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Today I repeated an action I took on 9/11/01; I went down to the Arch in St. Louis ( the first time was in Ocala, Florida ) and stood at attention for three hours, holding my American Flag to honor the victims of 9/11 and our military whose sacrifices to protect our nation can never be forgotten.  Little did I know that, behind me was a “Church Meeting” for peace, only that group holding the meeting was muslim!  I didn’t find out until a woman walked up to me and asked me what I was doing, if I was protesting against the church group.  I told her that I was totally unaware of any such group and I wasn’t protesting it, I was simply standing for the honor of my nation.  Then she said that she had to go get her kids, because they were putting out a lot of pro-mulsim messages and she didn’t want her kids to hear it!  I asked her why she thought I was protesting against them and she said it was because they had told everyone in the crowd that the man holding the American flag was there to ruin their assembly by protesting against the “good” of Islam!

When you spend three hours standing still, you have plenty of time to think, and the fact that they were using me as some sort of hate, showing that any American who stands against them is evil, made me think a lot about what my country means to me!  America has had its bad times, slavery, the domination of the Native Americans, and other problems, but we weren’t alive at those periods in our past, so we honestly don’t understand the conditions that allowed those actions to happen.  I know that, in the beginning, when slaves were brought into America, they were of all colors and nationalities.  My own heritage, Irish, were brought here as “Indentured Servants”, slaves to those who paid their way over here.  And they suffered the same as Black slaves did; torture, beatings, rape, and murder because the people that owned them totally dominated them.  It was only because Black slaves stood out in a crowd and couldn’t be hidden, and the fact that other African people were so willing to make money to capture them and sell them, that Blacks became the slaves of choice in our South.  And the Native Americans were considered to be a threat to peace, so the government in power at that time took the action it felt was necessary.  And racism became a normal thing, but it was not just Martin Luther King that ended racism in this country, it was the White citizens who stood with him, the White citizens who lobbied Congress to end it, and our shame for the way they were treated in the past that made sure that no other people will ever have to go though that again!  But, whenever the movement to end racism in the US is talked about, no one makes mention of the importance of the actions of those Whites that helped end it!  But that was then; our generation never had anything to do with Slavery or the mistreatment of Native Americans, it was not our fault, and any nation that feels that they are better than us should go back and review their own histories of the time, and  many simply need to look at the actions they continue to take against those they don’t agree with now!

I grew up in this country, I know of the history of war in the 20th Century, and we didn’t cause it!  The French tried to dominate the Germans in the beginning of the century and the Germans fought back, causing WWI!  Then, in the mid-Century, the French repeated their aruging with the Germans and the Germans fought back again, causing WWII!  Only this time they had Hitler, and he needed a focus for his people, a way to direct their anger, so he started trying to destroy the Jews!  And that never would have happened had France just kept its opinions to itself!  Then we had to go into Korea to save them!  And, when the French lost their control over Southeast Asia, they came to us for help and used the fact that they had assisted us in gaining our freedom as a nation as leverage to get us to go to war in Vietnam!  We were always dragged into wars, we always had to go in to solve other nations’ problems that they could not control, and we still are!  We are not a nation of “War Mongers” as the Progressives like to preach, we simply stand up to defend our friends when they have gotten themselves into something they cannot win! 

Here’s what I know; other nations don’t hate us because we’re evil, they hate us because we are free, and they aren’t!  They complain about how greedy we are, yet they smile as they take handouts from our government, and those handouts usually go into the back pockets of the leaders of those nations, not to the people as they are supposed to!  They are so jealous of us that they want to destroy us, because they can’t be us!  We’re a good people, we mind our own business, and we don’t want to step into someone else’s problems!  But the leaders of those nations, through the Progressive’s dangerous use of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, are expressing their hatred towards Americans by tearing down our nation from the inside out!  Any time an American citizen stands against their attempts to change our Constitution, to remove the freedoms that our forefathers gave us and replace them with laws that only grow prejudice against us, they scream out that we are racists or haters!  And I, and I’m sure you, are very tired of it!  I am an American citizen, born and bred by a family that served our nation in war, who loved our country with open hearts and would do anything to help out a neighbor when they needed it!  And I served our country in Vietnam, and I went through heavy battles, seeing many men killed or mutilated, but I did it because I was proud of my country!  And that is what we need again; we need the pride, deep in our hearts as true Americans, to stand up against all of these petty-minded, self-interested egotists and show our pride in our country, our love for it in our hearts, and to use our voices to let them know that THIS IS AMERICA, IT IS THE NATION WE ARE PROUD OF, AND WE WILL NO LONGER BACK DOWN TO YOUR WHINING AND CRYING AGAINST US!  WE ALL NEED TO STAND UP, TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD AND TO STAND, ARM IN ARM WITH EACH OTHER, LETTING THEM KNOW THAT WE WILL NO LONGER TAKE THESE IDIOTIC LAWS AND ATTACKS AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT, THAT WE ARE AMERICANS, AND THIS IS OUR AMERICA!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    ”A Time for everything and everything in it’s Time”…. ”Wolverine”!!!!

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    I am so tired of our country bowing down to everyone’s needs…except our citizens! I am a firm believer that the only way to turn this around is to get rid of the “career politician”. 2 terms maximum for senators and representatives. Period! If it’s good enough for the president, it should be good for everyone!

  3. Joseph Werner says:

    Another good one Michael . Was A Black Slave cheaper to buy then an Irish slave and Jews were only good for lamp shades sometimes I think God has a funny sense of Humor.

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