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Our Constitution was written in a time when men were the providers for the family, when slaves were “property” and we had Kings and royalty that felt that they were the “perfect ones”, and the rest of the people were there to simply provide for their needs.  So; when our Founders said that “all men were created equal”, they were talking about every man, because it was accepted that women didn’t need that kind of power back then, as the man was the leader of the family, so it was up to him to vote, and to protect their rights.  But, as time evolved, America knew the needs for the rights of every other human citizen in our nation and we adapted our laws to make everyone equal and free!  All one has to do is look at the inhumanity that is occurring in the muslim nations, concerning their women, to see that what we did was the right thing!  But our Constitution protects the rights of all citizens to be equally free, not “specially” free!

This is how POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is killing our nation:  This law was designed for one purpose, and one purpose only; “Special Freedoms”.  When you have a nation where the majority rules by voting on the issues, where the laws are made and amended according to the wishes of the majority of the citizens, then small groups of people feel as though they are left out.  But that is why our nation was designed to be a Republic; if you lived in one state and you were blue, and the people there didn’t accept you, you could move to another state that had a higher population of blues and could live in a manner that suited you the best, because that state, or local government was regulated by the majority of Blues who lived there.  But the Progressives have never liked that idea and they have fought since the early 1800s to drop the individual rights of the states to be what they wanted to be, and have forced National Law on them, making them all have to conform to the wishes of a National Government!  And, that is where POLITICAL CORRECTNESS comes in play.

When a small group of people want special laws written to allow them to do and act as they wish, even though it is not accepted by the majority of citizens, they go to Progressive politicians and promise to vote for them in the future, if they will only force their community to “adapt” to their needs!  If that doesn’t work, they will offer money to the Progressive politicians, which is like offering chocolate to a three year-old, and they will buy the influence they need to force their local community to adapt!  And the way the Progressives force the community to adapt is by passing laws that will put them in jail and fine them for “Hate Speech”, “Racism”, “Sexism”, and a great many other names they can make up, for not hiring the Blues, for not selling a certain home to the Blues, or not letting the Blues act in a manner that is not normally accepted in their community!  The politicians claim the community’s citizens are not being Politically Correct and force them to hire Blues, sell them a home, or let them walk around naked if they want to!  And, now; it only takes one small voice on a phone threatening to cause problems if that person doesn’t get what they want, and local governments will fall on their knees to make that person happy!  This manner of rule over our people allows muslims to come into our country, then work to manipulate our laws to use them against us, by claiming that we are not a “Politically Correct” nation and that we are “racist” towards them!  And our great nation was never set up to be run in this manner, and we need to end it!

The time has come for every proud American to stand up and let the world know just how deep that pride runs in their hearts!  We have a right to live as we want to live, as does everyone else, as long as it is under the laws of our Constitution, not someone else’s ideal of what our laws should be!  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you skin color is, what your beliefs are, as long as you are an America-loving citizen, one who follows our laws and stands up for our nation as a true citizen!  No one is a “Special Citizen”, so no one should ever receive “Special Rights”; we need to let out politicians know that we, true American citizens, want our nation to be run under our Constitutional Law, that we want any form of “Special Laws” for “Special Rights” to be removed from our Constitution and we want POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and SPECIAL INTEREST groups to be wiped completely out of our lives!  Tell them that you will not stand for anything less, that you will not vote for anyone who accepts SPECIAL INTERESTS or POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in any way, shape or form!  If people move here from other countries and they want to adapt our laws and lives to fit their needs, then they need to go back to where they came from and do the hard work to change their own country to make it be what they want it to be!  This is AMERICA and it is our country, it is our land of AMERICAN freedoms, and we are the AMERICANS that will stand up and protect her!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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