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I was honored to spend this past weekend with my brothers from the 57th Assault Helicopter Company in Memphis, Tennessee!  I served with these men in heavy combat and on many dangerous flights into extremely hot LZs and they never backed down, they never abandoned anyone on the ground that needed their help in getting the assistance they needed to get out alive!  And they did it because they knew pride, dignity and honor, the three qualities that anyone who serves our country, in any manner, needs to protect our great nation and keep it safe and strong!  But those three qualities are what we are missing in our government, on every level, and the lack of those qualities is what is destroying our great nation!

Except for a few new members in our government, honor is something that holds no real meaning to those who legislate the way we live our lives!  Honor is doing what is right, standing up for what does the right thing, and fighting hard to maintain the basis of doing your job correctly, without question!  Dignity is knowing that you will never cross any lines that will harm the people you serve, holding yourself to higher standards!  And Pride comes from looking into the eyes of the people who depend on you, knowing that they respect you for not letting them down or, as in the case of our politicians; selling yourself out to the highest bidder!  Why is it that our military, those who put their lives on the line, every single day, hold Honor, Dignity and Pride deep in their hearts and minds, but out politicians, people who are voted in to do the right thing, have no real understanding of those valuable qualities!

They have destroyed our borders, the lines in the sand that define the boundaries of our great nation, and allow anyone, including terrorists, to cross without question, even when they sneak in weapons of mass destruction that will destroy the lives of many hard-working Americans!  They have put our futures in the hands of those countries that hate us, that want us broken down!  They pretty much gave our Manufacturing Base to China and our Oil Production to the muslims, leaving the safety of our families on the precipice of danger!  They have put us in a position where we have provided our enemies with the money they needed to build up strong military forces that can be used against us, providing them with the threat of mass destruction of our cities, and the death of huge numbers of American citizens!  Their primary job is to protect our nation, to keep it strong and independent, and they ignore that responsibility because they get the money and power they need to allow  them to prance around and look like “Kings”!

All I had to do was look into the eyes of the men of the 57th, and their families, to see that they feel abandoned and betrayed by the very government they put their lives in danger for!   I listened to them talk about their fears for the welfare of America, for their families and their grandchildren!  These men would stand up today and sacrifice their lives if it were necessary to protect our great nation, because they hold great honor in being Americans and will never let the people of this country down!  So why do we let our political leaders set their own standards and ignore our Constitution?  Because they attack us with words, with “Political Correctness”, and they make every effort to beat the citizens of this great nation down, to  make us feel like we are responsible for everything bad that has happened to our country and our people, even though it is their fault!  The time has come to stand up and make your voices heard!  The time has come to let those in Congress who feel superior to every citizen who works to pay their salaries know that we are not only tired of their actions, WE WANT THEM OUT!

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I always end it with “Wake up Americans, or lose America!”, and I put that there because, as long as we sit back and remain quiet on the issues that are destroying our country, our political leaders will continue down their path to hand control of our nation over to other countries in places like the UN, where they will turn us all into slaves controlled by the rest of the world!  So, please; stand up and make your voices heard!  Monitor voting activities in your districts to ensure that the votes placed are legitimate!  And fight to put an end to “Political Correctness” and the governmental agencies like the “Environmental Protection Agency” that use their power to weaken our country!  This may be our last chance to save our great nation using our political system and we cannot back off of our responsibilities as true American citizens to ensure that the next Congress, the next President, all work to rebuild America into the Grand Republic it once was!  Stand with your neighbors, your families, and the rest of America and make you voices heard!

Please feel free to voice your opinions on my feedback!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Andrew Endres says:

    I think you are: ONE GREAT AMERICAN ATHEIST, Peace and God Bless, Anonymous

  2. Joseph Werner says:

    Right on Michael !!!
    70% of Americans disaprove of the way the president has handled the econmy and Jobs and yet some congress people Blame the Tea Party, Bush, conservatives and those looking for the nomination to run against obama . He is a socilast , a communist , a liar, and did I mention he is a liar . Track his 2008 campaign promises whith his deed check what he has cursed the last administration for doing and look at what hre has don the same and worst , Michael I like the line you put in all your Blogs and would like it even more if you would send this to all your family and friends its important that everyone reads this stuff . Joe Werner

  3. John Ryan says:

    This Regime in power now is the worst I have ever experienced in my life and how it is removed from power and when remains to be seen.

    As someone who once relayed messages in the safety of a communcations center let me say that I was happy knowing the men from the 57th AHC in Kontum were able to repel so many attacks on their compound as well as go out on seek and destroy missions too and as someone knowing many of the specifics of those missions and battles and what those guys were capable of, I would not want them against me for any reason at all, would not want them doubting the future of this country for their families after the sacrifices they made and knowing their lives were on the line before and thinking they might possibly put them on the line once again if they had to, all for the good of the United States of America.

  4. Tom, 57th AHC Gunner says:

    2012 will tell the story. We need to reach out to our young voters and independents. They will swing us back to a United States of America if they realize how destructive Obama is. In the last election, they were all dazzled with his gift of gab, and false promises and voted for him. Lets make it our job to make sure they don’t make the same mistake again. History does have a way of repeating itself, and that worries me!

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