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I watched last night as Obama, once again, promised us a “good deal”.  So is it?  I don’t think so!  One of the first things that gave it away to me was that he kept saying, over and over again; “I’m going to bring out my bill next week, then you WILL HAVE TO PASS IT!  Sounded an awful lot like ( I use the word “awful” because that helps describe this ) the Health Care Bill!  Remember when Pelosi said it had to be passed, but we would have to wait until after it was passed to read it?  He believes that he can force the Conservatives to vote for this bill, using the fact that he will travel around the country, bad-mouthing them if they don’t!

The second thing that caught my attention was when he said he wanted to see more and more products being sold in foreign countries, products that said “made in the USA” on them!  When he said that, his wife, Mistress Obama, and the person she was sitting next to, stood up and started clapping like they had won the lottery!  Who was that person sitting next to her?  Jeffery Immelt, Obama’s great Job Czar!  You remember him, the man who is the CEO of GE, the man who is holding multi-Billions of American dollars in overseas accounts so that he doesn’t have to pay taxes on them, the man who is supposed to be building up our job base, but is shipping all of GE’s manufacturing of every bit of their high-tech X-Ray technology to China, and is investing $5 Billion into the Chinese labor force to provide the factories and jobs to manufacture all of GE’s  S-Ray technology?  And the worst part of this is that all of that X-Ray technology includes all of our research and manufacturing into military and CIA technology that allows us to stay ahead of the rest of the world! And he also knows that, once manufacturing of this technology has opened up in China, the Chinese will steal it and use it for their own purposes! Why didn’t “Mr. Jobs Czar” use that money to build up the job market here in the US?  Because he’d have to pay taxes on it!  So, even Obama’s Job Czar knows that it’s no longer profitable to manufacture in the US, and he could care less about our national security, as long as he gets rich off of it!

Then he started telling us that he wanted to give tax breaks to “small businesses” that hired more people!  But he followed up with telling us how that money would be used to build bridges, highways, buildings and to hire more teachers; all of those jobs are Union jobs!  Many states, like Wisconsin, have had to cut back on their teachers because they had to trim out all of the bad ones, and there were a lot of them!  But, now, Obama wants them all to go back to work!  Once again he is following the Progressive ideal that unionized labor is necessary, that it holds more importance than those citizens that wish to be free of union dominance!  He wants to see a labor force in this country that can dominate manufacturers, and prices, by forcing costs on businesses that they cannot afford, and prices that citizens cannot afford to pay!

Although this might sound like a great idea to some, it really, really sucks!  Yes, I said “SUCKS!”  It is important that the true citizens of this country, the ones that understand that the future of our nation, the security for our children and grandchildren, all rests in the hands of the true Conservatives in DC and we need to make sure that they understand that we are tired of all of these “QUICK FIX” ideals that the Progressives and Obama have been shoving down our throats, and we are willing to suck it up and work our way through the next elections, when we can replace all of the greedy, self-interested Progressives in our Congress and in our White House!  Contact your Congressmen and Senators and let them know that you believe this whole new Obama Bill is just another bad idea!  Talk to your neighbors and friends and explain the dangers of it!  And make your voices heard, wherever possible, because most Americans only get the basic channels on TV, and those News Agencies will only broadcast the Progressive ideals, spouting hate at every true Conservative that stands against this Bill!  This is another fight that has been thrown against us, and we have to win!  America is our country, the Constitution is our law, and we will not let Progressives idealists destroy either one of them! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Before the days of ”We’ll just have to pass it so we can see what’s in it” there was a ”Common Sense” saying, ” Don’t buy a pig in a poke ” and that is what was done last time by the socialists and is expected again, the meaning of the old saying is know what is in the bag before you buy it as it could contain anything but a pig for all you know unless you ”LOOK TO SEE WHAT IS INSIDE”!!

    The set up of this so called ”Jobs Bill” will try to make it appear that ” The Republicans are obstructing passage of a JOBS BILL but it is nothing but a ”Pig in a Poke” situation, a rerun of the last hosing we took when we were sold a ”Pig in a Poke” that turned out to be the many tentacled ”Health Care Bill” known as ”Obamacare”..

    This regime is corrupt and must be removed, all of them and since being threatened by Jimmy Hoffa I think the Tea Party events should be held with Long Guns in hand and guards surrounding the events from the likes of what Hoffa is the head of, ” Taking someone OUT” is killing them, how much plainer can it be.. We have the numbers, we have the guns but do we have the Guts?????

    We’ll see when they make the first move or assault and go from there but it does say ”Don’t Tread on Me” for a reason…

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    Obama is nothing more than an Alinsky disciple. He doesn’t care about building up America, in fact he wants just the opposite.

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