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I am a big Star Trek fan; I watched every TV show and all of the movies.  It was a great story about how all of the world could work as one, to build a unified Earth where everyone was happy!  But it was just a story and, in the beginning of it, Earth had gone through a great destruction, one in which mankind was reverted to basic living, then along came the Vulcans to help us rebuild our world to make it one of the strongest planets in the United Federation of Planets.   It took help from outside of our own planet to help us find our way to success.  And that is the basis of the Progressive Ideal; they believe the people of this planet need the assistance of a “greater”, “More intelligent” group of people, the Progressives, to move our planet into a “One World Government” where “everyone is equal, but they rule.  And that is where the ideals of “Special Rights”, “All people are the same”, “Government support for the people” and “Government control over the economy” come into play:  The Progressives want to dominate the people through total control over every aspect of their lives, making them depend on the government for their “success” in life!  But it won’t work in our world of today.

We began many of their “solutions” in the last Century and they have failed; the ideal that the whole world will work together is a serious mistake because it depends upon the idea that all people, from every country, want the same thing, and that is not true!  Freedom is not something you can give to people and expect them to succeed with it; it has to be earned, they have to know the true cost of their freedom so that they can truly value having it!  Look at Vietnam and the muslim countries of today that we have sacrificed so many American lives for, to provide them the freedom we thought they desired; they had complete freedom, they were able to live as they wished, but they didn’t know how to maintain the freedoms we provided them and they fell back upon the leadership that was trying to dominate them when we began fighting for them in the first place!  Without a deep, internal drive for freedom in the hearts of all the people, they simply want peace, even if that means living in a beat-up shack with only the basic needs of life to keep them going!  And, in situations like Sharia law, even in the poorest means of raising a family, the father is the extreme dominant in the family; whatever he wants his family members to do, they have to do, or he can take their lives!  So; even in the poorest of situations, the leader of the family can feel like a “King” over own his family, allowing him to sense personal “importance”, giving him a sense of substance in his life!  So freedom, to them,  only means whatever they are allowed to feel!

We have wasted trillions, upon trillions of dollars, trying to help other countries raise themselves up to the “Star Trek” lifestyle, yet all we have done is make the leaders of those nations supremely rich, while their people still  live in tatters!  We have sacrificed millions of American lives yet, once we give nations their freedoms, they throw them away and revert to their old style of living!  And, because we have given up our manufacturing base in the idea that it would allow other nations to reach our level of lifestyle, making them see the “American Ideal” of life, we have destroyed our own base for our economy while allowing those nations that always said that “America was the greatest danger to the world” to become the greatest of dangers to the American people!  Star Trek Idealism does not work until every nation is willing to stand up on its own and work to change their own economies and societies!  We need to bring our own nation back to the point of leadership in the world that allowed Americans to live decent, free lives, while knowing they were safe, because America was the most powerful nation in the world.  While we were that nation, many other nations were able to work for their own freedom and build themselves up and survive in the economy that the United States built and supported!  And, if we can assist another nation in becoming free and independent, we should, but we should not become their “only hope”; their success should depend solely upon their own sacrifice and work, not upon the backs of the American citizens!

It would take an idiot to not look at where our nation and economy is today, and not see that our first, and only priority right now is to take care of America, and American citizens first!  If some of our true allies need our help, we will do what we can, but our nation, our people and our rights and freedoms should hold major priority over the problems of other nations!  If we have to fix our country, then they have their own responsibility to fix their own problems!  When Americans fear losing their incomes, homes and lifestyles, yet our national leadership looks to the problems of other nations first, there is something very wrong in DC!  Every member of our government has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of every American citizen, yet they appear to walk around in a daze concerning the daily problems of the taxpayers who put them in office, but they focus on the troubles in other countries!  This is the most important election in the history of our country!  It is our responsiblity to vote, as true Americans, and elect Members of Congress, and a President, who will hold to their responsibilities to their oath and to the true faith of their office!  We don’t need “Pleasant faces”, “nice voices”, or a “great smile”; we need true Americans, true leaders, and true hearts for the welfare of America!  Study the histories of those you vote for and make sure that they will support the American people and our Constitution, and will work to bring back the America that once lead the world with peace!  This may be our last chance, so make your voice heard and let’s take back our country and go from a “Star Trek” future, back to the Grand Republic our Forefathers built for us!  America for Americans first!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. joe Werner says:

    I like just about everything you write about, but you must know that Star Trek was something most of us enjoyed just for the reason you mentioned; Earthlings made their peace with other earthlings. And you know that is just a dream. I would compare earth today more like an episode of 24, where the President is loo0king too screw the people, because being President is not enough. He wants to be king and grant us our freedoms; if he likes and needs you to have it. And there are those today who don’t llke our Constitution and will do anything to destroy our government, take our freedom, and perhaps take over the three Branches of government . I am afraid that, if we keep on the path we are going at, our country might be like an eposode of Stalag 17 or the Flintstones.

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