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This whole “Fiscal Cliff” situation has been set-up since back in the ’60s, when Welfare became a way of life, not an emergency support situation. The Democrats, which became the Progressives, fought for slavery then, when Martin Luther King began to get success in gaining equal rights for Blacks back in the mid-60s, the Progressives took control of the Democratic Party because they knew they needed a stronger stance in public if they were going to reach their goal; destroying the American economy! They pushed for free lifestyles for Blacks and set-up a situation where the more Black children that were born, the more money the families could get to allow them to live without worries of supporting themselves. It was no more than Blacks going off the Plantations into the Government “Money Prisons”! And, once they saw the way to get easy money, “poor” Whites and Latinos jumped into the system! And, now; we have become the “Illegal Welfare” nation for anyone who wants to sneak across our borders and suck off of our Welfare system! The Progressives knew that the easiest, quickest way to destroy our economy was to spend much more than what was brought in, so they built the costliest Governmental Agency in the Free World; the Department of Welfare!

Once the spending plan was put into place, the next step was to take out our standard of living. They used the Communist ideal of “doing it slowly”, so that the average American wouldn’t notice what was going on until it was too late to fix it. So they came up with organizations like the Department of Labor, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of the Interior and others that would grow in strength through regulations that would begin taxing our businesses out of our country! We began to worry more about little owls, lizards and other animals that are becoming extinct, than we did about our ability to provide Americans with economically-viable methods of caring for our families, like natural gas, oil and coal! And, if you read this and think that I am “full of it” because you know that driving our businesses out of America, to other countries, is good because we have lowered world air pollution by doing so, check out the amount of carbon that is released into our atmosphere now, by the countries that have taken over our manufacturing base; our atmosphere is in five times worse shape because we sent our businesses out of our country, that had pollution laws, into nations that don’t! And, because we lost our businesses, we have lost a lot of jobs, so we have a huge group of unemployed American citizens, and a very large group of under-employed Americans! And what does the Obama Administration do to try to turn our troubles around, to take us back to the standard of living when I was a kid which, compared to today’s standard of living, was pretty damned good; they don’t cut spending, they don’t lower taxes to allow our businesses to return to America to provide jobs, they simply spend more, and more money and keep printing more, and more money which ruins our dollar and will drive our nation into a hole! And that is the Progressive/Communist ideal!

And, for the past four years, the Obama Administration has not passed one single budget, or what we need the most; a balanced budget, even though Progressives had total control over the House, the Senate and the Presidency for the first two years of his first term! If Obama is the president that “truly cares” for America, and Americans, his most important goal would be to balance our budget and rebuild our economy, yet he parties and campaigns and refuses to fix it! And those people who live off of Welfare, and the college students who have been indoctrinated into the Progressive system say he’s a “god”, and vote for him, even though, when questioned about our Government and economy, they know nothing about how it is run, or what it truly does! They don’t realize that the Administration set up the Republicans by putting our nation on the path to the “Fiscal Cliff”! There is no way around this for Republicans; if they don’t bend over and take it from Obama by raising taxes on the rich, which won’t fix anything, the Republican Party is dead! If they stand up and fight against tax increases, then we go over the Fiscal Cliff and the Republicans will take the blame for it, because our economy will go down, fast, into at least another recession! As responsible citizens, we need to stay on the backs of our Republican Representatives and make them understand that we know we will suffer but, if they can find a way to bring back our economy, we will live with it because we are Americans and we have gone through extremely bad times in the past! And, because we are Americans, we will come out strong and will lead the world once more down the path to true freedom! I would rather go over the Fiscal Cliff and force our government to balance our budget and work to rebuild our economy, than to fall into the pit of a destroyed economy that will make us weak and will place our nation, and way of life in great danger! Hard times are coming, but we will fight our way through! We are Americans, we have the American will and we will stand together for what is right for our nation! The Cliff is coming; prepare for the jump!

Michael J. Kilgus
Gladiator 059

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