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The founders of our great country were very careful when they developed our Constitutional form of government.  In order to represent every level of need for the States, they constructed the House of Representatives, the representatives of the people, the Senate, the representatives of the State governments and the President, the protector of the Constitution and it’s laws.  And it’s not hard to see how the series of Presidents of our nation have gone from protecting the Constitution, to protecting Special Interests, Political Correctness and their own personal interests.  And, because of a great deal of political interference in the Senatorial appointments, in 1913, the 17th amendment of the Constitution was placed into effect making the choice of each Senator, from every state, a popular vote by the people.  When this happened, the voice of the states was lost in the clutter of popularity voting by the people.  The driving force behind this change was the Republicans, who were the liberals of their day.  All this said, I would like to explain to you the true problem with our governmental system as it is operating today.

The House Representatives were meant to be the “voice” of the people, they were supposed to be individuals who came up through the same system of daily life that we, the people of their states, did.  They were expected to be local politicians who had gained enough favor to be elected to office, because of their representation for the people, recognized by the people.  But many were local citizens who fought for the freedoms and rights of their neighbors, many were small business owners who knew what it took to make a business succeed and many were normal, everyday persons that the people they represented could trust.  It was a very good plan.  But things changed because they were not limited to two terms in office as the President is, and they became powerful and concerned about their own interests, not the people’s.

As I have said before; I worked in DC on the Hill from January of 1984, through June of 1986, and I have seen how our leaders have grown corrupt, and I want to explain how that happens.  Remember what I said above; the Members of the House are supposed to represent the people, because they are residents of the State that they represent, and they are supposed to live there so they will know exactly what the citizens of their state are going through?  Our national government used to meet a couple of times a year, unless there was an emergency, for the states to discuss their mutual needs, so the Congressmen and Senators lived in their home states, with the people they represented.  But that has greatly changed; because of the “need” for our officials to be in DC on a regular basis, they have all purchased some very expensive homes in DC, to allow them a place to live while there.  And, during their time in DC, they go to extravagant restaurants, beautiful theatres and live the lives of Dukes and Duchesses!  Taxi cabs in DC are limited as to how much they can charge you for a fare, because they have laws that separate the city  into districts, and they can only charge you so much in each district.  So our Congressmen live in fancy homes, they eat great meals, they get excellent healthcare, they don’t even need a car to get around, they hang out with the elite and rich, and they enjoy their lives in DC!  When they go back to their home state, they have to bring things down a bit so that they don’t look “too successful” when they are around the citizens, and they are forced to spend time talking with anyone who might be a voter for their next election and, when I say “forced”, I am not kidding!  You would never see most of them hanging out with “Joe Average” in DC, unless it is for a political article!  They become citizens of DC, not citizens of their home states and, as would be expected, they become representatives of DC, not their home states!

There is only one way to change this and that is to have “Term Limits” on the Members of the House and Senate, to only two terms, no more!  That would limit the “Influence Peddling” around DC and would allow for more actual representation of the people, not Special Interest groups!  And we need to limit the amount of time for Members of Congress to actually be in DC to maybe four times a year, for one month each time, unless there is a national emergency.  When most new members of Congress go to DC, they are concerned about the people of their states.  Then the long-term Members of Congress sway them into becoming DC residents and we lose their interest!  If they are forced to live in their states and only have a temporary place in DC to use when they attend the once-a-quarter meetings in Congress, they will maintain their loyalty to the people of their home states because the people will see more of them and will be able to better judge the actions of their representatives!  This whole “lifetime office”, “DC resident” pattern of life for our representatives has to end!  And, when it does, a great deal of the influence of “Special Interest” groups and “Political Correctness” will become history!  And it will bring an end to our Representatives having all of their attention focused on “what is right for DC”, and will re-focus their attentions where they belong; on the citizens of their states, and the rights and freedoms that concern them! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. joe Werner says:

    Good message Michael. Would two terms and no life time pension get us good people for the job? maybe not at first but today our elected officals start off good and end up being Pigs . It has become a me Repesentation not a We . With todays computers we could email our votes and desires to a box in washington with the votes of the local people who have the eligabilty and desire to vote, tally the vote and pass into law. Sound to simple most likely it is, but for a few seconds it was a good thought

  2. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Name me one politician that would give up their power, salary, pension, health care and perks, for the sake of the people in this country? Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath!
    Politicians are like maggots, they feed off our tax dollars and spend like drunken sailors. No offense to you sea goer’s. They will lie, cheat and steal, just to keep their jobs and fill their pockets. God forbid that they should really have to hold a real job, they would melt like the witch in the Wizzard Of Oz.
    Honesty, morality, loyality and ethics, are a thing of the past in todays world. It’s “When the whistle blows, anything goes”.
    I read a book in college many years ago, I strongly recommend it. You don’t have to buy it, get it from your local library. It’s in paperback and easy reading. It will open your eyes to the fact that nothing changes except people and time.
    Copy and paste if necessary.


  3. John Ryan says:

    It seems Rick Perry had an ideaa to make all the politicians part time employees like it has been in Texas for years but no one supported him and since he couldn’t master the debates like some of the slick and practiced ”Mouthpieces ” up there he lost out early in the goings so if anyone wants something diffferent than what we have you have to back it and or support it and not favor the ”Business as Usual” politicians we continue to elect and re elect…

    All’s well in Texas so I hope the rest of the states fair better in the future as well…..

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