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Sorry I haven’t gotten back on the web, but I am still a bit screwed up due to a foul up on some medication that I had been taking from the VA that I found out I shouldn’t have been taking.  If I have made some phrasing errors in this, I am sorry, but I can’t see the screen clearly.   I will be back to email in, probably, about a week, but I had to write this today after hearing part of Glen Beck’s broadcast this morning.  In it, he played the speech by the new leader of Egypt, the member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who stated that he would help bring about the new Caliphate and that the Capitol of that new Caliphate would be Israel, in Jerusalem!  Then he stated that “We are all Hamas!”  And I heard him say that ” all of Islam is the United States of Arabia!”

Why did those statements concern me?  Well, let’s go back to some of my previous articles, some of Beck’s previous work and some of FOX New’s previous programs:  Back in the first year of Obama’s term, he brought 25,ooo Hamas members into Detroit under a program to retrain them so that they could go back to Lebanon and “fight against the radical Hamas members” over there.  Then, later in the year, he brought another 15,000 Hamas members over to Detroit under the same program, and all of them are still here.  That means that there are 40,000 Hamas members in Detroit, and Hamas is a radical movement in the Arab nations and the new Egyptian leader, the proud member of the Muslim Brotherhood, shouted out that “we are all Hamas!” to every muslim that could hear his message!  And every one of those Hamas members in Detroit are here legally and have the ability to not only legally buy weapons and ammunition, but to gather and train to use them in whatever manner they wish!

Now; think about this part:  Detroit is right across the bridge from Windsor, Canada, which is an open path for an invasion if the bridge is held by an enemy army ( remember when Obama said he wanted his own army? ), and an army of 40,000 enemy soldiers, trained by our own military would be hard to defeat!  But, if I were the leader of that army, I would split my troops and not do anything right away, but would send half, 20,000, in civilian clothing, driving civilian vehicles, down to Washington, DC, and have them all slowly gather around the White House and the Capitol Building when Congress was in session, then calmly begin walking up to every open door then show weapons and charge in and take over!  Then take the bridge in Detroit and bring in more troops and begin moving on other states.  By the time our military would begin to realize what was going on, the Capitol would be taken and a large enemy military would be on the move in civilian cover and mass confusion would take over!  We would be in severe danger!

The next move would be on Israel as there would be no way we could support Israel, as our major interest would be to protect our own nation, Europe would probably be under attack and China would be going after Taiwan and it would all happen so fast that there would be no way to stop do anything but defend ourselves!  The New Caliphate would be successfully rebuilding itself in the MidEast with the goal of taking over the US, and that is where the idea of the “United States of Arabia” comes from because they are going to use the name “USA” as their new battle cry!  They want to steal our country from us and make it their own!  I’m sorry if this seems crazy, if I seem loony; maybe I am, maybe I need to relax and just let this go, but I have seen this coming for a long time now.  Most Americans see the muslims as a group of semi-intelligent, backwards-leaning people, but their leadership has been going to the best colleges in our country, and European nations for decades and they are some of the best trained military people as both the Russians and our own military have trained them to fight battles in all types of conditions! 

Everyone looks at the outside of everything, they see the groups moved, they see the battles fought, the revolutions, the statements made, the political actions, but they don’t add up everything, just what they want to look at.  They might see some things that look really dangerous, but they don’t want to look “crazy”, so they don’t say anything.  I”ll give Glenn Beck credit; he pushes the envelope a lot, and he gets people to see many things that they need to see, and he risks a lot doing so.  But why isn’t anyone looking at this?  Am I crazy?  Well, maybe so…..


  1. Tom 57th AHC, Gunner says:


    Nothing that this administration has done, or will do in the future, surprizes me one bit. As a country we are heading off the cliff and if we don’t vote Obama out in 2012, we will be helpless during his next four years. He will no longer need votes and will do whatever he wants. There will be no way of stopping him. The uprising you alude to would be a bloody one, but I think they will not win. As a nation, our civilian population is well armed.
    Rather then espouse my views any further, I would ask anyone who reads this to watch the tape below. It is a eye opener and gives a very clear view of what Obama’s agenda is.

    Copy and paste if necessary.

    • Brian Hansen says:

      Hey Tom…have you read this guy’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage? I have, and it makes all the pieces come together. We are so screwed if he wins again.

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    Michael, you aren’t crazy. There are a few of us who see what’s going on but sadly, many people choose not to see as it would disrupt their comfort level.

    • Tom 57th AHC, Gunner says:

      That and dreams of my father. If more people took interest in knowing what he stands for, he would loose in 2012. If people took interest in 2008, he would never have won. Unfortunately, the majority of voters are couch potatoes, or young people who believe his BS. We have a very uneducated society. It’s up to us to educate them the best we can. Did you watch the video I posted? It says quite a bit. I’ve sent it, and others like it,
      to all that I know, and they sent it on as well. The computer is one way to reach many at a time. We have our work cut out for us.

  3. D. G. Kilgus says:

    Michael, many of the opinions you have shared are interesting. I have attempted to locate your personal email address in an effort to correspond with you. As I am the daughter of a military veteran, John Edward Kilgus, I am hoping you would be willing to send an email to me at porch33@hotmail.com. Much of the information posted and shared on your website has been thought provoking.

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