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Have you noticed that it seems like people you are supposed to meet are now coming into you life?  Old friends you haven’t seen for a while, family members that have been out of your life and strangers that you click with that have the same philosophies, beliefs and social ideas you do?  This has happened many times in the past of our world:   Whenever there was a new religion rising up, people found large groups of like-minded people seeking the same guidance.  Whenever a nation attacked another nation, there were large groups of people, who probably never even noticed each other, standing together for the safety of their families and the security of their homeland.  That’s how our America came about; once the need for a revolution became a reality, men from around the country joined together to form a government and military that would stand against the English king.  For most of their lives, they simply lived as normal people, not looking for anything but personal comfort and happiness then, once their hearts were opened up to the need to fight for freedom, they found each other and fought to build a free nation, the first truly free nation in the world, and their cause was just and they won their freedom and built the largest free society in the history of the world!

For a long time now, America has been a country of people who have been “satisfied” with their lives, who liked waking up in the morning, going to work, raising their families and living their lives.  They all knew that they would be safe and free, because their government “worked for the people” and they knew they would continue to live their lives as they saw fit.  But the truth is that the government was not working for the people, it was working on its own interests, and those interests were not for the betterment of the citizens’ lives, it was for the build up of their own power bases!  And, as they worked for their own interests, they lost track of the necessity of real freedom for the people, and they allowed Progressive interests to come into our government and take it over, allowing them to send our nation down a destructive path!  And, now, we have awoken as a people and are aware of the dangers that face us in our future!  We can see the dark cloud of dominance once again threatening the freedom and rights we all hold so dear!  We can see the legal attacks on our freedoms, and we know about the lack of concern that our politicians have to protect it, as they refuse to protect our borders from an invasion of our enemies!  And we have found out that they held their personal rights and benefits, as lawmakers, over our rights as citizens and destroyed our economy to fulfill their own dreams!

Every religion has its own belief in the “End Times”, but all say that the true people will find each other and work to protect their beliefs, families and homes.  This is a “Gathering”, a coming together of people to stand for what they believe in, to work to protect it from destruction.  Christians and Jews are being attacked every day, in our courthouses, in the news and in protests against them.  In many countries that swear they allow religious freedoms, they kill Christians and Jews because they feel that they are infidels, that they are not worthy of living in this world of hatred for true religion!  And that is why this “Gathering” is happening  now; it is the time for all who believe in freedom of religion, who believe in true rights and freedom for the people, to wake up to the fact that a war has been carried on against us, to destroy us and our great nation!  We are not facing simple political action, we are facing an enemy that wants to see us destroyed, and has openly stated so on public broadcasts, and they are doing everything they can to do so, while we have simply sat back and watched!  The “watching” time has come and passed, and the time is here for all of us, Christians, Jews, and the patriotic non-religious members of our society to stand up, together, and stand against all those who wish to destroy our freedoms as true American citizens! 

The Tea Party movement was a great symbol of freedom in our country as normal, everyday Americans stood together and showed their patriotism by standing up for the Constitution and the rights and freedoms guaranteed us as citizens of this great nation!  Whenever there was a gathering of Tea Party people, the Progressive press would go nuts and try to label us as “radicals”!  Obama and Pelosi would state, publicly, that we were “home-grown terrorists”, “crazy people” and radical troublemakers!  And, when they did, we knew we were on the right path because we upset them so badly and made the feel the need to strike out against us!  But the people who were leading the Tea Party movement began to gain national fame and some personal power, and they went off after their own interests and left the people on their own, and there were no big rallies last year, no serious protests on our part!  But that wasn’t their fault, it was ours!  We should have continued to stand together and show our strength as true Americans who believe in our Constitution, but we didn’t!  And, now, all of us can sense something major happening, we all have a sense of a growing group of true Americans who are willing to stand up and fight for our freedom, and we can feel the “Gathering” coming, but we need to act!  Christians, Jews and patriotic atheists who understand the value of religious freedom in our nation need to publicly stand together once again and show those who are trying to destroy our nation that we will not stand for it anymore!  We have a major choice coming this November:  Take back our country and return to the legitimate Constitution, or lose it forever!  So, my fellow patriots, let’s get out there and let the fools who want to destroy our great nation know that we, the true citizens of this country, will no longer sit back and watch it fall down the Progressive path of destruction!  Let’s get out there and make our voices heard!   My closing statement, on every rant is: “Wake up Americans, or lose America!”  Let that be our rallying cry!  For, if we don’t wake up now and stand for the truth of our great nation, we will lose it forever!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Tom, 57th AHC Gunner says:

    I would love to see this country pull together Mike, but I’m afraid we have become to fragmented by all the different ethnicities that have hit our shores. It seems that many of the arrivals over the last decade or so are just here to see what they can suck out of this country and not assimilate to the American way of life the way our ancestors did.
    Many shelter themselves within their own cultures and communities, and don’t bother to learn about our government or our country. To make matters worse, some demand that WE change in order to satisfy THEIR wants and desires. They have to ordacity to force themselves on us and our beliefs. Not good by a long shot! We are in big trouble.
    You say pull together, the only thing that might pull us together is an attack by creatures from outer space. Even then I wonder?

  2. joe Werner says:

    Mike I think this is the first time I have commented on someone elses shareing , but Tom ( Gunner ) is right in line with me. I feel as if obama has me by the balls and I feel at a loss for our country.I just sent you an article african Americans for obama he is the biggest devider of the people in this country and its all on purpose .I don’t know what G-D’s plan is for me ,but with obama as president its a little to close to being in Hell and having the devil for president

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