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Are our Federal Representatives bad employees, or are we bad employers?  I worked for many years in business management and I know the headaches involved in hiring, training, watching and, when necessary, firing bad employees, and Americans are bad employers!  No employer I know would ever hire an employee who did not have proof of training for, or capability of doing the job they wanted to fill!  No employer I know would ever keep an employee on the job if that employee cheated or stole from the company, or used their position in order to destroy the lives of the people they were supposed to help!  And, no matter how you look at it, our Governmental Representatives are our employees, regardless if they are mayors, Congressional Representatives, or all the way up to the President and, if we are to be good employers, we need to ensure that we “hire” the best, the ones that hold our interests at heart, not their own!

When Congress was initially assembled, every Representative of our Government was required to only go to Congress a couple of times a year; the rest of the time, they were supposed to live in the state they were elected from, to serve the needs of the people!  Now; our Congress lives in DC, where they can intermingle, party, travel and other activities, with other members of Congress, and they have no real idea of what is happening in their home states!  And they only go back for very short visits a couple of times a year!  How many of you can travel to DC to spend time talking with your Representative, if they will give you the time to do so?  Not very many!  How come the citizens of this country are now standing up and fighting back against their activities, in their home states, while their Representatives are sitting in DC ignoring them?  Because the only people that matter to them are the ones who can give them power and provide money for their pockets, and those people are the Special Interest Groups and their Party Leaders!

Take some time to study the records of our Representatives in DC; many have criminal records, laws they broke while in office, yet the facts are never released to the citizens of their home states because “nothing gets out of DC that Congress does not want to get out of DC!”  And that statement was made to me while I was working in DC!  Add to that the fact that they can use our money to set-up contracts for construction, highway work, etc., that cost more than what it would cost if a regular local company did the work, and the money for those contracts go to family members, friends, and others who will ensure that a percentage of all that money gets into the Representative’s pockets!  Look at Nancy Pelosi; her husband is rich because he has a Construction Company and, whenever Pelosi can gain a contract for her home district, her husband usually gets it!  And, because she knows where the work is going to be done, she buys up all of the land she can in the project area then profits when the government buys it!  For regular citizens, that is called “Insider Trading”, and regular citizens go do jail for doing the exact same thing, but it is legal for our Representatives to do it!  And they pass laws that limit our rights and freedoms, yet those same laws do not apply to them!  They give themselves raises, regardless of the inefficient job they do in ensuring their citizens the right to better lives!  They have “Special Insurance”, “Special Healhcare”, and “Special Funds” for their own comfort, while they pass laws that destroy our lives!  They do so many things wrong, they violate so many Constitutional Mandates, and they destroy the rights and lives of the people in their home districts, while they live like Kings and Queens!  How many of us can spend over $300,000 on a vacation of any kind?  None of us, not even the rich, but our Representatives see our pockets as their own “Piggy Banks”!  And, what I have said here is only a very, very minor part of what they do!   When I was in DC, Charlie Rangel shot a neighbor’s son for climbing over his fence and swimming in his pool, even though it was against the law for anyone to own a gun in DC, even our Reps!  Barney Frank was busted for running a gay whorehouse in his own home!  And what happened to both of them?  They received promotions to committees and grew even more powerful!  If it had been you, or me, we both would have wound up in Prison!

It is our responsibility, as the voters who “hire” them, to be good employers and ensure that they do the jobs they were hired to do, or fire every single one of them!  No employee lives a better life than his employer, and our representatives need to live under the same standard!  Their pay should not be any higher than $100.000 a year, with no special benefits!  They pass the laws that control our healthcare, insurance rates and every other aspect of our lives and they should be required to live under the exact same restrictions and laws as the citizens of this nation!  They should be allowed only enough expenses to hire regular employees for their offices and aides, not enough to pay their aides $100,000, on up!  Their “businesses” should be cost-effective, exactly like any other business in this country!  And any money accepted, in any manner possible, from outside people and groups should be completely illegal!  Our laws already require Broadcast TV to provide equal time for each candidate running for office, and it should be limited to that!  We have to destroy the Special Interest buying of our government!  As far as the costs of travelling around the country, when running for office, they should have only enough money given to them to allow them motel rooms, gas, food and basic expenses required for the trips, and they should be required to have those expenses verified and that money should be of an equal amount to each candidate out of a fund set aside in Congress,  or they can use their own, personal money to pay for their campaigns!  And Term limits of only two terms and retirement pay and benefits that equal the same as any other American!  If you want to hold an office, it should only be because you want to work for the people and any effort to gain special benefit from holding the position should require imprisonment!

The time has come for American Voters to grow up and realize that everything that has happened to our country is our fault because we have been bad employers and have allowed corrupt politicians to control our government!  The time has come for us to take responsibility and do the work necessary to regain our great Nation!  In this election, our votes hold more importance than they have since the Civil War, and we need to realize that and use our votes to end corruption!  This is America, it is our country, not theirs, we are their employers and we need to start doing the hard work required to ensure they do their jobs!  Either they work for the citizens, or they are fired!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. Joseph Werner says:

    I guess this is the first time I think you make it sound too easy . I all my life I have never seen a President skirt around the Laws of our land like Obama . He has become a dictator and the laws of the Constitution mean nothing to him; he does whatever he wants and does not even get challanged . You mention Pelosi; did you hear one Congressman, our Senator, question what she said: “You have to pass the Bill before you see it!” No one demanded that you can’t vote on a 2000 page law with out knowing whats in it . Mike unless there is a Department in the Government that says “In order for you to vote you need to know what your voting on”, the same old, same old will continue. I know you mean well but we are not dealing with honest people. I will never see our country act in the best interest of our country in the time I have left, and I am not sure even how you would do it, so the best I could do is vote them out of office and hope the rest of the country catches on as its not Rocket science, but integrity.

    • Joe; what I wrote was to show the people of this country that they need to stand up and vote; vote to get the thieves and self-interested egotists out of our country, regardless of which Party they claim to be a member of. So I am trying to get people to get out and vote, and to vote intelligently.

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    Michael…this is a very good opinion. With your permission, I would like to post this on Facebook…along with your blog address. This needs to get out to the people!

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