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I had a very close friend by the name of John Holland; John was a retired Command Sargent Major of the Green Berets. John and I worked together on the POW issue in DC when I was there and John was a great man; he never bragged to me about his time in combat, which was in WWII, Korea and early Vietnam. John never lied to me, he never played games; he always spoke the truth and, when he talked about his time in combat, it was him telling his story, not bragging. When he left the military, as a retired Green Beret, he did a lot of “special work” for the government. One night we were talking about the Kennedy assassination, and he stopped, looked me in the eyes, then said he was going to tell me something he hadn’t talked with many people about. He said that, in the spring of 1963, he was called in to listen to an offer for a “job” that was going to take place in Dallas on November 22nd, that he would have to leave the country immediately after the “job” was over and he would have to stay out of the country for five years. They told him that they had a “rube” to catch the blame, so he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone ever finding out he was involved. They didn’t state who the target was, John didn’t know at the time, but they told him that he would be shooting from a sewer opening under a sidewalk and that he could fold up and get out quickly and safely. John turned it down because he didn’t want to have to leave the country for five years, because he had family and he wanted to be with them. And, as we all know; JFK was shot on November 22nd, 1963! He told me he was “damned glad” it wasn’t him, because he didn’t think he could live with it. I don’t know anything more about the Kennedy assassination, just what John told me, but it showed me that whomever is in power at the time can make anything they want happen!

That said; I want you to look at what is happening now; since Obama has taken office, there have been at least seven mass shootings! I am 63 years-old and I don’t remember that many mass shootings happening in any Presidency, since the Progressive hippies began their shooting and bombing sprees back in the ’60s! And, ever since then, the Progressives, who caused all of that violence, have been using “Gun Control” as a call to battle against gun owners! The Conservatives in this country that own guns are very practical about storing and using their guns and, if there are shootings, robberies, murders or any other kind of gun violence, it is usually done by people who should never have owned guns in the first place, and a huge majority of them are not Conservatives! Look back at all of the shooters during the Obama Administration; name one of them that is a Conservative! I know that a couple were “exposed” as Conservatives, or Tea Party members but, when the truth finally came out, they weren’t! Crazy people do mass murders, Conservatives don’t! So; why are these mass murders all happening in the Obama Administration? Because he wants to disarm our nation, he wants all of us to give up our guns, either voluntarily, or by force; so he needs a “cause”, a reason to make Americans stand up to fight against our rights to own guns!

The past shooting victims have been mostly adults, some children got caught up in it, but the shooter’s interests were not in mass-murdering children. And every time Obama and the Progressives came out in the press and public to try to force Congress to remove our gun rights, no one saw the need to remove our guns and many saw the need to protect citizens’ lives by allowing them to be armed, so that they could protect themselves! But now, “suddenly”, small children are the main targets of this idiotic murderer! So; when Obama and all of his Administration members come out and demand that we force Gun Control on the citizens, they will use the pity that every American has to these young children to push their issue on TV and in every public venue! And, when Republican Members of Congress stand against it, they will be branded as being “supporters of child killers” and that will become one of the biggest issues this year! And that’s why this happened; I will bet that every one of these mass shootings that “just seemed to happen” in the Obama Administration were put together by people who are working to help him put his Gun Control plan into effect! Just like my friend, John Holland, there are people out there that our government uses to get done what they want to get done! It would not be difficult to persuade someone who has some form of mental problem to commit crimes like this without any trace of where the influence came from! They could drive the person into doing this through the right use of words on contact through websites, in email, or through personal contact. All they need to do is find some kid, or older person who is not popular, who lives on his own or has social problems, then say the right things to get that person fired up, then arm him and let him go! That’s how Lee Harvey Oswald was picked up and put into his position, when Kennedy was killed!

Now is the time for every gun owner in this country to be wide awake, to make sure that they know exactly what is going on in DC concerning our Right to Bear Arms! Isn’t it a “strange” coincidence that this is happening exactly at the same time that the Obama Administration is working to push through the UN legislation to take away our guns! Isn’t this a “strange” coincidence that this just “happened” right before he is to begin his second term! There is a whole lot more to this than “just a crazy killer”! This is the issue that will begin the next big push against our Gun Rights and it will happen shortly after the beginning of the new year! Beware, citizens; once they take away our guns, they will begin taking away everything else! If you don’t own a gun now, I would suggest getting one before January 1rst, because they will make it very difficult to buy one after that! And they might not do it through “ownership” issues, they might do it through very heavy taxation on a purchase! Our Forefathers built our Rights through the Constitution, and they trusted us to maintain them by keeping ourselves involved in our political system! So it is up to us! I can guarantee you that there will be more shootings, that they will be worse, and we need to be ready for the battle! Our government is not going to protect us and our rights, so we need to push our politicians to stand up for what is right! Get on their backs now, and stay on their backs! This is our country, we are the true citizens of America, and we need to stand as true Americans, to protect our Constitution and our Rights!

And, may God protect the souls of those innocent children, and other victims!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Connecticut has gun control laws that make it very difficult to own one and the fact that a law abiding citizen went through all the checks and balances and earned the right to own guns. The reason stated was protection from looters and or any other problem that comes in the future via the economy.

    Her son gained access to these weapons, killed her and went on his rampage.

    This by itself should prove that all the laws in the world cannot change the outcome of a determined criminal or warped minded individual so what was the point?

    Another area to look at is no one in the school was armed, by LAW as well so they were sitting ducks for someone who knows the law and his victims handicaps ahead of time knowing no opposition will be there to greet him.

    Shooting anyone innocent is criminal and my heart bleeds for the kids and their parents too, family members of all involved but no law in the world could have stopped this other than armed guards or teachers already inside the school or any other building for that matter..What did the rescuers show up carrying???

    The ”Dream” of taking away guns won’t solve a thing, does anyone know that no gun at all was involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing by Timothy McVeigh??? Once again it was the mind of the person behind the crime, not a gun or any othere device.

    The idea to remove guns from the citizens is not a new one but a necessary one if you plan to force rules and regulations on them they will not accept, it’s worn out but I’ll use it here anyway, Hitler, Stalin and many others resorted to it before they could come to power, this government has plans of a similar nature if gun confiscation is always on their agenda, remember their rule they live by, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”..

    • Jack, the fact that the mother had the gun legally, that she knew her son not only had a serious mental problem, but also felt that he was growing very dangerous, proves the truth about what happened; he son would never have been able to get his own gun under current laws, but she was foolish enough to not have a gun safe or a trigger lock, so it was her fault that the shootings occurred! This was not the result of “bad gun laws”, it was the fault of bad parenting! If she was so concerned that her son might attempt to harm her or someone else, which is what the reporting has stated, then it was her responsibility, as a mother and a gun owner, to lock up her guns and keep them away from her son! She told people that she felt her son was dangerous, yet none of them made an effort to stop him! If she hadn’t had guns, he might have killed her with a knife and stolen her car and driven it into the children as they were getting out of school. It is not the weapon, it’s the person using it!

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