The Progressives have done everything they can to try to change our country.  They have split up the population between Black and Whites, men and women, Religion and the non-Religious, and any other wedge they can drive between the American people to keep us so interested in maintaining our personal rights that we don’t join together to maintain our rights as American citizens.  Why?  Because; when everyone thinks that their personal rights and way of life are being endangered by everyone else, they look wherever they can for help, for someone, something to protect their individual rights!  And who steps up on the side of each individual group?  The Progressives!  They cause the problems, then make themselves appear to be the only logical solution!  And the worst part of it is that many of those “individual” groups fall right into the Progressive trap!

In the “Progressive World”, everyone is equal, everyone gets equal treatment; the Government provides for all of your needs and wants.  But there are a lot of problems with that ideal.  Our country runs on a system where everyone has the chance to become what they want to be, as long as they are willing to work to obtain it.  But, with the Progressive Ideal, no one will have the opportunity to become anything without the Government’s Ok.  Let’s say your father is the guy who cleans out all of the toilets; you don’t want to clean out the toilets, you want a better future for yourself.  But, if you go to the Progressive schools and don’t do any better than anyone else, you will wind up going to a Board of Advisors to find out what you are going to do for a living.  Why?  Because there are many things in our lives that need to be taken care of, and someone has to do it so, unless you are some kind of “stand-out”, with some kind of mental, or physical quality that makes you more valuable to the State, you will be assigned to work at whatever the State needs you to do.  And, since you grew up in a family with a father that cleans toilets, you will wind up being forced to follow in your father’s footsteps and will be the new person on the job! 

Don’t believe it?  Well, Progressivism is not much more than the old “Monarchies” that our Forefathers left to come here to America, to have a chance to become something they wanted to be, not become what the State wanted them to be!  Everyone knows the name “Smith”; what many Americans don’t know is that the name “Smith” was used by anyone who worked in a trade, such as a “Blacksmith”.  And, in those times, if the father was a Blacksmith, the son would become a Blacksmith, because it was a necessary position, and the State needed him to fill that labor.  The higher-level schools were only for the families of the rich and powerful, so the average person never had a chance to climb up the ladder. Look at every nation that is run by a “Progressive-style” government and you see the rich and powerful, who lead the nation, and the poor, who do exactly what they are told to do.   If there is a middle-class, it is strongly controlled by the State.  The biggest problem with Progressivism is that, if it is to succeed, it needs money to be brought into the State Coffers and, in a Progressive society, not a “Free Market” society, it is done by taxation and, if there are not enough businesses to maintain the tax rate, they will turn on the people and tax whatever they have!  I saw this same thing happen in Australia when I was down there last year; the Progressive government had taken over and they beat down the manufacturing base of the country with taxes, then raised the taxes on every necessary thing the people needed to survive!  Milk was almost $10 a gallon, Bread was around $5, and a small dinner in a cheaper restaurant was close to $30!  And, locally, look to California, the most Progressive state in the union; it is going bankrupt because their Progressive policies have destroyed the State’s economy!

Progressivism is a promise of equality for everyone, but the truth of life is that everyone is not exactly equal.  There are different levels of physical and intellectual abilities, so one person might be able to do something that everyone else can’t!  That’s life!  But; in a Free-Market Republic, everyone has the right to work to develop their own abilities to allow them to reach a level of value that will give them the opportunity to advance in life, while the Progressive Ideal is a “Top-down” style of leadership which gives the people at the top the power to decide what you are allowed to do in your life!  Yes, I know; this is not what the leadership of the Progressives tell everyone about how their ideal world is run, but it is the truth!  Even on the Starship Enterprise, someone has to climb into the dirty, nasty areas to fix or clean things, and who decides who gets that job?  The leadership, not the person stuck with doing it!  And any salesman will tell you that you cannot sell a bad idea if the people interested in it know all of the truth about it!  The bad things have to be hidden until the sucker takes the bait!  So; don’t be a sucker; don’t buy into the Progressive Ideal!  We have a choice coming up in the November Election:  Stick with the Free Market policies that can provide Americans the jobs necessary to allow us all a chance to earn a better life, or buy into the Progressive Ideal, then watch our lifestyles collapse into Government-monitored control over everything we do, while the taxes needed to support the Bureaucrats’ lifestyles destroy every comfort we hold dear!  Stand up, don’t back down, and work to ensure we get the votes to maintain our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Brick Mudge says:

    All very true and very informative. Good article! I only have one problem with it. It does not identify who the “Progressives” are, how to identify or eliminate them. The problem with the “Progressives” is that many of them are right under our noses, pretending to be this, that, anything but a “Progressive. They are the demagogues that are pretending to be anti-Progressive. They are the infiltrators in EVERY so-called “party.” Some of them are highly respected and fully supported members and ex-members of the Republican establishment, such as Sarah Palin, Allen West, Boehner, Blunt, McCain, Rand Paul, Bush, Romney, etc, ect, etc. So seriously, what good is it to understand what a “Progressive” is if we’re not going to identify who they are so that we do not continue to VOTE FOR THEM?

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