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Yesterday, I went to see the Batman movie; I like the series, but I went to see it in support of the victims of the massacre.  I couldn’t understand why someone would go to a theatre to shoot, and kill people, especially children.  To be honest; I was expecting a movie full of Progressive views and hatred, and I was surprised to see it was exactly the opposite!  It very clearly explained two issues in our country right now, Progressive and muslim attempts to destroy our nation!  I have explained, in a past rant, how “Subliminal Advertising” can turn people’s’ minds around to get them to do something.  It also allows for political opinions to be “sneaked in” to the brains of those who are looking for an explanation, and can turn them to get them to vote for the party that put out the information.  I don’t know if this movie was meant to be the message it is, but it looks to me like the people who developed it knew exactly what they were doing!

It starts with Bruce Wayne being disabled and unwilling to continue with the Batman side of his life.  But there was no crime as, after Harvey Dent, “Two Face”, in the last movie, had put together a law that would allow the police to end crime in Gotham, while he was the “good” Dent,  before he was killed by Jim Gordon, when Dent was “Two-Face”.  Batman, knowing that Gordon wanted to protect his son, took the blame for killing Dent, and that allowed Gordon to work to push through the law, while Batman lived only as Bruce Wayne.  That was the basis of the movie, now comes the story: 

You have to look at Gotham City as the United States and the bad guy, “Bane”, as the muslim form of the anti-Christ.  Now, not having the name “Bane” spelled out, most will look at it as “Bain Capital”, the company that Obama says that “Romney ran when it destroyed companies”, which is not true!  The word “Bane” is a noun that means “destruction”, “ruination” and “death”, which describes the character correctly.  He is not a muslim, because muslims are never an openly-evil part of any Batman movie but, when Batman escapes from Bane’s prison, you see a muslim-style town around him in the desert.  Bane sets up a trap where the all of the Police ( see them as our military, and this makes perfect sense ) are baited into going into underground Gotham and he blows up every possible escape for them and traps them down there.  Then he goes out into the press and tells everyone that the business owners and police are all “evil manipulators” that have been imprisoning only those people who stood against them when they tried to “dominate” the city with their law that allowed them to go after the gangs and imprison them.  He promised the people that he would take excellent care of them and that he would ensure their future safety.  He said that he would end their “domination” by the businesses and their owners.  So he held fake trials where every businessman and politician he didn’t like were sentenced to death!  And, without the businesses, there lives of the people went into the trash!  If anyone stood up against him, they were instantly killed.  This showed the perfect example of what would happen in a Progressive-dominated society; promise everything, then take it all away and control the people!  But that was what was going on in public view; there was a great evil hidden beneath it all, and this is where the muslim “end-of-days” plan in the Quran comes to view.  One of Bruce Wayne’s lady friends, “Talia al Ghul”, was a very caring, very concerned person who wanted the very best for the people of Gotham but, in reality, she was their version of a muslim, and she only acted caring to keep her true plans hidden.  Her ally was Bane, and Bane had gotten a Neutron Bomb and had put it under Gotham City, to blow it up, to destroy everything good about Gotham!  And he set it all up while telling the people that he was going to make all their lives “perfect”!  When the time came for the bomb to be exploded, Batman went up against Bane and had beaten him, but was stabbed by the “hidden muslim” Talia, who explained to him that the bomb was in place to destroy all of Gotham, as it was time for Gotham to end and she, Bane, Batman and everyone in the city were to die!

In the end, as is the way our great nation was meant to be, the good guys won, and everything was back on its way to normal, and the citizens were fully aware of all of the lies!   As I walked out of the theatre, thinking about everything I had seen, I began to believe that there might have been a hidden statement in the movie, a statement that every truth about Progressives, muslims, and their work together is an attack against our freedoms and an attempt to destroy America!  And this hidden statement will be seen by millions upon millions of people in our country, and around the world, and I hope that they get it!  I suggest that you take the time to see it, to form your own opinions then, if you see it as I did, pass the word around and let everyone know that they should see this movie!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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