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When our Forefathers stood against the King of England, it was because he dominated the people for his own needs, with little concern as to what the people had to live with, or to do to provide him with what he required from them.  The system was set up as the King on top, with Lords and Dukes below him to make the people do as he wished, then there were the Squires, Sheriffs and the military to enforce the demands of the King, Lords and Dukes.  There was no representation for the people; if the King wanted your land or income, he simply ordered it to happen.  Taxes were initiated and enforced strictly by the King’s wishes.  People were put to death simply because the King wanted it to happen.  And, if he wanted your young daughter for his own pleasure, she would be taken from your home and brought to him, for him to use as he wished!  The people were kept unarmed, any act that might bear the tiniest breath of violence against him was responded to with the death of that person!  Life was very hard for the people, yet very good for the Royals!

Now we have a “King” who is passing Presidential Mandates in order for him to get what he wants and no one in Congress is standing against him, on either side, accept as a “show of connection with the voters’ wishes”!   And he is trying to place our free Republic under control of UN laws, because that’s what he wants!  And we all know he wants to come after our guns, to disarm us through the UN Weapons Mandate, which he has no power under our Constitution to do!  And why is our Congress watching all of this happen without using the regulations in our Constitution to stop it?  Because they are the new Lords and Dukes who benefit under their own power to manipulate our Constitutional Rights to allow them to demand more money from us while wasting it on their own “Special Projects”!  And this is not something new; they have been wasting our taxes on actions that provided them personal power and income for the past 150 years, just as the Lords and Dukes did under the King!

How have they gotten away with this?  Because of the lack of interest of the people in the manner in which they ran our country!  Up until the end of the ’90s, the American people lived good lives through good jobs and the right to spend their money as they wished.  A portion of that money was taken out in taxes to fund the waste of our Governmental Officials and, as long as they didn’t draw any attention to their waste for their own gain, nobody noticed.  But, as the Lords and Dukes, they needed the people to fall down to them, to follow their wishes without any arguments, so they began to destroy our lifestyles by forcing our jobs out of our own country, into foreign nations that have always hated us, allowing those countries to build enough capitol to fund the building of their own military forces to threaten the safety of Americans!  And they set up a policy to allow foreign students to come over here and gain advanced educations in fields that allowed them to understand and copy all of our technical ideas and materials that made our country strong, and now they are using them to build up their own strengths!  And, in order to gain money from foreign “investors” into their campaigns and personal funds, they set up a system of extremely low-interest loans for foreigners to take over businesses like our gas stations and motels, while Americans could not even qualify for those same loans at higher rates!  And now they have almost destroyed every hope we have for a future that would equal our great past, yet they still twist and turn in our political system!

If we want to change things, the first thing we must do is drop the false sense of security that the citizens of this great nation have lived with for far too long!  We must understand that both parties are following the same path, one is simply walking faster than the other!  And we must understand that the only thing going on in our government now is that our Congressional Members and our President are concerned only with their own growth of power, and that can only be accomplished through the destruction of  the “American Dream”!  We have allowed them, for far too long, to feel that they are the “Rulers” of their own Kingdom, not the true “Representatives of the People” they are Constitutionally required to be!  But they can continue on with their actions as long as the American people sit back and simply watch and complain; we need to make our voices heard on a daily basis!  We need to hold protests in front of Congressional offices to let them know that we are watching them, that we are not going to take it anymore, and that we want our country back!  It takes only one person with a sign, walking in front of a Governmental building to make others feel that it’s correct to make their voices heard in that manner!  We had it going when the Tea Party got started and we made a difference!  But the people leading it got national fame and they stopped putting on demonstrations, so it became a “backroom” group; we need to bring it back, to let Congress and the President know that we have not given up, that we love our country and we will make our voices heard to force the changes necessary to bring back the one, truly free nation that changed the world!  IF we truly wish to live in the America that our Forefathers built for us, with a government “OF THE PEOPLE”, then we need to act as true Americans, with the hearts of our Forefathers beating in our chests and stand up and shout to those we put in office that the time has come for their own interests to be dropped and the true interests of the American people to be held high, or we will remove them from their “royal palace” and replace them with true American patriots!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    One day we’ll all wake up and find ”Change” and we’ll believe in it alright because it will be at many levels and in many areas all at once and an obstacle to us in every way one might try to avoid it or go a different route… It will control our very lives right down to what you eat and where you live and all things connected starting with your healtcare.

    I agree our Congress is doing nothing it is empowered to do, our Military leadership does nothing that should be done in the event a 5th column successfully gains power over the people it is in place to protect and anyone that attempts to act upon his own, as in Libya, is quickly relieved of command so what do we need to happen in addition to this to wake us up???????

    Telling one another about it is good to a point but if we are going to just bounce information back and forth and do nothing except that, we deserve whatever happens to us, but do our kids and grandkids deserve what that will do to their generations???

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