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Recently, the Obama Administration has been making claims that Obama is like Abe Lincoln, one of our most beloved Presidents.  Is that a logical statement?  Forgetting the fact that Hollywood has come out with a new movie, “Abe Lincoln:  Vampire Slayer”, which is one of the most horrendous movies ever made, I believe that there is a connection between the two.  Most people see Lincoln as the man who cared so much about the freedom and rights of Black slaves that he fought the Civil War to free them.  But the truth is that the Civil War was never about freedom or rights of Blacks; it was all about States’ Rights over the Federal Government.  The only reason that Blacks were freed by Lincoln was because the North feared losing the War in Southern States because it didn’t feel it had the ability, and manpower, to stand against the South in battles down there, so Lincoln made the “Emancipation proclamation”, mandating the freedom of all slaves in the US with the hope that the slaves would turn against their masters and fight for their freedom, and it worked.  Yes; Lincoln was always an advocate against Slavery, and it was the push by Northern leaders in Congress to force Southerners to end slavery that caused the Civil War.  But it was the argument over the Republic’s belief in States being responsible for their own states, not Federal Government domination over them that caused the Southern states to pull out of the Union and form their own government.  Another thing that most people don’t know is that the high costs of owning slaves was beginning to break down slavery on its own.  So; in the end, slavery would have disappeared without Federal Government intervention.  My own personal question to those who believe that Lincoln’s main reason for ending slavery was to free the Blacks is this:  “If he, and the Northern Government, were so determined to make Blacks equal with Whites, why was so much evil bigotry allowed to continue, for three generations, in both the North and the South?  If true “Equality” was so important to the North, why did it take until the mid-”60s for equality to become such a major issue?  And why were Native Americans treated much in the same manner as the slaves until the mid-’60s?  Because the true cause of the War was the battle over States’ Rights! 

The idea that the Federal Government has the right to take away the rights of the States to govern their people as the people of those states wish, is exactly where Obama and Lincoln have their similarities; it’s not that Obama wants to follow Lincoln’s actions to free people who are native-born Americans, the people who deserve the protection of their Rights and Freedoms to live as they deem fit, it’s that Obama wants to dominate the people of the United States through total Federal Governmental control over their lives!  The Health Care Bill was never meant to be the path for every American to receive health care; it was meant to set a precedent that would allow the Federal Government to dominate the lives of the citizens, by telling them what they can, and can’t do with their lives!  And the major tool in that deception is the “Individual Mandate”.  By forcing us into Governmental Healthcare, the Feds will set the precedent that will open the doors to other laws that can end our Freedoms and Rights, and can open up our borders to anyone who wishes to enter the US to leech off of our economy!  tomorrow is the biggest day in our country in recent history because, if the Individual Mandate is allowed by the Supreme Court, it will open up the floodgates to total domination of the people by the Federal Government!  And, even if Romney is elected and he eliminates the Bill, the “Mandate” will have been accepted as law in the US by the Court and it will still stand!  The Court is the final voice in our legal system and, if they accept the Mandate we, as the true citizens of America, will lose our Freedoms and Rights!

If the court defeats the Bill or if it simply takes out the mandate, we will achieve protection for our Freedoms and Rights, but it can’t end there: we need to push our governmental leaders to work to end the control that our Federal Government has over the States and make them work to return our country back to the basis of our Constitution: The Republic!  Each state should be allowed to exist as the citizens of that state want it to.  And, if someone doesn’t feel that state fits their needs, they will have the right to move to whatever state does.  This is the true issue of the upcoming election; just as Lincoln wanted  to control the actions of the Southern States, so does Obama want to control the actions of everyone, in every state in this country!  We have to end the pattern of Federal domination over the states and work to rebuild the freedom of the people to live as they wish!  No state should have the Federal Government demand that Gay Marriage be allowed, when the people of that state do not want it!  Some states do, and anyone who is gay and wants to marry their partner can move to that state and live exactly as they want to!  That is called “freedom of choice”, and choice is determined by what the majority of voters within a state want that state to do!  And we need to stand up and protect our freedom of choice and demand that our Governmental leaders return our government back from the Special Interests, to the citizens who pay the taxes and keep our country going!  So pay close attention to what happens tomorrow and see what path our Court deems correct for the citizens of this great nation!  And whichever way they decide, be willing to stand up and work to bring back the “Grand Republic that once was the United States of America! 

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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