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I have been going over some facts and figures concerning the Illegal population in the US; they are listed below:

In 1968:  US GDP was 910 Billion Dollars.  Federal Spending was 178.13 Billion Dollars.  Unemployment was 3.8%.  The population of our country was 200,706,052.  The number of illegals in our nation was 540,000.  Why am I mentioning these figures from 1968?  Simple; that was the year that the Progressives began their strong push against the Vietnam War and converted the Conservative Democratic Party into the Progressive Democratic Party.  That conversion opened the doors for great change concerning the destruction of our nation and began the push for Welfare as a way of life, not a system of emergency aid.

As of today; the population of our country is over 312, 123,000, almost a 50% growth!  And a large portion of that growth is from immigrants coming to our country to take advantage of the lifestyle we once had, and they have taken many jobs that natural-born Americans need, but do not now have.  If they came over legally, that is the responsibility of our government for not monitoring the needs of the American people, and giving preference to the needs of people from other countries and their needs.  But that is a legal process, and we, the citizens of this country, should have done a better job of monitoring the actions of our Officials, which would have protected around 30% of our jobs.

The illegals, on the other hand, simply sneak across our border and work their way into our system, illegally becoming beneficiaries of our Welfare system, and it is allowed to happen simply because our Governmental Officials do not follow the laws laid out in our Constitution because they seek political support from American Latinos and look to make a future voting base out of the illegals whom they want to vote for them!  Here are some facts about those “poor illegals coming over simply to find work to provide for their families”:

The number of illegals ( on the record ) is currently 11,200,000, even though our own politicians claim it is between 20,000,000 and 30,000,000, but for this rant, we’ll go with the 11,200,000 number.  Out of those illegals, we have between 36% and 42% on our Welfare system, which is around 8,429,652 illegals eating up our tax dollars!  I’m sorry; but don’t you have to be an American citizen to take advantage of our Welfare system, which is paid for by hard-working Americans through tax payments?  And our government doesn’t know if it is 36%, or 42%?  They can darn sure tell you how many American citizens are on Welfare!  Add to that the number of illegals in prison: 33% of the illegal population are now in State and Federal prisons!  That’s over 1.6 million illegals in prison, being taken care of with American tax dollars!

So; let’s add up the numbers:  42% of illegals are on Welfare, 33% are in our Prison system, totaling 75% of the illegal population being cared for through hard-earned tax dollars from the citizens of this great country!  And our “President” and the Progressive-controlled Congress of 2009 passed their outrageous “Health Care Bill”, and the excuse for doing it was the fact that “15% of the American population did not have adequate health care!  Funny thing is that, at that time, about 12 – 15% of the “American” population was the number of illegals in our country!  Weren’t we doing enough by allowing people who entered our country illegally to live off of our tax dollars by allowing them to use our Welfare system and by placing them in our prisons where they get free housing, food and medical attention?  And, now, in this time of desperate financial stress upon our nation, we “giving aid and comfort” to enemies of our country, those who sneak in and abuse our Educational system, our Welfare system and those who break our laws by stealing from American citizens, killing American citizens and protesting against our own country, in our own cities!  This has got to end!  If there is a way across our borders, there is a way back!  Send them home and, if they fight it, do what is necessary to show them that we will no longer put up with their being in our country!  Pass a law that will support the laws already in effect and arrest and fine any person in this country who provides support or assistance to any illegal, in any way, shape or form!  Make it a mandatory prison sentence of 5 years and a mandatory fine of $50,000 on any business, individual, or head of any governmental agency that breaks the law!  It would only require one, or two such people to wind up in prison and, suddenly, there would be no home here for illegals!  The time has come to stand up and let your political leaders know that, as an American citizen, you will no longer vote for anyone who will not follow Constitutional law, and their oaths to protect it!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Mexico, South America in general as well as Cuba dumping their criminals, poor and uneducated in the USA was bound to have an effect on things and did, well stated Mike..

    If anyone can state some positives derived from it all with facts and figures feel free to as I doubt there will be any at all to post.

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