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I remember, when I was young, spending time with an older gentleman in my town, sitting with him on his porch talking about the history he had lived through and the personal knowledge he had of the history of our great nation.  It’s amazing to me that younger people look at us in the older generation of today as “not knowing much of anything at all”.  I learned so much from that man because he had lived the past, he knew what it was like on a personal basis.  And so do people like me, people who have lived all over the world and have seen what our history was truly like; I have experienced things that many only dream of seeing or doing and my life, although scattered, has been an adventurous journey through the reality of America!  I know what is the truth, and how much of our history has been warped by those who write the History books and twist the truth about the past of America!

I hear the Progressives on TV talking about how “Big Business” is destroying our country and “stealing from the little man”!  To be very blunt; it’s bullshit!  When I went to school, I attended the Hickory Corners WK Kellogg school for Elementary, Junior High and High School.  And there were WK Kellogg schools all over southern Michigan.  And all of those schools were not built by the Government, they were built by WK Kellogg, a true benefactor and owner of Kellogg Cereals and other businesses!  Many of our local Hospitals were built by funding from benefactors such as Kellogg.  They may not have spent a lot of time with the average Joes walking the streets, but they did as much as they could to help make their lives better.  Why?  Was it because they were only thinking of the people?  Probably not, but by donating to things like schools and hospitals they helped build up the communities that their workers lived in and helped them to ensure that they had educated and healthy workers.  And they got tax deductions; but tax deductions for donations to help build up communities are a good thing!

The problem isn’t businesses, and I am talking about American-owned businesses, it’s the politicians!  Things have begun changing over the past two years and we are getting some good people back into our government, people who serve us, the citizens, not them, the government!  But, until we change our entire Congress and remove all of the “lifetime members” from its Halls, we will continue on a path of destruction that will remove every Freedom and Right we have as they will eat up our Constitutional Rights because it will affect only us, not them!  Progressivism is a political society that is run by the Elite, who will all live high off the hog while we, the people, will return to a “serfdom-style” existence of only the necessities, nothing more!  If you don’t believe me, ask yourself one simple question:  When we make $300 a week, then have taxes taken off of it, $4 a gallon for gas is a major part of our income!  But, when our Congressional Reps take their yearly salary and all of the perks they get, to include money paid them by Special Interest Groups, most are worth over $1 million year, even though they only show their “standard” salary; how much does $4 a gallon for gas hurt them?  To them; it equals pennies a gallon and has no influence on their income at all!  They are so out of touch that they have no legitimate idea of what we are going through, and they don’t care!  As I have said here, before; when I worked on the Hill, in DC, in 1984, I was told by a Ranking Senator’s Chief Aide, when I asked him about how they worked for the people, “They know what they want, we know what they need”!   They have no real idea of what we need, because they don’t live in our world!

We need to make sure that everyone gets out and votes this year as we need to rid ourselves of the arrogance of those who “know what we need”!  We need to have our politicians change things to where every one of them has to physically live in their home District, not in DC!  Have Washington buy a Hotel to allow them a place to live while there!  And we need term limits of no more than three terms for each member!  There should be a requirement that they eat what we eat, live like we live, receive the exact same medical care and not be allowed to “Lord” around as “Gods of the people”!  We hire them, we can fire them!  It’s our responsibility to stand up and change our government back to the Constitutional Republic our Forefathers meant it to be!  It’s our responsibility to learn all we can about the candidates and vote for the ones that will work for the people, not the Special Interest Groups!  It’s up to us, because we are “We, the People”!  Consider this election a “war” against our Constitution and we are the army that will fight for what is right!  And the weapons we use will be the ones they fear the most:  Our Votes!  So arm yourself with knowledge about the candidates and cast your votes to push this “Progressive pig” off of our backs and free us from the tyranny of Progressivism they are trying to force upon us!

Wake Up Americans, Or Lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Joseph Werner says:

    “We, the People”! Consider this election a “war “Michael it’s time to take our country back and our troops that are home know the wrong guy was elected through Lies and false promises

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