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Isn’t it a “fantastic coincidence” that Obama was on the news laying out his new plan for “Assisting Vets” with a new “Jobs Program for Vets”, just before the Congressional Super Committee will be coming out with its decision as to how to cut the budget?  He explained, suddenly, his deep interest in ensuring that returning vets can come home and find a decent job, one that will provide a quality living for themselves and their families.  He “felt” that our heroes deserve a second chance for a good life because of their service and sacrifice for their country.  We can all agree with that, and it really looks like an excellent idea, one that will truly help our heroes build up good lives for themselves but; why now?  Isn’t this the same President that wants to cut the military budget, that never worked for Cost Of Living increases for vets, the one that, with the Democratic leaders, called veterans “Home-grown terrorists”? 

Soon, the Super Committee will be presenting their findings to Congress for cuts that are supposed to start dropping our national debt, and Congress will have to vote to enact it.  It’s more than obvious that the Democrats are looking for tax increases on the rich, and middle-class, to support their Welfare programs that are dragging down our economy.  And the Republicans are looking for tax cuts that will allow for our economy to re-build itself back to the level that will provide for jobs for Americans, to provide a better life for all of our citizens.  And this “teeter-totter” is a difficult load to balance but, if both sides are really looking to make this work, they should be able to come together to provide a plan that will get our economy back on track; but will they?

This is where the Vets come in play:  A couple of weeks ago, when Obama was told that the Super Committee was having great difficulty in finding a balance that both sides could agree on, he stood up and said that, if the Republicans are “not willing to work with Democrats”, the plan won’t pass and, if it doesn’t pass, he will cut the military budget!  Our military is well-respected now; we all understand the sacrifices they make, and threatening their well-being is something that the people of this country do not appreciate, so he dropped the public statements, but not the idea!  He is using our military as a tool to force Congress to push through whatever the Super Committee presents and, now, if Congress does not pass it, he will attack Republicans for forcing him to make budget cuts in the military, which will mean his “Job Program for Vets” will have to be dropped, taking away the hope that vets will have a future when they come home from the war!  He is setting up the situation so that, if it is not passed, the Republicans will be the bad guys and, if it does pass, he will be the hero!

Obama has shown his disrespect for the Military and vets many times over the past three years; as I said above, he has called us “Home-grown terrorists”, he has shown a lack of concern for vets when he pushed for a COLA increase for Social Security, but not for vets, and he has limited the funds necessary to fight the war that is not allowing our troops to fight as they need to, and is costing us many young American lives!  Now he is using the Military and vets as a tool to pass legislation he wants, legislation that will destroy our economy and ruin our nation!  This man is the “Great Manipulator”; he will do whatever is necessary to accomplish his goals, and will sacrifice anything, and anyone that he needs to use to push through his “America destroying” legislation!  Keep your eyes open when this Super Committee presents its findings; make sure you understand what is being said, and watch the way Obama reacts if Congress doesn’t agree, and votes it down!  Our Military makes great sacrifices to protect us, the true citizens of this great nation, and we need to stand up for them and ensure that their futures are protected!  This is America, we are Americans, and we must stand for the rights of the young men and women who serve only to protect us!  Stand up!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Joseph Werner says:

    I wouldn’t call him a great manipulator perhaps a sick Bastard but there is nothing I would call great about him .

  2. Tom 57th AHC, Gunner says:

    Lets not forget when he wanted veterans to pay for their own medical bills for wounds sustained in action because they we “volunteers”.
    He’s lower than whale dung, and that sits on the bottom of the ocean. And the VP going to grade schools to push the jobs bill. I don’t know what’s lower. These are pathetic individuals who need to be voted out of office.
    If you voted for Obama the last time, please don’t make the same mistake again.

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