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Has our country literally gone insane?  I have been watching the Stock Market go up because of a rise in employment for the past month and everyone says that a rise in employment means that our economy is growing and we are on our way out of the recession!  Good News?  temporarily!  This is the Christmas season; businesses know that more people will be out buying gifts, so they hire more employees, on a part-time basis, then let them go when the buying season is over.  And, once they are released from those temporary jobs, they will be able to go back on unemployment for another two years at taxpayers’ expense!  Now that “Black Friday” and “Internet Monday” are over, I think we will see a decrease in spending, because the opportunity for extremely low prices has ended, and shoppers have already bought most of the gifts they will need.  But, the Stock Market is up!  And, when the Stock Market goes up, Futures go up, and gas prices will start climbing for people who can’t afford it! 

Today, I heard that the Fed will be printing massive amounts of dollars, not for American consumption, but for Europe, and they will be cheap dollars for the European Union, but not for Americans!  When the European Union, that “fantastic” Socialist joining of the nations of Europe into an “American-states” kind of nation was formed, anyone with even a minor amount of experience in how Socialism can ruin a country knew that it was a terrible mistake, that strong nations like Britain, France and Germany would wind up being the monetary teat for those nations, like Greece, that could not maintain a stable economy on their own.  And, now; we can clearly see the error in the Socialist form of government, because Greece is not only driving down the European Union, but is also driving down our country, because our Stock Market depends on a great many foreign investors to keep it strong! 

Why does our Federal Reserve need to send our dollars over to Europe when Germany, the strongest economy in the European Union, refuses to give any money to Greece, to save it from collapsing its own government?  Because our Stock Market goes down every time the European Union claims that Greece will collapse, causing the world economy to fall with it, so the Fed uses that “panic” as a tool to print more Dollars, which makes our national debt climb at an even faster rate!  The more money the Fed prints, the more difficult it becomes for American citizens to live because the value of our dollar drops against the world community, the one we support by printing more money and, as the Stock Market climbs, the Futures Market climbs, and food, utilities, gas, and other necessary costs of living for Americans goes higher and higher!

Our nation was developed on the idea that everyone has a right to work to build a better life for themselves.  It was not built on the idea that, if other people screw up, we are responsible for them!  People, businesses and nations are all responsible for their own actions and, if they screw up, they fail!  Then they have a right to rebuild themselves, if they wish, at their own expense!  And many of the rich families in our country screwed up many times when they began building their businesses and they learned from those mistakes and built successful futures for themselves and their families!  But, now, our government has put into practice the idea that “mistakes are everyone’s problem”, and it is letting the total screw-up of another Socialist ideal become the stepping stone that will destroy our national economy!  When our own banks were on the edge of failure, they should have!  When our businesses were on the edge of failure, they should have!  That is what Bankruptcy is for; to give a person, or business the right to rebuild a future for themselves!  But we have allowed so many foreign interests, including those that hate America, to buy controlling interests in the financial base of our nation and they are destroying us from the inside out, by breaking down the very foundation of American success; our economy!

This “Worldly downhill spiral” will not end, and it will cause every nation in the world to rethink its future path; some will continue on with Socialism, some won’t, and those that don’t will, once again, become world leaders!  When our nation depended upon itself for every cost of living, for banking, and for the value of our dollar, we were the strongest nation in the  world!  It was only when we began trying to help every “screw-up” in the world that we began to see our nation falling apart from the inside out!  American-owned businesses became World-owned businesses and foreign investors could care less if America succeeds or fails, they only worry about their own profits!  When protecting America was the primary responsibility of our military, we were the strongest nation in the world, but we had to become the “World’s military”, and now we are so spread out we can’t even maintain our own borders!  And we used to be responsible for our own personal success in life but, now, no one fails, because our government has become the populations “mom and pop”, and they can live off the American wallet for as long as they wish!  The time has come for some good old American personal responsiblity, both on an individual, and international basis!  We need to go back to the laws that used to regulate the Stock Market, back when our nation had the strongest economy in the world!  We need to end foreign investment into our economy, into our future!  We need to end the Futures Market!  And we need to rebuild our manufacturing base and start becoming a self-sufficient nation once again!  Either we all stand up and work to bring back the America that the whole world looked to, because our REPUBLIC was the most successful nation in the world, or we will wind up flushing all of our personal freedoms down the toilet of failed Socialism!  Your choice!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom, 57th gunner says:

    Short and sweet. What else is new? What goes around comes around.

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