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I wanted to put my thoughts down now, right after the debate, before I hear anything from any pundits.  Crowley obviously leaned most of the questions over to the Progressive point of view, but she did allow a few questions that allowed Romney to explain who,and what he truly is.  The crowd had a majority of Democrats in it as, when Obama argued one of Romney’s points, the room became very loud with cheering, many more voices than were there for questions.  And she would allow Obama to extend past the two-minute marker than she did Romney, and she allowed Obama to keep talking past her attempts to stop him while, except for only a couple of times, she stopped Romney.  And she would ask questions that would allow Obama to attack Romney, then cut Romney off when he needed to point out the obvious lies to the audience.

Obama was much better prepared for this debate and I have no doubt that the Progressive pundits will boost his personality as a “winner”.  But I have lived over the past four years and I know that most of what he said was outright lies!  His personality was up to the debate, his manner with the questioners was very good, but he would shift from explaining an answer to mis-directing the question to talk about “situations”.  I have to admit that his performance tonight was the best I have seen from him without a teleprompter, but I saw a liar trying to cover up truths with even more lies.

I was impressed with Romney’s performance, but I would have liked to see him go after more of Obama’s own quotes to prove his true inadequacy as President.  He was just enough “aggressive”, he steered away from Crowley when he could, and he focused on his strong points and ideas for how to bring our country back to the strong nation it once was.  He did not dominate Obama this time, but he did get his message out.  And, at the end, when they were asked what it was about them that most people had the wrong idea about, I believe that Romney came across as and honest, good Christian-values man who truly wants to bring our country back from the abyss! 

I don’t believe there will be an out-and out leader in this debate, mostly because it was controlled by Crowley and she had the interests of Obama at heart.  But I believe that Romney will show that he turned more Independents than Obama did because what he spoke was the truth, that the last 4 years of the Obama Administration have been a massive failure when it comes to rebuilding our nation, our economy and our families’ welfare!  And, when asked about the Embassy in Libya; I believe that Obama lied, people will know it, and Romney will appear a much stronger leader of our nation’s foreign relations!  Obama smiles and lies like a snake-oil salesman, Romney speaks from his heart and tells the truth!  Starting tonight; we will hear all sorts of pundits speak about this debate, we will hear that polls “now lean” this way, and that, but I think that Romney has won Debate II.


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    New York always goes Democratic so it was an appearance for the rest of the country watching more than anything else and Romney got his points across well enough to show the toss up states where he stands, he even knows New York is a waste of even campaigning in and I doubt he will come to Texas unless absolutely necessary for the opposite reason, he already has this state in his win basket..

    Romney did have the chance to fire back at Obama when he was called on his plan that no one has seen that he wants to get passed, he could have quoted Nancy Pelosi and her famous ”We have to pass it so we can see what is inside it”..the Obamacare passage, he could have flung that right back at Obama but one can’t think of everything in those types of scenarios. Over all he handled himself well and had a fair amount of people getting his autograph afterwards, they must think he is going to win and the autograph will increase in value..

    It looked good at the end when the Romney family came down on stage though and if imagery is worth anything the appearance of a man’s family speaks well of him as the head of that family and that can be compared by voters to their positions if Romeny is the head of their family aka country as we all live in together…

  2. Michael If I had a Blog I would copy what you just wrote and put my name on it and send it out . It would have been enlighting if she would have let Romney hold obamas feet to the fire . .

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