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I spoke with two people today who pointed out the errors in the educational system, and how it affects the ideals of the adults who have gone through it.  The first person I spoke with was telling me about how his business was cutting back on benefits for employees.  The second person is a retired teacher who told me that he didn’t really care if he was an American, a Russian, or any other nationality, because “Nationalism” was a problem in our society.  So; let me explain my ideas on this:

1.  Person #1:  I asked him if anyone had been fired, and he told me “No”.   I asked him if they were still making $15.00 an hour, and he said “Yes”.  So I asked him if the income for the business that employed him had gone down, and he said “Yes”.  Then I explained to him that it was important for the business to stay operative, and that they were trying to figure out how to keep all of their employees employed so, more than likely, they were cutting benefits to allow them to keep all of their employees on the job. I explained the “Trickle Down” theory to him and how, when the government becomes too involved in the operation of a business, it tends to make it very difficult for that business to remain in operation.  I explained to him how our government has made it very hard for businesses to remain open because the government is overloading them with laws and taxes and is making it almost impossible for any small business to remain in operation.  I told him that, if the government really wanted to allow the business he is working at to remain open, they would drop the unnecessary regulations and Social Security requirements that force small businesses into bankruptcy.  When I was done, he agreed with me.  Then I asked him where he went to High School, and it was the same school at which person #2  was a teacher.

2.  Person #2:  This man is my neighbor and he is retired, because of a disability, from teaching at a large school downtown, the very school where Person #1 was a student.  We were watching a football game tonight and we began discussing John Lennon’s hit, “Imagine all the people”.  He told me that “Lennon was right”, because he felt no obligation or loyalty to America, because “Nationalism” is the problem that is “destroying our world”!  I asked him:  “If the poor people in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the impoverished areas of the world needed support, and the United States couldn’t afford to help them, would China or the muslim nations step in and provide aid?”  And he said “probably not”!  So I asked him:  “Who is supposed to stand up and take responsibility for the nations that can’t take care of themselves?”  And he said: “I don’t know; probably America”!  So I asked him; “Why should America be responsible for the rest of the world?”, and he said: “Because it should!”  I know this guy, and I know that he has no idea of what “Nationalism” really means, and he believes that we should open our borders to all of the “poor people in the world”, even though terrorists and drug lords are already invading our country! 

Talking with Person #1, then Person #2, explained to me exactly what is destroying our country; when students in a school are being taught by teachers who believe in the “Socialist” form of life, they begin to see problems in anything that does not provide for them first!  The entire “Socialist Dream” of total equality in the world does not take into reason the truth that many countries that stand against America do not seek anything but total domination over our country!  China could care less about the poor in Africa, or Asia, they only think about destroying  our Republic, our ability to provide for ourselves, our right, as Americans, to be free!  And muslim countries could care less if there are individual freedoms in America, they only want to destroy our way of life and convert us all to Islam, or kill us, which is exactly what is called for in the Quran!  America is the only country in this world that has stepped beyond its own borders, to provide for freedom and equality in other countries in the world!  And, it is because of our attempts to bring freedom to other countries that we have become a target for other nations that wish to keep total dominance over their people!  And the Socialist movement in our country has wormed its way into our educational system and is allowing for false history and facts to allow students to see our country, our Republic, and our freedoms as a weight of dominant force over the world, which is totally wrong!  We, as citizens of America, need to make sure that we understand the truth about our Constitutional Laws, that we have enough knowledge to be able to speak to those who have been influenced by teachers that want our nation to become a Socialist Nation, and explain to them in simple, understandable terms that prove that our country is not a “Destructive Nation”!  We need to show them that it is a nation that believes in true freedom, that it stands for the rights and privileges under the Constitution, and that it believes in Freedom and the right of citizens to understand the true history of our great nation, and allow our young people to stand proud, alongside their parents, when holding their hands over their hearts, pledging their allegiance to the greatest free nation in the world!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Joseph Werner says:

    You did it again Michael , and did it with a simple explination that anyone with half a brain could understand. I guess you never know how many Brainless people are in this country
    Joe/Yussie Werner

    • This teacher was one of those guys in college that partied and goofed-off, then had to decide to take on a career, so he became a teacher, He keeps telling us about his times as a student, so it is not hard to figure out. That was a normal path for those who wanted an easy way out, a career that would accept their lack of initiative; I knew many like him. And they loved their professors, with their progressive ideals. I once asked him if he had ever served his country like the men and women in the military do and he told me he had been a teacher in a rough neighborhood, so he felt he had served.

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