Something has been eating away at me for a while, and I would like to share it with you, to find out what you think.  I know that many write blogs to get their own opinions out and to gain some fame, but I simply want to share things with you that I feel might be important, so your opinions are important to me.

Last year I told you about how, when he was elected, Obama moved 25,000 Hamas members into Detroit.  Then, not long after, he moved another 15,000 to Detroit, making the total of Hamas members 40,000, which is a very large army if needed.  And, once these people have gained Driver’s Licenses, they have full access to guns and ammunition!  Hamas is not simply an Islamic group; the European Union, the United States, Canada, Israel, and Japan all list it as a “terrorist organization”.  So; why were they moved here?  The story is that they will be undergoing training to allow them to go back to Gaza and Palestine to “fight against the terrorists and free their country.”  But they are the same terrorists who have openly stated that they hate Israel and the “Great Satan”; the United States and want to see them destroyed!  So why did we bring them over here?

The Republicans never worked to close our southern border because they wanted the cheap labor to come into the US, and the Democrats always wanted them here for “future voters”, so they never closed the border.  Add to that the fact that there is a great deal of money that is laundered out and put into our “lifetime politicians’ ” pockets by the drug lords of South America, in order to keep their drug trade going in the US!  But, since Obama has become President, he has been fighting the efforts of the Southern States to protect their own borders from the invasion from Mexico!  Since he has taken the Presidency, the drug lords have begun taking Mexico over and have turned the areas directly south of our border into war zones, using well-trained military-experienced men as their soldiers.  And that military force has turned parts of southern Arizona into a war zone, forcing the State to put up signs warning people to be extremely careful while driving through there!  Add to that the fact that our border guards have found an extremely large number of “Prayer Rugs” in the desert around our border, proving that muslims have been sneaking in!  And “Nuclear Trace” has been found in several areas that illegals use to cross our border, proving that some form of nuclear material has entered our country!

Today, I heard that the muslim terrorist organizations have been making buddies out of nations in South America, that they are working with the leaders of those nations to help them build up an anti-American movement!  The Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Hamas, Al Ouida and others are using the money they make off of the oil we buy from them to buy influence in South American countries to help turn them against us!  And there is strong evidence that they are already working with the Druglords that are just south of our border, helping them to build up their forces!  Is it just me, or is something very fishy, very, very dangerous going on in our leadership?

As a combat vet, one who has studied war over the years, I see 40,000 enemy troops in Detroit, and a huge, well-trained force being put together south of our border while, all along, many of our enemies have been allowed to enter our nation with nuclear materials!  Also; our own government is aware of “training camps” set-up by muslims all across our nation but, since they can’t prove that they are terrorists, Political Correctness keeps them from being able to break into those camps to stop them!  To me; this is a build-up of forces for an enemy attack in our own nation, one that is being allowed by Obama and is not being stopped by our government!  I think we are on the brink of a major war, one that will start within our own country by terrorist attacks similar to 9/11, then will be followed up by an invasion from our south!  And, since our military is scattered all around the world, and is being weakened by Obama, we are nothing more than “Sitting Ducks”!

What will be the trigger to this action?  Will it happen before the election in order to allow Obama to declare Marshall Law, or will it happen after the election if he finds out he hasn’t won?  Whatever happens, this will be the largest threat in the history of our great nation and it will put the very existence of the United States at risk!  I may be wrong about this, but the facts sure do support the idea!  What do you think?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. I couldn’t agree more, Mike. But keep in mind that the hunters of America (a lot of whom are combat vets) present the largest “army” in the world. Initially, I’m sure there would be confusion, but among those folks in the “army” refer to are some natural leaders who would take the bull by the horns. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been driving across this beautiful country and though, I sure wouldn’t want to be on this highway in the middle of a war. There are woods, buildings, natural geological formations that present perfect ambush sites! Yep! This great-grandma has thoughts like that while driving (with my little 38 S&W in the console).

    Is this “the October Surprise” for 2012 — the surprise that would, as you say, initiate BO’s martial law? I hope and pray that it isn’t! Martial law under those conditions would surely present us with Civil War II.

    Now, sir…I’m going to post your rant on FaceBook and ask that someone share it, because I’m tired of playing FB’s silly games. I’m shutting my account tomorrow night.

  2. John Ryan says:

    ” WOLVERINE ” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AS IT IS SAID IN TEXAS ”COME AND TAKE IT”……..

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