth and all it took was ending the interests in the needs of the people it used to support and to begin looking only to their own needs of wealth and power! Suddenly, nothing else mattered; the management staff had minions to handle all of the work while they lived like Kings and Queens, and their own pleasure and power became their only desire! And, since the people they initially worked to provide for grew angry over it, they found a way to operate their company for their own needs only, to profit from the losses of the people, leaving them with few options to build their own futures! As they grew more and more powerful, the citizens that had invested so much in this company began to lose everything, including their futures, and their children’s futures! How many times have we seen this happen in the past decade; corrupt financial businesses that took every dime they could from citizens that invested everything in their companies with the wish of a comfortable life when the business grew, then the management of those companies stole every dime and used it for their own interests!

But the worst thing about the business I have described above is that it is not one of the financial corporations; it is, in reality, the Congress and President of the United States of America! Every time they pass a Law, or Bill, it has more to do with their own needs than the needs of the people! Every time they want a raise, they don’t go to their bosses, the citizens of America, to ask for permission to give themselves a raise, they simply pass a Bill that allows one! And they do not work to do as the Constitution requires them to do, to unite the people of America, they work to keep us divided, to make us hate each other, so that they can do as they wish without the unity of the citizens to stop them from doing so! They are the perfect example of what they refer to as the “criminals of Corporate America”; that they operate only on greed and a need for power, not for the best interests of the citizens of our nation! We need to educate the citizens of America to the truths of their actions, to the need they have to keep us all divided, and to begin bringing every “Special” group back into the fold of the normal citizenry of our nation! We need to show them that all of the hatred espoused by our National Leadership towards anyone who stands against their waste and ruin is done only to focus us on something other than their actions! When they begin using race on race issues, sex on sex issues and religion on religion issues, they are not actually trying to support one against the other, they are simply trying to make us all hate each other! And hatred provides division! So the time has come to end the hatred, to stop the division and to stand up as the United People we are supposed to be; to regain control of our government and return it to the Constitutional demands to provide for the people, not the Members of Congress, Special Interest groups or the President and his Administration! We are the ones who control our government, not the slaves of it! The time has come to stand up Americans, to end the dominance of a criminal government, and to return our great nation to the strong Republic it once was!


Michael J. Kilgus
Gladiator 059


  1. Joseph Werner says:

    You do know there is a passage in Quran that says its okay for muslims to lie to infidel to get what they want from them, so it’s not important what Obama says come to think of it its not important what most people say its about the action being taken and I don’t see any one riding a white horse to save our asses

  2. The next election will show many the direction of this country, some are waiting before any rash actions are taken because it seems the so called ”Government” does not have ears for their inquiries.

    One needs to simply assess the situation like this, ”Were we better off in a Christian Nation without Muslims and the answer will always be YES!

    Were we better off when so called ”Gays” were just unknown as a group or political power and simply choosing their own lifestyle?

    Were we ever better off with any kind of Liberal leader, I doubt it, can’t remember one in my lifetime aside from Clinton and Carter and by comparison to what we have now, they were right wingers!


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