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This weekend I went to the Saint Louis Hispanic Festival; I was hoping to get some good empanadas and other Latin fare but, instead, I got a look into how open the activities of those who support Illegals truly are!  When I got down to the Festival, I saw people selling clothing and trinkets, and several Mexican food booths but it was three other booths that caught my attention.  So I went close by all three and remained close enough to hear what was going on; the first was a Catholic Church booth and they were asking who might be here illegally, then they started giving them advice and offering help if needed!  The second was a Law Firm that openly stated on one of their signs that they were there to “assist UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS”!  But the one that really irritated me was the Federal Government’s booth for Welfare and Social Assistance; they spent their time talking to illegals about how to get Welfare Assistance and Food Stamps!  A Government booth to assist ILLEGALS in downtown Saint Louis, at the Veterans War Memorial site, right out in the open!  NO attempt to hide anything! 

We didn’t have a “Health Care Crisis” in our country until all of the illegals began crossing our borders and using up our Medicare benefits!  We didn’t have such a high unemployment rate until MILLIONS of illegals entered our country and began taking up jobs!  We didn’t have so many new illnesses in our country until illegals entered it without going through the health exams required of anyone seeking citizenship in the US!  We didn’t have the high crime rates we now have in many of our cities, especially in California, until the illegals began flooding into our country!  And we didn’t have DRUGLORDS on our Southern Border, threatening to come in to take back “their country” until our borders were left open by negligent and greedy politicians in our Congress that kept the borders open to fill their own pockets!  How obviously dangerous does this situation have to get before we can close our borders and get every one of the illegals back into Mexico where, if they wish to try to come back in legally, they can attempt to do so!  And one of the biggest supporters of the illegals is the Catholic Church!  Why is it not being pushed by its true American parishioners to end its violation of our laws?  Why is its “Tax Free” status not being removed until it ends all of its operations to “help” illegals?

I guess we truly do have a “Government of Idiots” when we have politicians that do not follow our own laws and look more to their wallets than their patriotism!  If an illegal enters our country, then anyone who gives them a place to live, a job, clothing, food, healthcare or anything that assists them in remaining here is a criminal himself!  If you or I break a law as small as “Trespassing”, we can go to jail, but illegals don’t have any real threat against them for being here, so they can actually get away with murder, as long as they cross back into Mexico after doing so!  Instead of attacking AMERICAN CITIZENS when they stand up to fight against this movement, for being “racists”, our Legal System should be going after the people who provide anything to assist the illegals!  If a factory is employing illegals, it should either be shut down, or auctioned off to individuals who will not hire anyone but American citizens, and the owner and management of that factory should be jailed!  The same for any small business that hires illegals instead of American Citizens!  If a Church provides shelter to them, it should lose its Tax Free status until it stops, and the Priest should be treated exactly like anyone else who commits a violation of a Federal Law and should be imprisoned!  And, if any private individual provides shelter or food to illegals they should be imprisoned!

Other countries, and many idiots in our own country, say that we would be like Hitler was to the Jews if we forced this kind of legal action against those who harbor illegals!  But this is not a nation where the CITIZENS don’t have rights; we are a nation where our own Governmental Officials do not protect our rights, then give away our tax dollars to anyone who will simply sneak across our borders!  We are not the “Brownshirts” who break down doors to haul off Jews to the Concentration Camps, we are CITIZENS who simply want our government to stop the people who are breaking our laws by being allowed to sneak into our country!  If you look closely at the economic problems in our country now, you will see that they would not be as bad as they are if we simply got the illegals out of our country!  There would be more jobs for CITIZENS,  less crime and our Healthcare system, and Welfare system could begin working their way back to solvency once more!  But when these issues are examined by our Politicians, they look at every problem except the illegals and ignore them even being here!  This is a new kind of warfare and our government is doing nothing to stop it!  Contact every Member of Congress that you can, show up outside of every local office of our Federal Representatives in large groups to protest this failure to protect our nation!  And show up at every State and Local Official’s office to show them that we are not going to take this anymore!  This is our country and, if we do not stand up and protect it, and protect our rights, we will lose it!  The clock is ticking fellow citizens……


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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