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Have you ever touched a live electrical wire?  The pure shock of the electricity running through your body will make you jump and, if you can’t let go, you will be electrocuted!  Well, in a way, when researching the new Chevy Volt, I could feel that charge running through my body, and I thought I was being Volt-ecuted!  Here is a link to information concerning the Volt:  http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/oneyear/1106_2011_chevrolet_volt_arrival/

Why am I writing about this?  Because we, the taxpayers, are keeping this car on the market through our taxes, which funded the bailout for GM, which was really the theft of the company from the owners by Obama, who gave it to the unions at our expense!  The owners could have gone through a bankruptcy and reformed their company, which would have required the unions backing down on most of their greedy demands, then GM could have come back as a strong, American-made auto company once more.  But the unions didn’t want that to happen because they didn’t want to lose their superiority over the companies that provide us with American-made cars, so they went to Obama and told him that they wanted him to give them the company and he gave it to them!  Why?  Because they are one of his largest financial supporters so, every time you buy a GM car now, you are donating to Obama’s campaign coffer!

I know that I am just an “old codger” to many of my younger readers, but I was around in 1966, when they built a GM  Fisher Body Plant outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  When I left the Army in June of 1970, I was 20 years old, with three years of military experience, which should have qualified me for any factory position but, when I went to the K-zoo plant looking for a job, I was told that it was a strong union plant and I had to have either a family member working there, or have a union official recommend me for a job!  And they were making $20 an hour back then, when a $3.00 an hour job was considered a decent pay!  Anyone who grew up in that era knows that the unions were the reason that the cost of our cars went from around an average of $2500, to where they are today!  It’s not just the union pay level, it’s the medical benefits, retirement costs, and the “back-room deals” costs with the unions that force our manufacturers to raise their prices!   The unions are destroying our great nation by demanding that they take control over every labor issue in the country, and the gift of GM to them simply proves that they are growing successful in every demand under the current Progressive government!

Am I against alternative forms of energy?  No!  I think it is a great idea, but they should have been working hard on this back in the early ’70s when it first became an issue!  But it was all talk back then, with little research, so there have been over 40 years of wasted time!  Why?  Because our government knows that we have over 400 years of fuel supplies, and that the “Green Agenda” is a load of crap, meant to destroy our society!  Let me use the “Volt” as an example:  Because of the bailout,  the $40,000 Volt is costing us $75,000 per car, because the average American is not interested in buying one!  The price is way too high and the costs of maintaining one is very expensive!  It comes with an 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty, which sounds great, but the batteries last about 50,000 miles, if you’re lucky, and there is already a problem with them exploding!  I have two cars; a 1993 Lincoln Town Car ( my baby ), with 174,000 miles on it, and a 1998 Mercury Marquis, with 143,000 miles on it.  My cost of repairs on the Lincoln have been a couple of hundred dollars, on the Mercury, around $3500.  The reason the costs have been so low is because a gasoline-engine car can have parts of it repaired, with most of it on a level that the average person can fix on their own.  The Volt, on the other hand, will require the replacement of the battery somewhere over 100,000 miles ( hence: the 100,000 mile warranty ) and the cost of replacing the battery once the warranty has run out is $8,000, and that is at today’s prices!  If you lose an engine in a car, it runs around $3,000, so it is not hard to see the higher expense of maintenance once the warranty runs out.  And  the Volt sells for $40,000, while the Chevy Aveo sells for $14,900, which is $25,100 cheaper.  Over a 8 year period, the average fuel cost for an Aveo is $11,552.00 and the cost for a Volt is $6064, which means the Volt is saving $5488 in fuel costs.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  But add that savings to the cost of an Aveo and you get $20,388.  Take the cost of the Volt, plus the cost in fuel, and the difference in price is $25676.00 in costs of the Volt over the Aveo!  Add to that, the cost of a new battery after 100,000 miles, and you are looking at a total cost of $32,676 for the Volt over the Aveo, which is over twice the cost of a new Aveo!  How can this car be a “good deal” for the average American?

To end this rant, I would like to remind you of an additional future cost to every American who won’t own a Volt; if this car becomes a necessary governmental majority on our highways, the amount of taxes that come in through the purchase of gasoline for maintaining and building our highways will drop considerably!  And, when that happens, the Federal Government will go after the only energy source they can to regain those taxes and that will be consumer electrical use!  Think of it; what will it be like in our future if our energy prices rise up another 20% for every single American, even if they don’t own an electric car!  And, with Obama trying to outlaw the use of coal, and working to restrict natural gas, our c0sts for maintaining our homes will be extremely high!  If you doubt this, simply look back to the “alternative fuels” made from corn; once they came out on the market, the cost of corn went through the roof, farmers started growing corn instead of wheat and other foods, and the cost of food, plastic and other necessities grew exponentially!  So let’s put an end to the EPA and allow for drilling on our own resources for oil, then start doing some real research into alternative fuels!  Let’s have a solid base of energy at an affordable price now, then adapt as we can in a manner that won’t ruin American lives!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    We can start turning things around if we are successful in Nov. 12′. We have to treat this election like the war effort in the early to mid 40’s. Sacrifice, hard work and get out the vote. From a destroyed navy and hardly any army to speak of, we won a world war! I repeat, WE WON A WORLD WAR!!! With the same positive attitude, can we not win an election?????

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