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IT’S 2:40 AM

I have been sleeping very well this night and it is now 2:40am, 9/10/12; this may sound crazy to some, but a voice woke me up and would not let me go back to sleep until I  wrote this rant.  So; here I go:

I grew up in a small town, a place where the male population was 98% veterans, from WWI, WWII and the Korean War; it was a town of honor and pride for America, of trust in the American family and of a deep, religious Christian faith!  I learned my values from Hickory Corners, and I learned that Christians held no animosity for those who did not follow their religious beliefs, even if you were an atheist, which I am.  No one tried to “beat me down”, to ridicule or harass me; I was simply accepted as “Mike”, and that was all that mattered to them!  In 1968, I served with the 57th Assault Helicopter Company in Kontum, Vietnam as a Crew Chief on a Huey Helicopter, and the men I served with were young men who have given me the greatest pride I have ever felt for other human beings, as they were all selfless heroes serving their country!  Some were Christians, some were Jewish, others were either from other religious faiths, or atheists, like me, and our differences didn’t matter one iota to anyone! When I came home, I stood as a proud Vietnam Veteran, regardless of what the hippies called me, or thought of me, because I served with honor with true heroes, not those who were using their voices to try to make themselves look like “heroes”!  So, yes; I am a very strongly patriotic American, and I believe I live in the greatest nation in the world, one built with Constitutional Rights concerning “Freedom of Religion” and the freedom to live as you wish, regardless of what drives your heart!

That said; I am fed up with those who stand against the great nation that allows them to live as freely as they wish to, simply because it doesn’t fit their “ideals”!  This is America, this country was built through the sacrifice of a great many Americans who fought to maintain the Freedoms and Rights of every American to be free to speak as they wish, and to live in whatever manner they choose!  We have a Constitution that spells out every aspect of American rights so, if you move here and don’t like it, TOO DAMNED BAD; GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!   Now, we have a President who has honored and bowed to muslim leaders ( No American President has ever bowed to anyone in our entire history ), who made an “Apology Tour” around the world, to tell other countries that he is “sorry we were bullies”, which we never were, and has snubbed Israel at every possible opportunity and given every muslim leaders nothing but the greatest respect!  And he has also made speeches telling the American public that we need to “recognize” the “great muslim heritage in our country”, to honor their accomplishments that helped build this great country!  I’ve been here for almost 63 years, and the only “sacrifices” I can remember by muslims, to America, was the murder or our citizens, many times, and the destruction of the Trade Towers in NYC by terrorists referred to as “sacrificial heroes” in muslim nations around the world, and by many muslims living here, in the country they attacked!  Yet he changes the colors of the curtains in the White House from the traditional, patriotic colors that have been there since it was built, to the gold color that is honored by muslim countries!  It’s not too hard to see what our “President” believes in, when he caters to the wishes of muslims, then works to destroy the rights of our military to vote!  He is a nobody that managed, through the assistance of some “handlers”, to rise up from a life of being a drug addict, to becoming President of the United States with no real experience in anything except being a “complainer” about American honor and pride!  And he is so afraid that we might find out the truth about him, regardless of what that truth is, that he has spent millions of dollars to lock up all of his personal records, including his birth records and college records, while complaining that Romney has not released all of his tax records, even though Romney has released that usual amount of tax history already!  And he and his family have become the greatest wasters of our tax dollars for their personal vacations and parties, at a time when our country is in a deep, serious decline!

Over the past six years, I have heard a great deal of disappointment in the Republican Party, and I have heard a great deal of talk about “third-party leaders” who need to stand up and run for the Office of the Presidency, and those people are serious, patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and the Rights it guarantees us!  But they haven’t had the support they wanted because many Americans understand that, if we have a third Party right now, we will lose total control over our country and the Progressives will use the next 4 years to take our great nation, and the Rights and Freedoms it stands for, away from us!  I am not happy with the Republican Party; it’s leadership is more Liberal than Conservative and they are no more than RINOs, but we need to get behind Romney and Ryan because it will give us the time we need to take back the Republican Party and turn it into a true “Party of the People”!  If we start working, now, to replace the leadership of the Party with true Conservatives, we will have a chance to remove all of the threats facing our nation, and return it to the great and powerful world leader it once was!  We need to make it stand for our Constitutional Rights and Laws, and to end the movement to bring Sharia Law, and its influence into the US!  When I saw that phony vote to re-institute the word “God”, and the City of Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel into the Democratic Party’s base for their campaign, I felt about as angry as I have ever been, because the majority actually voted against it, and the muslims on the Convention’s floor were booing and extremely upset over it!  At what point did we stop being the nation of “Religious Freedom”, and start becoming the nation of “Religious Control”?  At what point did we begin honoring the beliefs of those who have not only hated us and stood against us for years, but also have massacred thousands of innocent American lives?   When Barack Obama became our President and those countries knew that they had the greatest friend ever as the leader of our great nation!  We have to vote this man out of office!  We need to get muslim influences out of our government, and out of our nation!  Because, if we don’t, we will see a future America that our Forefathers did everything they could, sacrificed so many of their families and lives for, to protect us from ever becoming!  Just remember one very simple thing:  No vote equals one more vote for Obama!  Stand up for your country and make your vote heard!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. I like this not because its a great Blog , but because it’s a good Blog; everything you say is true but it seems your fire is going out and although I don’t like that, I understand that it becomes tiring, this fight against the liberal communists who want to coast on unemploymeant and any other gimmick the President can come up with for “Free” . Free phones, Free food stamps, free houseing etc.! Michael, like I said; I think if we get beat, it’s because we are tired; we have been trying to get rid of his poliltics since he got elected and he and the Progressives don’t fight fair! Any law that stands in their way becomes an issue and they and the President say that he is allowed to challqange and skirt around that law, and they meet no resistance from the Republicans to their actions. Don’t get tired, don’t become bored, and don’t give up Get your second wind! Lets blow their house down and get this country back to winning, not whining! Only GOD knows how Romney and Ryan will do! We took a chance with Obama and Biden and we got free stuff at the cost of our freedom! Lets take back our Country and Constitution and throw out the Communists and terroists out! Our Constitution has worked quiet well for over two hundred years! We have two months to get out the vote! ” NO MORE LIE’s, NO MORE LIES, NO MORE LIES!”

    Joseph Werner

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