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My buddy from my unit in ‘Nam wrote me about his concerns about the way our brave troops have been treated with great disrespect by the Obama Administration concerning its efforts to disenfranchise their votes and by its efforts in trying to force them to pay for their own healthcare!  And all this was being done while his Administration is working extremely hard to provide special benefits, such as total coverage of their healthcare and their legalization to allow them to vote, for illegals that have done nothing but sneak in here to allow themselves better lives!  Tom said that vets need to wake up and make their voices heard, and he asked me to write a rant about it.  Tom is exactly right!  The time has come for vets to end the policy of “remaining quiet”, and to follow the path of the WWI vets who stood up against our government and fought for the rights of all veterans!  So I am going to tell you some of my history, not to brag, but to prove to you that just one vet can make a difference.

When I went to Vietnam, in January of 1968, vets were heroes; they were honored for their service to the country they loved!  Vets were teachers, teaching the truth about our nation’s history and the need for honor to maintain it!  They were politicians, as the people of an area knew that they could depend upon a vet to work to do the right thing!  They worked in great jobs all across our nation and were very well-respected citizens!  Then the Progressives saw an opportunity with the Vietnam War and at the Democratic National Convention, in the summer of 1968 they began their protests against the War and made veterans the main target of their hatred for it!  When I came home, I was spit on and called names like “Baby-Killer”, and every ‘Nam vet went through the same degrading torture!  And the Progressives took it even further by coming up with “Crazy Vet Syndrome”; they claimed that every vet suffered so much from the war that we would all go “crazy” and harm our families and kill people out of our frustration!  We were forced to shut up and not voice any opinions while the real problems we suffered with were ignored; Agent Orange and PTSD!  Life was so frustrating that a lot of my brother vets killed themselves; some by shooting themselves, some by driving cars off of cliffs or into trees, some my taking pills or drinking themselves to death because they felt a unecessary enormous guilt for fighting for their country, while hippies ruled the world!  And the results of the Progressive attack against ‘Nam vets?  Out of 2.4 million actual combat veterans of the Vietnam War, only around 813,000 are still alive!  And most of us are only in our ’60s, so the number of dead is outrageous!  In 1983, a group of ‘Nam vets went to DC and marched to show that we were tired of being treated like scum, while the hippies were treated like heroes  for their anti-War position!  That March is what pushed me to go to DC: I felt it might be the only way I could get anything done.

I wanted to do something to bring the necessary attention to our problems, so I was going to kill myself on the Capitol Steps to bring the press into the issue.  But I got there at Midnight and there wasn’t anyone around, so I walked down to the Wall, just to see it, and I found some guys sitting at a desk getting names on a petition to bring home our remaining POWS.  I got involved with them and spent six months standing a vigil, alone, and helped gather over 1,00,000 signatures but, when the petition was turned over to a Member of Congress, they were thrown in the trash!  While sitting there, I met several Members of Congress and received offers of assistance on the issues I was working on so, thanks to my friends, John Holland and Chuck Eatley, both retired Command Sargent Majors, I was given a job that allowed me a lot of time to work on the Hill.  I talked with some Congressmen on the PTSD issue and, because I was one of the vets with a 10% rating, they helped me work to use my case to change the existing rating of 10%, if not in the hospital, or 100% if locked in a Psych Ward, to any possible rating without being forced to be locked up, hidden from society.  Now any vet can get the necessary rating to receive help from the VA without being locked up just because his life is hard.  And I worked with a lot of damned good vets that gave up their free time to work on veteran’s issues and we managed to pass several laws, including the bill that requires every missing serviceman to be accounted for before our military can leave a war zone, and to help get the Agent Orange Bill passed.

Why am I telling you what I did in DC?  Because I was just an average guy, nobody special, and I was about as stupid as possible concerning the truth of how our government actually works, but I felt the need to do something, and I did.  And I managed to do things I never thought I could because I had been told that vets were crazy and too stupid to do anything!  And I stood up and voiced my opinions as a veteran, I made my voice heard and I found others who were doing the same thing and we were actually able to make serious changes that have helped make our country better, that helped make the lives of veterans better!   And that is what you need to do; you can’t sit back and wait until someone comes up with a “repair” for your problems, you can’t sit by and watch as the Obama Administration takes away your Constitutional Rights and ruins the healthcare you were promised when you served your country!  If anyone in this country has the right to make their voices heard, it is the men and women who are, and who have served this great nation and have fought to preserve the rights of every single person who wakes up in the only country of true Freedom!  So that’s why I’m saying “Ten Hut!”; because the time has come for the vets who know the true costs of Freedom to stand up and make their voices heard, to stand up and do what we have all be trained to do; protect our nation from the open take-over attempts by the Progressives to turn America into another wasteful, Socialist nation!  I want you to get in contact with all of your buddies, to get in contact with the VFWs, the American Legion Posts, the DVA’s and all of the other groups and work to join their efforts together, in a joined push to fight for Veterans’ Rights, as the WWI vets did, and to fight to bring our nation back to the Grand Republic it once was!  Use your voices, use your computer skills and let America know that its vets will never give up fighting to protect it from those who want to destroy it!  We are the heart of America, and we need to become the voice of America!  So, troops; Ten Hut!

I get part of my readers from the notices I send out, but the majority come from forwarding of my rant so, please, pass this on to every vet you know.



Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Thanks for helping me out with this Mike. It’s time veterans voices are heard.

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    Well said Michael, well said.

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