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As many of you may remember, I have been predicting that Israel would go to war either shortly before the election, or shortly after, depending upon the outcome.  I also said they would be fighting with Iran, which hasn’t happened yet, but they are fighting Hamas, which is the right hand of Iran, and Iran is providing the missiles they are using.  I believe that this whole attack by Hamas  is a set-up for the Iranians to go after both Israel and the US.  In the past, when Hamas has attacked from Gaza, it has been the focal point, with no other attacks on other parts of the Israeli border, except in all-out war.  By hitting Israel hard, they are forcing the Israelis to focus on the border between the two countries, putting much of their military down there to setup the coming crossing of the border by Israeli troops. When that happens, the Muslim Brotherhood, which now controls most of the Arabic Mid East, will start flooding the news agencies with films of “murdered” Palestinian women, children and old people, who “died” in the attack.  I have no doubt that, as in the past, many of those killed will have actually been killed by the terrorists so that they can show themselves crying in the streets while carrying bodies!   Once the anger has risen to a high-point in the Mid East, the Muslim Brotherhood will begin coming at Israel from all areas of the desert with missiles, tanks and troops to destroy Israel.  I do believe that Obama will involve our Military and Navy, but it will be done to tie up large numbers of our forces in a battle a great distance from our country, which will be the point at which all of the 40,000 Hamas members that Obama brought over to the US in 2008, and all of the terrorists who have simply walked over our southern border with weapons, will begin to attack us, here at home!  It will start very quickly, very deadly and will begin with time-coordinated large, well-organized attacks on critical areas of our country, meant to knock down our communications, cross-country travel and any ability to organize mass retaliations against them!  And we won’t be the only victims; this will be an around the world attack, and will be the muslims’ battle for their “end of the world” prophecy for the “Final Caliphate”!

To ask the question “why now ?” is something every American should already know; Obama is weakening our military, he has bowed down to muslim leadership and has, through the Benghazi failure, proven to the rest of the world that hates us that we have extremely weak leadership!  Every action he has made since becoming President has been done to show the muslim world that he has broken our will to protect our friends and ourselves, giving them the incentive to come after everyone who is an “infidel”, because they now see us as “weak”, and themselves as strong!  If this happens, it will be the responsibility of every true American citizen to stand up and fight the battles needed to protect our nation!   The only protection that Israel will have for a large attack from all sides will be their nuclear weapons, and they will use them, if they feel that their country is in danger of destruction.  We are looking at the possibility of a serious World War III, with results that will effect us all for many years!

Now; this is not fact, it is not something we know will happen, but it is a very strong possibility of what may be happening in the very near future.  It is also one of the “Possibilities of War” that our government has prepared for, but that preparation was setup when we were the strongest military in the world, one that our enemies feared attacking, and that fear is now gone!  I deeply hope that we will all be sitting around this time next year, talking about what I predicted and the fact that it didn’t happen, and I will be happy to hear you laughing at me.  But I have a very strong feeling that this is going to happen, and it will happen within the next couple of months, maybe weeks.  So; just in case, prepare yourselves:  Stock up on food, which is also a good idea because of the damage to our beef and crop supplies this year by the drought.  Prepare your home; make sure you have solid locks on your doors, an automatic light system around the outside of your house to protect it at night, an alarm system would help and, if you have any weapons, make sure you have plenty of ammo.  If we are attacked here at home, it will be so quick, so strong that our military will not be able to respond fast enough to keep it from happening, and it will be our responsibility to ensure that we protect our own homes and families until we get help!  Our enemies no longer fear us, we have lost our reputation for standing up for what is right, and that loss has put us in danger!  So; be ready to let anyone who wishes to destroy our nation know that this is America, we are Americans, and we will be a force to deal with!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    This is beginning to align with ”Prophesy” and the ”End Times”… Nothing to look forward to in all of that but if we have the chance to defend against the enemy it will be our only choice and chance to solve this problem once and for all, they won’t take any prisoners and we won’t either!

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