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I’ve been asked my opinion as to why General Petraeus was removed from his office.  Was it the scandal?  What was the real reason?  As I have said before; when I was working on the Hill, I learned a very important fact concerning the way our Congress operates and that is; whatever they tell you, look behind the curtain for the truth!  After spending several days analyzing and thinking this over, this is my best explanation for what was really going on:

There is no possible way that his relationship with the woman was not known of in advance of his appointment, and I believe that’s exactly why he was put in the position of CIA  Director; the President’s Administration knew that they had the necessary information to use him as a scapegoat when needed.  In the vetting of any candidate for a position in an organization like the CIA, they research every possible situation that could cause a problem for the agency, and any problems, such as a relationship with another woman outside of his marriage would be sent directly to the President’s office for his evaluation and decision as to what to do about it.  So there was no way Obama and his Administration hired him for any other reason than to have a respected Director they would have full control over.

When the Benghazi incident happened, I believe that Petraeus knew exactly what had happened, how it happened, and how Obama blew his responsibility as President to send in appropriate troops to save the lives of the Ambassador and the courageous men who walked away from Obama’s order to “Stand Down”, when they ran over to the Mission to protect the lives of our American Ambassador and the others there.  I believe that he was going to tell the truth and that is when Obama told him that, if he did, they would fire him and let the Country know that he was a “dirty dog” who cheated on his wife!  I believe that he was so concerned for the welfare of his family’s embarrassment that he followed along with Obama’s claim that it was caused by a stupid video, and gave that explanation when first questioned about it.  But, being an honorable General, he knew he couldn’t continue on with the lie, because American Servicemen sacrificed their lives against the President’s orders, so he knew that he had to do something to show the true value of that sacrifice!  That would be when he talked with his wife and family, explained the affair, then let the President know that he was going to tell the truth about the attack on the Mission!  And that’s when the history of his affair came out and he was dishonored and removed from his office by the President!  And it is because of his honor as a General that he will speak at the hearings over the Benghazi affair!

I may be wrong, but I believe it is this simple; that an honorable General who served his nation with integrity, and pride for the soldiers who served under him, could not stand by and spread lies ordered by a President who has no military experience and has no real care for the lives and honor of the men and women who serve in our military!  Is he a cheater?  If the facts are true; yes.  But his cheating is not something that would make him hide and lie just to save his own skin, like the Chicago Obama mob does!  And, when this is all out in the open, it will stand as evidence that Honor does stand strongly over ego and self-protection!  And it should prove to the American people that we need more leaders with Honor, than with the ability to lie and cheat the citizens of our great nation!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Brian Hansen says:

    I believe you are 100% correct Michael. Patreus is an honorable man and i can’t wait to hear his testimony. He did volunteer to testify…that tells you something about the man’s integrity.

  2. LEE says:

    I wish i shared your optimism, about the General doing the right thing, and ratting out his boss, zero. We’ll see, but don’t put any money on it that you can’t afford to lose..

  3. John Ryan says:

    I feel by some ”Coincidence” all the military in charge are systematically being drummed out of any kind of power and their reputations being smeared PRIOR to any future testimony antisipated. Who or what is put in place to fill that void could be more Muslims, left leaning military are very hard to find… Gentlemen ”The Enemy is in OUR Camp”…. We have begun to fight this battle from within our Castle Walls !!!

    • I agree with you 100% The first step in securing a Progressive/Socialist government is to weaken the military and replace all of the leaders with those who follow your ideals. Look back to Hitler’s years and you will see exactly the same thing happening. Petraeus will be turned into a “vile, evil” man by this Administration and the Lame-stream media!

      • John Ryan says:

        Follows the Nazi rise to power to the letter, first demeaning the officers in charge, some were shot as Homosexuals which was fine with the populace and for other reasons as time went on but divided and conquered they were, all. We have seen history and if we don’t do something now then WE are destined to suffer by its impending storm of opression.. No one can say we didn’t see it coming, there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE!!!

  4. Capt Don Wright says:

    I believe every word Michael, I’ve heard this same input from multiple un-related sources.Thanks for putting it in print.

  5. Rachel says:

    We don’t know if Petraeus is an honorable General or not yet. The problem is we don’t know ANYTHING. All we know is that four American heroes were murdered, they asked for reinforcements they never got, our goverment lied to us all for 2 weeks about the deaths being due to a video (including Petraeus) and then since they all admitted it was a terrorist attack, they have all been pointing fingers at one another. And then Generals and Admirals have been purged from their jobs. Why? We’ll have to see what, if anything, Petraeus testifies to. He’ll either be honorable and tell the truth, lie to protect himself, or plead the 5th to protect the President. We’ll see….

    • Lee says:

      The question isn’t who the perps were, the question you should be asking “ why was’nt the order to send help given, and who actually made the decision to not send help?” If it was Panetta (and I think that he gave the order after being directed by zero to ) he should be re-classified as Secretary of surrender.

  6. With government as corrupt as it is, I just wonder how thorough the vetting process is?
    Seems to me that anything goes on the hill today. The standards of morality, honesty, scruples and just plain decency are a thing of the past and have been for years.

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