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I think it’s pretty obvious that the Republican Party is walking a very thin line now, so what happens next?  I was at the movie “Lincoln” last week and I heard many of the Blacks who were there, afterwards, saying that they had no idea that the Republicans ended slavery in this country!  That’s how twisted our educational system has become; it has been preaching Progressive history and ideals, and hiding the truth in order to control our country through the Youth Vote!  Yes; it was the Republican Party that brought an end to slavery in this country!  And the KKK was populated by Democrats who burned crosses and yelled “Nigger” at Blacks who lived in the South!  And, in the ’60s, when Blacks united to end racism in our country, they needed help to make the changes in the Constitution to ensure that Blacks were treated equally, and it was the White members of the Republican Party who stood with them and voted to put the legislation in place!  There were not enough Blacks in our country to raise a high enough vote to do it, so it never would have happened without the Republican vote!  And that was the turning point at which the Democratic Party realized that, if they didn’t do something different, they would never win another election, so they changed the “look” of their Party to make it look like it was the only one standing for Equal Rights, not Republicans.  Instead of standing up for the rights of all Americans, they began splitting the population of our country into colors, sexes, sexual preference and incomes; they worked to turn everyone of color against Whites, they turned women against men, gays against straights, and poor against rich in order to divide our nation into separated groups that could be influenced into voting according to hatred!

Instead of providing for opportunities for Blacks to gain better educations, to allow them to attain higher levels of lifestyles for them and their families, they pushed for “needed” governmental incomes and benefits that put them on the “National Teat”!  The slavery they endured in the South was of violence and hatred; the slavery they live now is of financial control over their daily lives, with limitations placed upon them that limit any upward advancement!  Instead of working to maintain our #1 world rating in education, they manipulated our educational system through Union control over teachers, which degraded it, placing us in one of the lowest ratings in the world!  And there is no longer any “drive” instilled in the Black kids in “Welfare Communities” to push hard, to learn more, to live better lives, because they allow them to go all the way through school thinking they are “too stupid” to advance; that they don’t “know what they need to do” to step up and move on!  Our schools have gone from an educational system of daily challenges to be better, to being a system of “walk through it, you’ll graduate with an Attendance Diploma”!  Then, once they get out into the world and see they have very little chance of moving up, yet White kids from better schools are, they see racism, not the government dominance that is destroying their lives!  And that is exactly what the new Democratic Party, the Progressive Party, wants them to see!  So they vote Democratic in every election without knowing the truth of “seperationism” that the Progressives have been using to slowly manipulate Black hatred towards Whites, giving them the votes they need to take control and destroy our great nation!  And, if you need any evidence of this as truth; simply ask a Black voter from a poorer neighborhood questions about the election that pertain to the important issues and you will receive either “I don’t know”, or a simple “I voted for it because the Democratic Party said I should”!  The slaves are, once again, slaves to the very group of people that held them in bondage on the old plantations, yet they believe that they are free!

Now we have gone through one of the worst elections in our history; there is plenty of evidence that voter fraud and vote manipulation was in full force by the Progressive Party, yet our candidate simply accepted the loss without one single step towards verification that the vote was accurate!  He failed the citizens that supported and voted for him!  Now we are facing the “Fiscal Cliff” and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner,  who has been “standing firm” on his decision to refuse any tax increases,  and other “Conservative” Members of the House, are bending over and getting ready to change their promises to Conservative Americans to stand strong against all tax increases, and are “looking for ways to work with the President”!  We didn’t ask them to “work with the President”, we asked them to stand strong on the very issues they swore to protect when we voted to put them in office!  So our  Party is showing its true side: it’s not working for us, it’s working for itself, and it needs to change!

We cannot risk a “Third Party”, because all that will do is split our votes, as many Americans see themselves as “Republicans” and they will never leave the Party, so we will deeply reduce our odds of winning any future elections!  So we must take back the Republican Party and return it to “the Party of the Republic”, the only Party that honestly stood strong behind Blacks and helped them gain true equality in our nation!  We need to do exactly what the Progressives did when they took over the Democratic Party back in the ’60s; get out in the streets and make our voices heard to the leadership of the Republican Party!  We need to take over every position, on every level of the Party, from District Leadership all the way up to the Chairmanship of the Party!  We need to stop being polite in debates when Progressives yell and talk over us; we need to show them that we are just as committed to our side and let them know we are never going to back down!  We need to let the Black voters know that we don’t “hate” them, that we are not working against them, we need to show them that our only goal is to rebuild our country into a nation full of well-paying jobs and opportunities for every true American to advance and succeed, as long as they are willing to work for it!  We need to show them that we don’t “hate” illegals, we simply hate our leadership for not protecting our nation as it is required to do under Constitutional Law!  And we need to expose the truths of our educational system and its lies, and reform it back into the greatest educational system in the world, so that our kids can learn the truths about our history and work for our future!  Let’s face it; as it now stands, the Republican Party is dying!  It is our responsibility to do exactly what is necessary to bring it back to life!  It is our responsibility to put it back on track to working to rebuild our great nation, to becoming the Party of the Republic once again!  You’ve got three choices:  1. Stand around and whine and cry and bitch about how bad the Party is.  2.  Sit at home and do nothing because you feel lost.  3.  Get off your ass and be a true American by fighting for our Freedoms and Rights under the Constitution that our Forefathers sacrificed everything for, to protect our futures, by rebuilding the Republican Party from the inside out!   I don’t know about you, but there is only one answer for me, and that is number #3; and I am damned proud to do so!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    First before I forget, the Republican Party has never held a majority in ”Voters” but instead always relied on the Independent vote, conservative Democratic vote and just plain cross overs that liked a candidate they had on the Republican side and defected that time to the Republican side of politics.

    Next is by some STRANGE coincidence, Blacks that become educated and professional are likely to become Republicans at the same time as the party differences seem to be along lines of how to run things, tax and law of same more than race so thus the urgency to keep blacks non professional and unemployed if possible by the Democrats/Progressives is a strategy not all are oblivious to.

    If I was black I would be insulted by all the programs in place to help me because it would be demeaning to me thinking why I needed such help in the first place? If I go to the same schools as those of all races beside me why is it ”I” need all this help??

    Dr. Benjamin Carson is an example of the way a life can be changed from one path to another and many others of the Black Race can be cited as examples too yet seldom are they heard of, especially noted during ”Black History” month in February as all channels participate with many examples of many people and in all the years it has taken place I can’t recall his name mentioned, nor that Martin Luther King was a Republican as well though he is mentioned often otherwise.

    The bottom line is ”Black Society” is in fact still in bondage only the times and methods have adjusted over the years. My compliments to those who have taken advantage of programs designed to educate and elevate and who now are successful and most of all Tax Payers and at least some, Republicans, the rest in perpetual ”Bondage” for continuing generations I have no respect nor use for you if with all available help is not taken advantage of and only the hand of sustainment is sought as in the case of the New Orleans Refugees who only wanted to go back to how things were when they left or get on the same program in whatever state they ended up in.

    To those of you who took advantage of your new state and bettered yourself my hat is off to you, there was never a reason valid enought to stop you from that in the first place unless you bought into the Democratic Party, the original ones that forced Blacks to vote Democratic when the right to vote first became law..

    Let it be known your ”Ancestors” paid the price for you not to be enslaved or forced to vote for anyone by force, the Obama Election 1 was understood by most since a man of color had never ran before and gone so far towards the election but the second time around was pure stupidity with a 4 year record available this time !!

    You are about 13% of the population now with a large segment in prisons all over the country so your vote does not mean much unless in urban areas/cities or states with a large part of that percentage within it, other than that you have been surpassed by the Hispanic population, will be passed by the Oriental population and should be seeking allies at this point and not with a party that has used you for their own gain and now come to ”Bank” on your support blindly and without your best interest at heart..

    In closing I am still wondering how Blacks allowed Allen West to lose to a liberal left winger down in District 18 in Florida? Must have been a ”Fraud” victim as it was showing until the time limit, which the recount had been stalled and avoided by the Chairman there, ran out!!

    • Being Black in the United States is now simply the same thing being White is; if you want a better life, you have the right to earn it. And, if you want to earn it, you need a better education and, with that education you might vote for a person because of what he will do, not what he tells you he will do. Studying the true history of the United States is the best way to learn the truth between a “Free Market” society and that of a Progressive society: The United States grew into one of the most successful, free nations in the world, with jobs and incomes that people earned, allowing them to live good lives as citizens. The Soviet Union was a Socialist/Progressive society that dominated its people and forced them to live lives as the servants to the government, while the governmental leaders lived as royalty! But the voters of America decided that it was better to be a Progressive society than a Free Market society, and we now live with a government that grows rapidly and takes control over our lives, and is now attempting to remove many of our freedoms! Laws can be changed, things can be made right, but it is up to us, the voters in this country that know the difference between politicians and American citizens, to work to remove the Progressive attempts to dominate our great country and to bring it back to the Grand Republic it once was! I really appreciate your comment, Jack; it’s time that more of us make an effort to make our voices heard!

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