Listening to all of the news broadcasts, it is easy to see that our candidate for the Republican Party has already been chosen.  It’s either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney.  So what do we have to worry about?  Well, maybe the destruction of the Constitution and our great nation!  Romney has never backed down on his support for the State Health Mandate he put into law and, the thing that bothers me the most about him is that, when the Party told him to back down from his run for President in 2008, he did, even though we all knew he was the only Republican candidate who had a possibility of beating Obama!   And the reason he backed down was that the Party promised to support him in his run this year.  To me; that makes him a “Party Politics” candidate!  Gingrich gained the name “Newt the Hoot” back during the Clinton Administration because he “stood” for Conservative values, but waffled back and forth to please both parties.  When the Republicans needed him to stand up, he did.  And, when the Progressives needed him to waffle, he did!  More has come out about him lately, including the fact that, in one of his books, he fawned support for a Socialistic Communist.  He has supported more Progressive ideals in his life since he left Congress and he has been taped supporting Progressive ideals in several speaking appearances!  So; we have two Progressives supposedly leading the run for President on the Republican side, and we are supposed to choose between them!  Nuts!

So; what options do we have?  Well, Ron Paul seems to carrying third place and he speaks plainly about the necessity of following the Constitution, which makes me look to him as a possible candidate.  My only problem with him is his views towards Israel, because Israel is our only true ally in the MidEast, while the muslim people are rising up and taking over every one of their home countries!  And we know that they will all wind up in a Muslim Brotherhood-style Caliphate, which will be a great danger to our country as Iran continues building its Nuke!  Israel may be our last stand against any first strike by Iran, so we need to support Israel.

Michelle Bachmann is someone whom I have supported from the beginning.   She is someone who wants to bring back the true Constitution of this great nation, and she speaks plainly about her views concerning our national safety.  When she rose up in the polls, she was attacked because she “looked crazy” in a picture, which is total idiocy!  A picture is a frozen-moment in time and we have all had bad pictures taken of us.  They said she wasn’t qualified, that she didn’t have the experience, but she has more experience than many running right now!  She served in the Minnisota State Senate.  She is currently working in the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, which makes her a overseerer of the CIA, the NSA and all of the other agencies that keep our nation safe from foreign threats!  She has stood against Obama’s anti-American views from the day he took office.  She fought the effort to create a “Global Currency”, which our Fed is now putting into place by buying up Euros with our American Dollars!  She fought against Cap and Trade, Americorps, Obama’s Health Care Bill, and personally introduced legislation to repeal the Dodd/Frank Financial Regulatory Bill that will destroy our economy!  Add to that; she has raised her own family, has raised children that she and her husband brought into their family, and she is a good Christian.  So she not only knows about raising a big family, she knows about running businesses, as she and her husband started a Christian support business, which her husband now runs, she knows about State politics and National politics and has great experience in ensuring that our country is safe from overseas enemies!  How can this woman not be qualified?  And, unlike Romney and Gingrich, she has fought against any effort by the Progressives to destroy our economy and our country!  I think we all need to give her a second look!

So; the Parties, both Republican and Democrat, have already decided that Gingrich and Romney are our only choices!  Is that what we really want?  The Primaries haven’t even started and they already know who should win!  Well, guess what DC; the people are not your puppets anymore!  We know what we need in our government and we have the votes!  I think the worst thing that could happen right now is a third-party, as it will split the Republican vote and allow Obama to be re-elected!  And I agree with the “anyone but Obama” idea when it comes to voting, but we need to make our own decisions and not follow along Party lines, simply because they have already decided who they want to win!  We have good options still available; Perry, Bachmann, Paul and Huntsman; the primaries are where the people speak and the candidates are nominated, so vote for whichever candidate you want to win, let’s narrow down the field, then support whomever stands against Romney/Gingrich!  I, like you, will vote for Romney or Gingrich to get Obama out, but I want to see them as the choice of the people first, not the Parties!  This is the most important election in the history of our country!  We need to do our own research on the candidates and ensure that, when we vote, it will be an informed vote!  Don’t listen to the Parties when they keep names on the top of the list, listen to your heart and vote accordingly!  We can’t screw up this time; we have to put the right people in office!  Now is the time to be a true American and think of the futures of your children and families and speak your heart at the polls!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Consider the fact that liberals who won’t vote for any Republican candidate at all in the November election will be in on the voting process at that time too as well as the North East states that will vote ahead of all else again helping the liberals fine tune their candidate to beat, vote against in the Presidential Election in November.

    That is how McCain was placed in the front running while candidates many would have voted for were already out of the race by the time the primary election in their state came to be.

    The “Press” was heard to say nothing against McCain during that whole time, he was the best etc. but once the primaries were over they dropped him and immediately supported the ”Hope and Change You Could Believe In” which is what they still do years later.

    When Romney stepped aside out of the way of McCain for the remainder of the Primaries in the west in the last election he gained the support of the RNC and would soon assume the nomination would be his as was the method of repayment for Ronald Reagan stepping aside for Gerald Ford many years ago, but the deals are still being made and ”Politics as Ususal” remains our worst enemy.

    When the primaries begin we will more than likely see a replay of same thing and in my opinion a single Primary Election Day should take place nation wide if we are to regain control of our country because each time there is an election the tax payers are divided and conquered yet one more time.

    Couple that with the approximate 50% of the registered voters that do not even vote and it is no wonder we have what we do now while everyone looks around at each other asking ”How”….

    At least vote, at least support candidates that support your views and opinions, they are out there and now that we have had the worst case scenario of a Fifth Column installed in our White House it is more urgent than it ever was in the history of the United States of America.

    • I like your single day vote! Something like that would put a lot of the games out of the primary decisions. And raising the voting age to 21, where you would have some experience in life before voting, is not a bad idea either.

      • Tom, 57th AHC, Gunner says:

        Quite frankly, our main objective is to get Obama out of office. If the Republicans nominate a G/O Pet to run against Obama, then the G/O Pet gets my vote. Plain and simple.
        Forget the reseach and “informed vote” Mike. That goes out the window on this election. No matter who the Republicans nominate, it is our responsibility to make sure we back that person. So what if you don’t like who the Republicans nominate, does that mean the you will vote for Obama, or just sit home and not vote at all?
        Lets get real, Obama has to go regardless of who the Republican nominee is.

      • That’s exactly what I was saying; that, if it turns out to be Romney or Gingrich, vote for them. But, if we still have the chance to get in the right candidate, that’s what we need to try to do! The voting isn’t over until the primaries are. Whomever wins the primaries should get all of our votes. But why not try to get the right one while we still can…

  2. Brick Mudge says:

    Our “main goal” should NOT be to replace Obama! That is not only stinking thinking, that is EXACTLY why we’re in this damn mess! We should REFUSE to vote for ANY statist or progressive of ANY party no matter who is the incumbant! THAT is EXACTLY what they want us to do! That way, they generally get to choose BOTH candidates of BOTH major parties, so that no matter which one wins, America loses! Get that tbhrough your sheoplish heads! We CANNOT “take back our country” by electing a PROGRESSIVE of ANY party! WAKE UP SHEOPLE! This is NOT a HORSE RACE! Vote for WHOEVER THE F**K YOU SUPPORT! Not who you “think” can BEAT OBAMA! Stupid is a sheople votes! Mike is going to vote for Bachmann and I am voting for Ron Paul. I suggest that the rest of you DO THE SAME! When I say “same” I mean for the candidate thay YOU personally support! The GOP Sheople, including me, all voted for McCain so that Obama would NOT win. Guess who won folks? OBAMA! Same F**KING thing is going to happen if we vote for Romney or Newt! So vote for whoever the f**k you want, that way, win or lose in 2012, we start to actually “reform the GOP!” The ONLY way to “reform” any party or anything is to BOYCOTT whoever or whatever they’re trying to sell you! Send a powerful message to BOTH parties by telling the RNC to go to hell when they try to force a f**king COMMIE down our throats!

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” — John Quincy

    “In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate — look to his character…” –Noah Webster, Letters to a Young Gentleman Commencing His Education, 1789

    “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most …solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” — Samuel Adams

  3. Brick Mudge says:

    Mike, You should carefully re-think your stratagy. No offense, but even you counterdict yourself like everyone else seems to do when it comes to this subject. Begin by reading your own words:

    “”Well, guess what DC; the people are not your puppets anymore! We know what we need in our government and we have the votes! I think the worst thing that could happen right now is a third-party, as it will split the Republican vote and allow Obama to be re-elected! And I agree with the “anyone but Obama” idea when it comes to voting, but we need to make our own decisions and not follow along Party lines, simply because they have already decided who they want to win! We have good options still available; Perry, Bachmann, Paul and Huntsman; the primaries are where the people speak and the candidates are nominated, so vote for whichever candidate you want to win, let’s narrow down the field, then support whomever stands against Romney/Gingrich! I, like you, will vote for Romney or Gingrich to get Obama out, but I want to see them as the choice of the people first, not the Parties!””

    How “We The People” actually vote is NOT what determines who will be on the GOP ballot. The reality is this: They have already “eliminated” any possibility of Ron Paul getting the RNC Nomination because Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP candidate that will NOT be MORE OF THE SAME. Ron Paul is the ONLY “statesman” in the race with a snowball’s chance of hell of attracting enough votes to register on the radar. And even if Ron Paul gets more popular(actual) votes, he will NOT get the NOMINATION! But at least that way we canb expose these “RIGGED ELECTIONS” for what they are by doing so! If we all simply save them the trouble by just going ahead and voting for their PUPPETS in the first place, how will we ever get the average voter, in BOTH parties, to OPEN THIR EYES? NO MATTER HOW WE VOTE, THEY WIN! THEY is the ENEMY WITHIN of BOTH PARTIES! The f**king so-called “republican party” WANT Obama to win! They wanted him in 2008 and they still want him in 2012! Well, there is VERY LITTLE difference between Obama and Romney or Newt! BUSINESS AS USUAL! Just look how many so-called “republicans” are voting for COMMUNISTIC and blatantly anti-constitutional LAWS…. RIGHT NOW! TODAY! REFORM THE GOP! BOYCOTT their NOMINEE!

    • Brick, I know you are a Paul supporter. And I think he’s a good man, and has a good heart, and I would vote for him if he becomes the candidate of choice. The Party has chosen only Romney, but Romney is not getting the support he needs to win, because the people don’t want him. And, just a serious as you are about Paul, Romney’s forces are about him; we all have favorites that we support, but we have to remember that Obama is the problem, and we have to all understand that whomever gets the nomination needs our support to defeat Obama! If we split the ticket, or people get so angry their candidate didn’t win, and don’t vote, we will see 4 more years of Obama and our country cannot survive that!

      • Brick Mudge says:


        Apparently, you’ve either not read a single word I’ve written, are completely closed minded to my views, or a combination of both. I think you already know from past conversations where I stand on this idiotic, lemming-like, continual, collective, 2-Party Sheople voting behavior, which happens by the way to be EXACTLY why we’re in this fucking mess now! So, do I care if you or any of the rest of the 2-Party sheople agrees with me or not? No. Am I going to stop expressing this view of mine any and every time someone sends me stuff advocating that we all continue be lemmings being led off the cliff and that I should do the same if I know what’s good for this country, etc? No. And if I argue otherwise, I’m stupid or politically ignorant in some manner? No. It’s just that I happen to be smart and wise enough with just enough common sense, to know that repeating the same negative thing, getting the same negative result is insanity! And to know that someone trying to tell me otherwise is “insane” or in on it. If that makes “me” insane to you, so be it! lol! Call me a PaulBot too while you’re at it! I love that too! So, we may agree to disagree until the day comes that you finally admit that I was right… or forever. But, I will continue to respond however and whenever I choose to ridiculous indoctrination like this, however I feel like it. If you don’t like that, censor me, block me, say good-bye forever. Whatever pal.


      • And there is no possibility that I would ever stop you from responding. Your opinion is just as important as anyone else’s. This site is set up for people to voice their opinions, not a one-opinion site. But you and I have gone over this, over and over again. You always talk about the need for a third party, and I have always told you that I agree, but I also told you that, if a third party is to be successful and not destroy our country by splitting the Conservative vote, it needs to be started before any election. It needs time to solidify its base and work to gain major support. Otherwise it is no more than a small, inefective group that takes away the possibility of even a basic change in how our country is run. When we talked about this two years ago, I explained to you how I worked on Ross Perot’s campaign, the first real chance for a successful third party, but it failed, because it was not started about six years before the election, giving it time for the Party to grow and build the necessary support. How come, if this is so important to you, as Ross’s campaign was for me, you have not been working to build a successful third party? I listen to all of this complaining from people who think it’s the most important thing in the world, but all they do is text and talk, and nothing gets done! Unlike you, I worked in DC trying to change the system, and I found out just how corrupt our government was, because I was up there working to change, not just talking about it! I didn’t get paid by anyone; I started out by living in a tent next to the Vietnam Wall, eating only what people would leave for me. But I kept pushing and wound up getting a job that only required about 4 hours of work a day, and I spent the other 16 hours a day working to change the way the VA worked and to provide treatment for vets! And, since I left DC in 1986, I have spent a majority of my time trying to get people to wake up to the criminality within our government but people, exactly like you, didn’t think it was real! But, since 2006, people have begun listening. And, since Obama was elected, more have listened, and many have been telling me how bad things are. What I am saying is that, until you begin working hard to build a third party, until you have sacrificed your time and efforts, I will always tell you that a third party won’t work, because no one really wants to build it up until the elections are coming and they want someone else to stand up and try to make it work! I don’t have any kids because I didn’t have the time for raising them because I was always working trying to get people to wake up to the mess this country is in and my work took family out of my future and my life! So; if you want me to respect your views, show me just how important they are to you by sacrificing your time and money to work to build a third party! And, if in the next elections, you want a successful third party, you are going to have to start now! When you have lived the life I have lived, when you have had to listen to people whine and bitch about something they “care” about but won’t work to build it, then I will respect your opinion, because, then, you will have shown me that sacrificing for your cause is more important than whining about it!

      • Tom 57th AHC, Gunner says:


        You hit the preverbial nail on the head by saying:

        “Obama is the problem, and we have to all understand that whomever gets the nomination needs our support to defeat Obama! If we split the ticket, or people get so angry their candidate didn’t win, and don’t vote, we will see 4 more years of Obama and our country cannot survive that!”

        That says it all people, Mike is right. We cannot split the vote. Who ever gets the nod, like the person or not, our main objective is to support that person and get Obama and his radicals out of office.


  4. Brick Mudge says:

    I count four contradictions in that one statement.

  5. Brick Mudge says:

    No, Obama is NOT the problem! Obama is the symptom! The voting sheople are the problem! Obama is the result! So was Bush! So was McCain as the GOP nominee! And so will be Newt or Romney, even Bachmann for that matter. What many of you do not seem to be able to get through your f**king heads is that it does NOT matter rather it’s Bush, McCain, Obama, Newt, Romney…. IT’S ALL THE SAME F**KING RESULT! MORE OF THE SAME! BYE-BYE AMERICA! Hello USSA! LOOK WHAT OUR GOP MAJORITY HOUSE HAS BEEN DOING! NOW! WITH A MAJORITY! There is no such thing as a democrat or a republican when it comes to who the DNC or RNC “nominate.” They are ALL on the SAME TEAM! And as long as “We The Sheople” continue to vote that way and as long as we continue to “get behind whoever ends up on the ticket” like we’re doing, there will NEVER be another republican OR democrat on the ticket again. Especially when it comes to the POTUS and U.S Senate! Period! End of story. That is FACT! REALITY! “If” Romney “ends up” as the nominee, you SHOULD NOT vote for him unless he is “your candidate!” And if Romney is “your candidate,” you’re an idiot…. in my unhumble, well-informed opinion. And if Romney is NOT “your candidate” and you vote for him knowing that he is just another PROGRESSIVE, but because you “think” or have been “told” a million times that “We MUST vote for who the GOP tells us to vote for, you are NOT smart. You are not informed. You are nor politically saavy. You are not wise. You are simply a SHEOPLE! It is YOU that has gotten us into this mess and it is YOU that are going to insure that we STAY in this mess! In this day and age, to openly claim to be either a “democrat” or a “republican” and to vote for NOTHING BUT the party that you foolishly claim is PROOF that you are a SHEOPLE! And I don’t care how educated you are. I don’t care how politically active you are. I don’t care how conservative you “talk.” None of that trumps the fact that you ARE a SHEOPLE. Actions, not words! Walk your talk!Stupid is as sheople votes! Are you offended? Good! WAKE UP!

    PS – I am a “Ron Paul supporter” for two reasons. 1. He is the ONLY “statesman” in the race. 2. Therefore, I have no choice.

  6. Brick Mudge says:

    We CANNOT survive another four years of BUSHBAMA! It’ll make little to no difference rather it’s Obama or Romney/Newt! THAT is the SIMPLY REALITY of the matter! That should be clear as a bell to ANYONE that is paying ANY attention by now! You “think” you’re helping to “save this country” by voting for a PROGRESSIVE COMMIE, but you ARE NOT! You are DESTROYING this country! You’re BAMBOOZLED!

    • If this is so damned important to you, why aren’t you out going house to house, instead of just complaining that no one will listen to you because we are all “wrong”? The main reason that this government went to hell is that everyone who thought we needed real change in our government spent all their time sitting around their houses complaining, and not doing a damned thing! I didn’t! I have been working to change things! And, when you do, I will listen!

  7. Tom 57th AHC, Gunner says:

    From Brick Mudge: ” Actions, not words! Walk your talk!Stupid is as sheople votes! Are you offended? Good! WAKE UP!”

    No, not offended, just waiting to hear what you are doing to change things for the better of this country, instead of just belly aching. Complainers are a dime a dozen, our county needs doers. Where do you fit in?

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