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What is an “Omen”?  It is something that happens that shows the path to a future occurence; a “predictor”, if seen properly when it occurs.  And I think we have seen the third Omen this week, and we need to be very, very careful as to our actions to prevent the future danger to our nation, and our world.

The “Arab Spring” was the first Omen; Islamic nations that were our friends had their leaderships removed with most being replaced with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  These are people who believe in the darkest form of Islam, that the muslim nations will take over the world, that all infidels ( non-muslims ) will be given the choice to either convert, or die!  Then once all of the world has come under muslim control, the world will end!  They want to see the end of the world, and they will kill as many infidels as necessary to do so!  But there are muslim nations that are still “friends” of America that they cannot gain control of, so they need something to happen to cause the people of those nations to “Rise up against the West”!

President Obama is a man raised in a muslim country, he attended a Madrassa, a radical-leaning school that pounds the belief of Muhammad into the minds of young children.  He says that was not the way he was taught, but when the Israeli Ambassador, the Ambassador of our only true ally in the MidEast, came to the White House, Obama snubbed him!  However, when he visited the capitals of Islamic countries, he bowed down to their leaders, an action that no President of this country has ever taken!  He has little contact with the government of Israel, and has even stated that, if Israel takes preventive action to protect itself from Iran’s Nuclear threat, he will stand against them!  This is the second Omen.

Now comes the elections; it’s not hard to see that Obama’s personal record of actions as President will come back to haunt him, big time, during the elections and his possibility of winning re-election is dropping.  He needs a reason for the people to stand up with him, and dropping the Keystone Pipeline is one of the dumbest political actions that any President could ever take!  Especially when the Iranians are threatening to close the Straights of Hormuz, which would spike the cost of oil and make it impossible for Americans to even afford to drive to work!  The main reason that most Americans began turning against Republicans in the last election was gas over $4 a gallon!  And, if the price goes even higher, to $10 a gallon, he is finished!  But is he?  This is the third Omen.

Yesterday we heard about a secret letter written by Obama to Iran, the secret leader of all of the revolutions in the MidEast; it is said that he told them that, if they close the Straights of Hormuz, he will respond.  This is what the Omens have been leading up to; if America goes to war against Iran, it will appear to be, in the Arab world, America moving in to dominate the entire MidEast, which will give the Muslim Brotherhood the very spark they need to light a fire of revolution in the remaining muslim nations, allowing them to build the final Caliphate, the uniting of all of the muslim nations into one, which will give them the strength they need to begin their dream to destroy the world!  And, in a way, the end times will come because there will be a worldwide launch of terrorism against all Christians!  But this doesn’t need to happen; Obama needs to simply do one of just two things to end this threat; allow the Keystone Pipeline, or open up drilling in our own country!  We already allow nations like China, Mexico and Britain to drill on our oil supply, so why aren’t we doing the same thing?  Easy; Bush dropped all bans on offshore drilling when he left office and gas here, in my neighborhood, went down to $1 a gallon but when Obama took office, he reinstituted those bans and our dependence upon muslim oil was put back into effect!  He needs a big reason for Americans to look to him as a leader and “fighting for our needs for muslim oil” is what he wants to use as a tool for re-election!  He sees himself standing as the “courageous” leader of the people, with all of us bowing down to him because he is “fighting for our need for oil”!  And, when the terrorists begin attacking us in our own country once more, he will have his reason for going out and finding all of the people who speak out against him and have them taken from public view!  This would be a win-win for both the muslim nations, and Obama!

Maybe, when you read this, you might think I am some kind of radical nut-job, and I can understand that if you have not researched the facts on this issue.  So I am asking you; please do your own research, and I am not talking about the “Snopes-style” Soros run organizations; look to legitimate sources for the information, even if it says the opposite of what I have said, then make up your own mind.  Because, my true American friends, once this starts, things are going to get very, very rough, and all Hell will break loose!  The one simple action that could end it all, right now, is to allow the Keystone Pipeline!  Then we should open up drilling on our own resources!  We can become the self-dependent nation that once was the most respected nation in the world, the nation that Politics has broken down, and it will take us, the people, to bring it back to our beloved America once more!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Brian Hansen says:

    Very well said Michael! You are not a nut-job…that title belongs to Obama. The Keystone Pipeline deal was probably one of the stupidest things he has done…aside from lending Brazil 2 billion dollars for their offshore exploration/drilling and saying we would be a paying customer. Obama is definitely anti-job, believing that our needs are best met by the government. If you take everything away, then people are grateful for what they get. What a dumbass!

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