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What is it that makes a “True Patriot”?  First of all, you must have a sense of the true honor and strength of the goodness of America and her people.  Then you should know that the Constitution that our great country is designed to follow is the one true guarantee of freedom for the most independent, free nation in the world!  You should understand how difficult it was for our ForeFathers to sacrifice so much in their lives to fight for the freedoms laid out in our Constitution, and how they invested so much time in writing it to ensure that it would stand as our rule of law in America!  It is the sense of patriotism, of love for your country, and the feeling deep within your heart that you would sacrifice all, just to protect this nation from those who would attack her and her legal system, in order to guarantee  the futures of your children and grandchildren!  And it is that sense of love for those who have fought, and died, in serving their country in our military, so that you will continue to have the rights and freedoms guaranteed you in our Constitution!  These are things that every Patriot holds deep in their hearts, and they use these beliefs to guide them through their daily lives!

David Wissler is a friend of mine, and he is a true Patriot!  When you see Dave, you see a man getting up there in years, with grey hair and a grey beard, slim, usually wearing a Civil War military cap; sometimes Yankee, sometimes Rebel!  But when it comes to issues concerning the welfare of our form of government, when he sees politicians who lie and cheat, Dave becomes this force of Patriotism that organizes the public to stand and make their voices heard!  Dave has been working hard to make people aware of problems in our country by holding meetings for Republicans, and by showing films that expose the true threat of muslims in our nation at the Crestwood City Council building in Crestwood, Missouri.  Earlier this year the City Council got one phone call from one “unknown” individual that complained that the Films he showed were “racist”, and the City Council told Dave that he could no longer hold activities at the Council Building!  When the City Council held their public meeting on the issue, Dave was there, along with many of his supporters, and the City Council reversed their decision!  Since that time, Dave also was one of three men who sponsored  a Rally for the Glenn Beck speech in Israel, and it was an inspiring evening!  And it was Dave, a retired man with a limited income that put up the $795 necessary to rent the site for the rally!  He sees no limits concerning how far he will go to make sure that the people of St. Louis know that we need to stand strong against crooked politicians and individuals who want to see our great nation destroyed, so that they can dominate the people with their own personal ideals!  Dave has never sought public recognition for his actions, he just wants to make sure that he does the right thing!

Dave is a great example of what one person can do to protect our nation, of how one person’s voice can make a difference!  When people see the problems we are having in our country, they get angry and want to see real change!  They want to see a movement of our citizens back to the Conservative ideals that built this nation into the Grand Republic it once was, but they don’t know how to do it.  They feel lost!  But the answer is very simple, and Dave is a good example of how to get things done; don’t wait until you can form some kind of a group to work with you, go out and do something; walk down the streets carrying an American Flag, stand out on a street corner and pass out flyers or, as Dave has done, rent out a meeting place and hold a discussion, show a film, or stand up and tell people what you think, and how you think things can be fixed!  It just takes getting up off the couch and going out and making your voice be heard!  Yes; you will find many who disagree with you and will probably argue with you, but all you have to do is reach one single person, one person who will see you as a good example and will go out and make their voice heard!  Odds are that, for every 50 people you talk to, 15 will listen to you and go out and pass on their messages!  It really works, but it takes stopping thinking about it, and getting up and doing something!  You can do it!  If you are reading blogs on the web and you can see the true value of working to regain our country from crooked politicians and Special Interest Groups, then you are smart enough to pass the message on!  If one man, Dave, can have the effect he has had on his local area, then you can too!  Stand up and make your voice heard!  Stand up for America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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