Well, folks; it’s happened!  “Crazy Vet Syndrome” has officially returned to the public mind!  Have you heard the statement “CBS Cares!”?  Well, they have finally shown how much they truly care!  I was watching this week’s program of “Criminal Minds” and I could plainly see how much “CBS Cares” in the way they turned that program into a “fear veterans” rally!  The “bad guy” was a Navy Seal with PTSD: I know about PTSD because I am disabled because of it!  My life is not one where I plan harm or murder to others, it is a life where I cannot see myself as a “successful” American, because the PTSD in my mind keeps me from achieving my own personal goals!  It does not make me dangerous to others, it does not make me sit around planning harm to others; if I cause harm to anyone, it is me!  But the anti-War protestors of the ’60s and ’70s needed to keep veterans out of politics, so they made us hide because of the “possible harm” we might cause others!  Did some Vietnam Vets hurt others because of their problems with memories of the War? Yes, but on a much smaller percentage than those who didn’t serve, who broke our laws.   ‘Nam Vets weren’t a danger to others, we were a danger to ourselves, but we were turned into “maniacs” by the Progressives who came up with the idea of “Crazy Vet Syndrome”, to raise fear in the public eye towards vets, and they have made the first big step to bring that fear back out!

In this program, they discovered that the man who was doing the killing was a Navy Seal from the Mid-East wars, and he lost it and killed his friends and family!  In the end, they showed that it was because of an automobile accident that caused a  rare syndrome that made him commit the murders, and they showed deep and loving respect for him.  But, at the beginning of the show, when they found out he was a vet, they went over the top in describing the “dangers” of PTSD, including “veterans killing their wives while still sleeping and dreaming about the war”,  in loudly explaining the dangers of vets who have guns, “because they go over the edge and kill without realizing it”, and the “intense” mental disorder that PTSD places on vets, forcing them to kill without thinking!  How can a vet explain PTSD to a civilian?  It is not a situation where you want to go out and kill other people!  Other people have nothing to do with the nightmares and sleepless nights: it is the memories of our actions in war, actions which were necessary to save lives, but our guilt, because of those actions,  makes us belive they were wrong!  Were there military members that crossed the lines?  Yes!  But they were such a small minority that it is ridiculous to believe that all vets are like them!  Every ‘Nam vet I know is his own kind of hero, his own kind of honorable member of the military service that sacrificed his own future to protect the lives of his brothers!  But these “Hollywood types” think they know us best, the “Hollywood types” that have never done anything for anyone but themselves!

Do combat veterans protect their homes?  Do they do it with guns?  Yes!  Because it is our right to protect our homes and families from the danger of criminals on the streets!  But, if you watched the “subliminal advertising” of this show, it will make you think that we are “crazed maniacs” out there with no self-control when it come to defending our lives and properties!  Let me put this to you straight:  I am a combat vet; if you break into my home and threaten me, you will not walk out of it!  But your odds of survival in doing so at my home are much better than they are if you break into a “Hollywood type’s” home!  I will not shoot you because you break in, I will shoot you because you threaten me!  I have the Constitutional right to do so but, if you are unarmed, I will stop you and hold you for the police!  Why?  Because I have killed enough people in my life, you are not threatening me, and I don’t need another bad memory to live with!  All this “Crazy Vet Syndrome” is is an attempt by the Progressives to attack the credibility of the returning Mid-Eastern vets’ honor and devotion to their country, just as they used it to attack us only, this time, they are making the statement first, then showing pity second, after the statement has already built fear into the citizens minds!  Don’t let this kind of crap continue; if you are a family member of a returning vet, if you are friend of a returning vet, or if you are simply a citizen that understands they are trying to destroy the honor of returning vets, contact CBS, and/or their sponsors and let them know that, until they end these types of “subliminal” attacks on the honor of our returning vets, you will not watch their programming, or buy anything from any sponsor that advertises on their programming!  Stand up Americans; the honor of our returning veterans does not need to be spit on by Progressives who hate our Constitution, or the honor of the men and women who sacrifice to protect it!  This is the first sign of “open warfare” against our returning heroes; stand up for the men and women who have fought to provide you with the right to make your voices heard!  Stand up for real Americans, stand up for honor and dignity!  Stand up for our heroes!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    What goes around comes around Mike. I don’t put anything past the progressives to achieve their goals. A pathetic group to say the least.

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