I was very pleased with the way that Romney handled the debate last night; listening to him explain his policies, and the errors of Obama’s policies reminded me of the corporate meetings I attended in my past.  He was very strong on his views, he explained them and did not simply list them as something he intended to do and, when Obama attacked him, he defended his views with firm conviction.  And Obama was playing “rope-a-dope”, only he was the dope!  It was very easy to see he was using the talking points that were taught him in his debate practice and did not have a teleprompter to guide him through Romney’s punches on his views.  The one thing I heard this morning was Chris Matthews statement about Obama; “He was disarmed!”  Obama came out looking like the bully in High School who finally met his match and wound up looking like an idiot!  I could go over the basic facts, but everything I notated has already come up on every news channel, but I did have a couple of favorites:  1.  When Obama claimed that Romney was wrong on his plan for changing healthcare, because he felt that the Federal Government is the only agency that could do a good job in managing healthcare, Romney stated; “Government is not effective at bringing down the costs of anything!”  And, when Obama attacked Romney on his views to better our educational system, Romney stated; “Mr. President, you are entitled to your own airplane and house, but not your own “facts”!”  Romney came out as a Business Manager, Obama as a Politician, and we have had enough problems because of Politicians, the time has come for someone who can actually manage our country!  We need a leader, not another self-interested, arrogant political demagogue!

And this is something we need to be concerned about in the near future; the demagogue that Obama feels he is, will not bow down and walk away!  I think he learned a very important thing last night; Romney is not a McCain, he will not try to look “kind”; he is a man with a strong sense of what it takes to make a business successful, and we need someone like that if we are to rebuild the manufacturing base of our nation!  Obama has shown us where his true interests are, and they are not what is good for our nation, they are what is good for Obama and his Administration, and their attempts to build a strong muslim interest in the US!  It’s very obvious that Obama has a very close tie to the muslim world, as he is the first US President to ever bow down to any other leader, and the only leader he bowed to was muslim!  And the way that he ignores Israel’s issues, but panders to the mideast countries has been very public, and very clear!  As far as our Budget; he not only wastes billions of dollars on trips and parties, he also ensures that muslim countries that state their hatred, openly, for the United States, still receive billions of dollars in “Foreign Aide”!  And it is his interest in the benefit of muslims that is the greatest danger to the United States, the very country he leads!

Last night was Obama’s first loss, and it will make him realize that he has a very strong chance of losing his office, because the only tool that he had that he felt would allow him to defeat Romney turned out to be useless; it was like taking a BB Gun to a Rocket battle!  He went after Romney’s Health Care plan for Massachuset and Romney said that he found a way to work with both sides of his government to build a Health Care plan that the State wanted, while Obama and Pelosi pushed through a National Health Care plan no one really wanted, that no one had read, but got Democrats to stand with their Party to push it through!  Romney broke the only true weapon that Obama had to use against him, while he also showed that Obama lied when he was running for President when he said that he wanted to get both Parties to work together!  I know that the Obama Administration is extremely concerned over last night’s results, and that Obama is knows that his chances for winning re-election are very slim.  Progressives see this election as their last chance to dominate our government so, if they want to maintain control, they will have look to other “opportunities” to allow Obama to remain as President.  And the only way to postpone the election is to declare Martial Law; if a situation comes up before an election that “forces” a President to declare Martial Law, he may postpone the elections until the situation has been resolved, and that could be enough time for him to take control over our government!  And what could be the best reason for him to declare Martial Law?  Open warfare in our streets!  And, since there are 40,000 Hamas members living in Detroit, and a large number of illegal terrorists who have come across our southern border, it would not be difficult to see the possibility of open warfare on our streets!  And, because it would be a battle against terrorists, he would like a “good” President for fighting against them!  So, my fellow Patriots, I am asking you to do one simple thing; keep your eyes open!  If we are lucky, nothing will happen, and I will be so glad I was wrong!  But, if I am right, the only thing that will save our country in that kind of situation will be Americans standing up against any attack to remove our Freedoms and Rights by destroying our government!  This is America, we are Americans, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our futures, and our children’s futures will be safe and strong!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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