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I have talked about this in the past, but I think it’s important to get into more depth to allow people to understand how things get done in DC;

When someone goes to DC to try to get something done, the pathway to completing the effort is not what most Americans think it is. Most Americans believe that they would go to DC, or to the local office of the Member of Congress to talk with an Aide to get their request to the Congressman or Senator so that he/she could begin working on their interests. That’s the way it is supposed to be, but that’s not the way it is done. Simplicity left our Governmental practices a long, long time ago.

When you go to DC, the first thing you do is see an Aide. Aides are the “first-step” contact with your Member of Congress, and you have to build up that Aide’s interest in your request before it can get to your Congressman or Senator. One would think that having a good issue, like saving the lives of early birth babies, would be a strong enough issue to get something done, but it’s not! You have to understand that some of the most powerful people on the Hill are Aides; they are the first crossroad to pass and they know it! Most Aides make much more than their salaries because they take “under the table” money from those who can afford to put a Bill before a Member of Congress. That’s why “Special Interest” groups hold so much power; they can afford to pay the Aides to get things done! And, when the Aides work to get a Bill through for a Special Interest group, they gain power, which is the second “drive” needed to get an Aide to work for you! Power and Money; that’s what drives our government, on all levels! But, what if you don’t have the ability to provide Power, or the assets to provide Money? There are two other options; Sex and Drugs! I know; our people in DC don’t do drugs. The only word I can use to explain that statement is “Bullshit”! Providing Drugs to an Aide will open many doors for you and allow you entry into the system! Finally; Sex! I know of several cases of “Sexual Persuasion” by all sexual preferences, that were used to get a Bill before a Congressman or Senator! Barney Frank was one; any offer of gay sex to him would get you in the door! I heard of a couple of situations, while there, where a Congressman or Senator spent an evening with a girl between 12 and 18 years old, in order to get a Bill before Congress! As I have said before; my first step into Congress was through Joe Biden’s office as Senator. While there, I asked his female Aide how to get a Bill into Congress and she smiled and said; “Sex, Drugs, Money or Power”! I said that couldn’t be true and she said “Yes; Sex, Drugs, Money or Power”! When I asked her “What about the people?”; she said “They know what they want, we know what they need”! And that is their attitudes towards the Citizens of this country; we are nothing to them but voters!

Aides transfer from Party to Party, working with different Congressmen and Senators of both Parties because their previous “employer” may have lost his election and they have “experience” and “power” in Congress, so they have no problem in finding another job! And a Progressive Aide may go to work for a Republican, with the promise that they will not lean Progressive, but will stand with the Republicans. But that is a lie! And, as I told you above, they are the “entry” into Congress, and they pick and choose which cases they want the Congressman or Senator to see! And here is another important thing that most Americans don’t know about; most of the Bills that our Representatives sign, they know absolutely nothing about, because they “don’t have the time for the small stuff”! They put the Bills in the hands of their Aides for them to examine and adjust then, when the Aide hands it to the Representative to sign, the Representative asks about it, the Aide gives his/her opinion of it ( most times; not the truth!), then the Representative signs the Bill and puts it before Congress! And I know that this will now sound accurate to you as we all saw what happened with Obama’s Health Care Bill; Aides loaded it with additions that they received money for putting in it, and our Congressmen and Senators admitted that they didn’t know anything about it!

This is how our system really works! I have seen it many, many times in DC! When we tried to get a Bill before Congress for returning our live POWs from Vietnam, the Aide we were working with said it would never make it to Congress. Then, late one night, one of my buddies, a straight man, told me he got the Bill put before Congress. When I asked him how, he told me that the Gay Aide told him if he would let him go down on him, it would go through! So my buddy dropped his sexual preference for the cause and let the Aide do it! That happened in April of 1984. But Congress didn’t pass it. This is the problem with our government; it’s bad enough that we have self-interested, egotistical power-hungry Representatives in Congress, but it’s even worse because we have a large group of self-interested Aides who build their own power and wealth by making everything go through them, at their prices! This is not how the United States Government was designed to work! This is not what the people expect to happen when they vote! Our government is so corrupt that the only thing that means anything to Washington, DC is Washington, DC! The time has come for the Tea Party to get back into the public once more! Our Representatives are still trying to do what is right, even though Boehner is removing their power! We need to make our voices heard, we need to make Congress work for the people, not for their own power-hungry egos! I am asking every Tea Party believer to get out February 24th, the last Sunday in February, and hold a rally/protest to make DC understand that we are not gone! Just because the initial leaders of the movement have moved on doesn’t mean the movement is gone! We don’t need leaders, we need voices! Stand up and let Washington know that we are not gone, that we are stronger and more determined that ever to bring our country back!

Michael J. Kilgus
Gladiator 059


  1. Most state and municipal governments work the same way . Don’t look back you might turn into a pillar of salt

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