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I have been listening to the explanations concerning the Supreme Court’s decision on the Health Care Bill.  Yes, most of it is staying in place, but the most important decision is the one that states that the Federal Government cannot force us to do anything.  Yes, the individual mandate has been kept in place, but only through a tax, not the Feds having to power to force us to join.  The Federal Government does have the right to tax us, and they can force us to pay it; it is part of our laws.  It is we, the voters, who either allow taxing to be raised, or lowered, by voting the right people into Congress.  If we want this changed, all we have to do is ensure that we take back Congress and put in those people who will vote out the Health Care Bill.  If the part that demanded that we, as citizens, under Congressional power would be forced to join Obama Care, then that would have allowed the government to begin taking control over our lives and would have set a precedent that would have allowed it to demand anything it wanted and we would have had to follow.  But it doesn’t; it is simply a tax.  By not allowing the Mandate to force us to do anything, they have stated that the Federal Government does not have the power to control Interstate Commerce on this issue.  If they had, the precedent would have been set and, even if we got the Bill removed next year, the Federal Government would have maintained the power to demand us to do as they wished.  But they can’t!  So; if we defeat the Bill next year, there will be no remaining power for the government to force us to do things we don’t want to do.  So this is a win.  We can get out of it.  But it is our responsibility to do so!
The Court also ruled that the Federal Government cannot force the States to change their current Medicare.  Granted; if the States want to maintain their abilities to allow their citizens to receive full care, they might have to join, but they will be able to make their own choice on this and will not be forced to do it.  This part of the ruling supports State’s Rights.  And, again, if we are not happy with this bill we can vote in the right people and vote out the Bill!  What the Court did was simply follow Federal Law stating that taxation is the right of the Government.  Taxation, not domination!  The Conservative Judges know that we have the right to change our government through our votes; it is our responsibility, not the Courts on this!  So make sure that you get everyone you know to vote for Conservatives who will work to remove the Bill and work to put in a Health Care Bill that will help, not destroy the futures of true American citizens! 
Michael J. Kilgus
Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Perhaps todays decision will rally the independants to vote for Romney. I believe it is they who will decide who the next president will be.
    On another note, here is something that I think your readers should read!
    If necessary, copy and paste the below site:

    Glenn Beck on the Vatican – Catholics and Non-Catholics…beware!!….PLEASE WATCH THIS …

    The Holy Father knows what is happening socially and politically, and is
    preparing the Church for the fight, and engaging in the fight, with evil.

    Everyone you know, Catholic and non-Catholic, needs to watch
    this video . We are at a point when we must stand together.


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