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To be honest, I really don’t care for a lot of the comments going around as to whether Biden acted stupid, or Ryan stood strong.  I know Biden, I worked with him, and he did exactly what he needed to do in the debate last night; they were looking for support from single women, and I believe he succeeded in getting his message out to them.  This whole “Uncle Joe” act is something he has used for a long time; when he went against Ryan on Abortion, he was Uncle Joe, the kind-hearted, bit of a clown that everyone in a family always likes, and younger people are more apt to listen to.  Yes, the goofy smiles and laughter looked bad to almost every Conservative, but the target group, the Independent younger women saw that as a kind-hearted nice guy who was trying to stand up for their rights.  Then, when he made the comment about Ryan applying to him for TARP funds for his state, he looked like the Uncle that caught his son, or nephew in a lie and made him admit to it.  Joe Biden is one of the slickest members of Congress I ever met, because he knows when he can be goofy, and when he has to be right on target!  And he was last night.

Ryan came off as intelligent and informed; he said the things he needed to say, but he acted like he didn’t have any “adult” in him when he was trying to stand up to Biden.  When Romney went after Obama, he dominated the debate in a peaceful manner, while getting whatever time he needed to get his message out, even if he had to steal some of Obama’s time.  But Ryan was trying to be so polite that he allowed Martha Raddatz to cut him off several times, when he was trying to get an important message across.  When Biden was laughing at him, he should have looked at him and asked him why he felt the topic was so funny.  And he should have used the same “polite aggressiveness” that Romney used, and put him back in a corner while he tore apart Biden’s opinions and comments.  But, except for a very few opportunities, Ryan looked like a kid going after his teacher!  I like Ryan, but he needs to learn what I learned while in DC; if you are going after someone in a debate, you need to act like you are “schooling” them on the issues, not simply stating your own opinions!  Last night was like a High School student trying to out-master his teacher in a one-on-one debate!

However this turns out in the polls, it will mean very little to the Romney/Ryan campaign, because everyone who watched, that supported him, will feel he came out alright in the end.  But it may cost them some younger female votes if Romney cannot go after Obama and win on the idea of his beliefs in abortion.  The Obama we saw in the first debate will be “manning up” for the second one, so Romney needs to be on his toes.  It doesn’t matter who is holding the debate, it matters how strongly the candidate is willing to stand up for his beliefs!  This election will swing on very small changes in the polls, and small percentages can cause a win, or a loss, so Romney needs to come out as the “father teaching a son”, and he needs to let the people of this country see him as the strongest candidate in the election!  It’s “do or die” this time around, and we need him to be the man he says he is and let his management skills run his debates, so that he can show the country that he knows exactly what he is talking about and that he will not let us down! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. 22 children were stabbed the other day by An Asian Women WHY??? why not Ban Knives. It’s time to allow hand Guns to responsible people in schools , Post offices etc.in responsible positions

    • In countries where they ban guns, such as Australia, the violent people are still able to get the guns they want to use to harm others, and the victims have no way to save themselves when attacked. The Police forces are the same size as when citizens had guns, so the response time is not fast enough to save most lives. An unarmed society is a victim society. As you said; if the Principles were authorized, and required to have weapons training and to carry concealed guns, situations like this would have ended shortly before it got out of hand. And, if teachers had the same responsibility, many of these kids would still be alive. Those who have never used a weapon against another person have absolutely no idea of what it really takes to pull a trigger on another human being, unless the person who has the gun is a criminal or mentally unbalanced. As a combat Vietnam Veteran, I will never forget the first time I shot another human being. And I used to hunt animals as a kid, but haven’t been able to since I got back, because I shot a deer and it broke my heart! I never, never want to shoot another human being again, but I will protect myself and my neighbors and family against an attack, but only if there is no other way around it. And that is the way gun owners feel, except for a very minute portion who are either criminals or mentally disturbed. If anyone thinks that our Right to Bear Arms is the cause of deaths like this tragedy, imagine how many of these tragedies will happen if the citizens are disarmed!

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