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I’ve seen Obama act like a king, a god, and have even seen him singing, but I didn’t know he was a magician.  A “Magic Man” can make things change when he wishes, completely out of thin air, and it appears that Obama will be acting as the “Presidential Magician” in September of this year!

I was watching FOX News two days ago, when Obama’s spokesman was being grilled about the high price of gasoline, how it was affecting the average citizens, and how the high costs of gas would prevent Obama from winning his run for re-election.  The FOX newsman was berating Obama for banning the Keystone Pipeline that would have lowered our costs of gas, and how Obama has been pushing his “Green Issues” while raising the cost of living on every American because higher fuel costs mean higher costs for everything we need to live our daily lives!  He asked Obama’s spokesman if he feared the costs of fuel would end Obama’s time as President.  Obama’s spokesman put a bit of a grin on and told the FOX newsman that the people shouldn’t panic over the rising costs of fuel because, in September the prices would go down!  No one reacted to that statement, there was no question about how he knew that the price of gas would fall in September, or how it could happen; they just went on with other questions.  And there has been no other statements about it on the other news channels!

Is Obama a magician?  I seriously doubt it!  What I think is going on is that  they are allowing prices to climb, to fit their own personal needs, but have planned to let prices take a big drop in September, about the time the final campaigns will begin, and will allow those prices to remain until the elections are over, because they want to be able to show us that Obama is in “command” and is “gaining control” over the oil industry and will have “forced” them to lower their prices because he is “too concerned” about the “welfare of the people”!  This is a dirty political move and will gain him many votes with a large group of his 2008 supporters that have walked away from him because he won’t support open drilling in the US!  This slip by his spokesman should have been on the top of every news program in the country, but they all let it go, even FOX!  If I hadn’t seen it myself, you wouldn’t even know it happened!  But I saw it and I knew it was important for the public to be made aware of it!

Obama will do whatever he feels is necessary to allow him to remain as our President for another four years, even if he has to “adjust” his own policies to pick up voters that have left him!  We need to make sure that this information gets out, that every American knows that, if gas prices drop around September, it will only be a temporary fix, that once the election is over prices will begin to rise again!  Tell everyone you know about the statement made by his spokesman, let them know that it is no more than a political ploy, and tell them to vote for his Conservative opponent so that we can begin to rebuild our nation into the Grand Republic it was meant to be!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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