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When I was a kid, I really liked doing jigsaw puzzles.  Looking at that big pile of pieces, it made no sense at all, but when I started putting the pieces together the picture was plain to see.  Obama’s Presidency has been one jigsaw puzzle after another and none of his reasons can be seen by the public, because they can’t see the whole picture.  So; let me try to put one together for your examination.

When Barrack Obama was running for President, two of his biggest donators were Jeffery Immelt and the Unions.  Now Immelt is his Jobs Czar and the Unions own GM!  Last year, as Obama’s Job Czar, the man who was supposed to be working to provide jobs for American workers, Immelt removed a major portion of scientific development from GE, Immelt’s company and moved it to China!  And the Unions have been out bullying people because they wouldn’t stand behind Obama and his plans to destroy our nation.  These are two pieces of the puzzle, Immelt and the Unions.

Last year Obama began pushing for the production of the GM Volt, the costly electric car that only runs about 28 miles on the battery, regardless of what is told to us, then gets about the same mpg as some much cheaper gasoline cars when it is running off of its generator.  But Obama wanted it to go through because he felt it was “good for the country”.  The truth is that GE, Immelt’s company, is making parts for the Volt, so Immelt will profit if it ever becomes a “popular” car.  And the Unions own GM, so they will profit if it ever becomes “popular”.  And, personally, I believe Obama has a personal financial investment in the Volt,   More pieces.

Selling for $40,000.00, the Volt was not an affordable car for the average consumer, even with the $7,000 tax credit given to any buyer.  Basically; it was a “joy car” for those who could waste the money on it, so it wasn’t selling.  And, not too long ago, Obama nixed the Keystone Pipeline, the one decent opportunity that American citizens had for buying oil from a nation that doesn’t hate us, that would have provided tens of thousands of jobs, and cheaper gas for us!  Why would he stop the one source of oil that could end our dependency on muslim oil?  Well, if gas prices are too high, then citizens might start thinking that electric cars are a good idea!  More pieces to the puzzle.

The manufacturing of the Volt has been ended, “for a short period of time”, so it looks like it is dead.  Don’t bet on it!  They will come out with a cheaper model, proposed to be better, with “longer mileage” on the battery.  Why?  Because Obama is, as shown above, in neck-deep with Immelt and the Unions, and there is no way he will allow GM to fail during his Presidency, so he will provide a reason for the average American to want to buy a Volt!  Watch gas prices go up as our oil from the MidEast begins to fade away, and our own oil supply goes untapped!

All during this Presidency, Obama has attacked Coal Companies, saying that they are “major pollutants” and that we need to get rid of coal! Since a majority of our electric power plants run on clean coal that has its smoke run through scrubbers that clean it, why would he want to do that?  And why would he allow so much of our coal to go to China, where they don’t control the pollution levels in their plants because there is no Chinese EPA?  Because; in our future, when he sees a majority of Americans driving electric cars, specifically the Volt, our nation will need to find a new source of energy and he has invested deeply in “Green Power” sources!  Can you see how this is working out?  If he can do as he wishes, we will all be driving around in tiny little cars that run on batteries that need to be recharged off of the power grid to allow us to continue driving them!  He and his buddies will get rich and we will be forced to depend on a power source that can be stopped by a simple push on a computer key, leaving us all without any transportation at all!  Remember his push to put monitors on our electric usage in our own homes?  Monitors that could shut off our power if we “use too much”?  Then we will be forced to depend on the government to maintain our lives!  And let’s say the Volt, and other electric cars do take over; when there are no Federal, State and Local taxes on gas coming into the governments, where do you think they will get that tax money from?  If you think our gas prices are skyrocketing, imagine how fast our electricity prices will rise when our whole lives depend on one option for power!

Back in the early 1900s, electric cars were built and sold, but the demand for them died off when the people realized the actual costs of maintaining them and the costs of operating them.  As now, they were truly inefficient and the power of the consumers ended them, and that’s when gasoline powered vehicles took over.  The people in this country like their cars as they are, and they are not interested in the Volt!  And we have enough oil supplies that are known to our government to power our nation for at least another 200 years!  So why not go on with affordable gasoline and spend that time working for a truly efficient, energy-saving mode of transportation?  And our levels of pollution caused by Americans was barely a scratch in the sand, compared to the enormous pollution levels in China and India, when we had our own manufacturing base!  But now we are forced to depend on those countries who manufacture so much of our needed products because our governmental agencies drove our companies out of America!!  We are not the bad guys!  We are the nation that brought about so many major inventions, medical advancements and freedom to the world!  We don’t need a government dominating every level of our lives as citizens, we need leaders who truly have the citizens’ needs at heart, not their profits and power made through political connections!  The upcoming election is probably the most important election in the history of our nation!  These leaders that preach “GREEN” to us are not interested in the environment, they only tell their followers that so that they will continue to have them do their dirty work for them!  We need honesty, loyalty to America and love for the people in the hearts of any person who stands up to run for office!  No games!  So please; whoever you choose to vote for, make sure they are legitimate and want to bring our nation back to the strong, free country it once was!  Put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzles together and see the real pictures!  This may be our last chance!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Mike, your comments seem to be right on target. Additionally, I would throw George Soros into the mix, and many of Obamas hidden czars working behind the scenes. As for the oil, it’s going to China.

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