I think we all know why we’re here today, we’re here because our current Administration has pulled away from the only true ally we have in the MidEast: Israel! Both of my parents were veterans of WWII and, while I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at the American Legion post listening to the stories of war, told by the men who were there, the veterans who sacrificed so much to keep our great country free! And I heard stories from those who went into the Concentration Camps and found the tortured, and mutilated Jews whom Hitler had chosen as the “Evil” people in the world, the ones who needed to be annihilated! The vets told me that every single one of them cried, that they would always remember the terror and horrific pain that those poor people had suffered, how so many could not even stand, because they were nothing but skin and bones! Then they talked about how they found mountains of human bodies near the gas chambers; children, adults and old people, all forced into the chambers that ended their lives! In our schools of today, there is very little more than a mention of what happened, the horror of the Concentration Camps is little more than a wisp of words in the air!

Because of the embarrassment of the European countries that ignored the hell that the Jews were going through during the war, it was decided that the Jews needed their own country, a place where they could live free and safe from domination by those who wanted to destroy them. So they gave them Israel, a tiny section of land in the MidEast, but a home where they were able to stand proudly as Israelis, where they built the only truly free nation in a continent of slavery and governmental and religious domination! And their freedom made them a target of muslim hatred; for as long as I can remember, the muslims would attack the Israelis, starting a war, and Israel, that tiny little nation, always won! When the muslims knew that they were beaten, they would go to the UN and whine about how “cruel” the Israelis were to them, so the US would step in and act as a negotiator for peace. We would dictate the peace terms, the Israelis would go along with what we laid out for them and, once the muslims had enough time to rebuild their forces and restock their weapons, they would attack Israel again! And this has happened over and over again, and continues until today! And who suffers the most from these “peace treaties”? Israel! And, now, when the muslim nations are openly stating that they want to exterminate the Jews, just as Hitler tried to do, when they build their support from their people by saying that they want to wipe Israel from the map, our “President” openly snubs Netanyahu, and his Administration ignores the need of the Israeli people and turns its support to the muslims!

That’s why we’re here today; we are here to let Israel know that we, real Americans, do not agree with the stance our “President” and his Administration have taken against Israel, that we will stand behind the Israelis, that we will stand with them regardless of how they, as a free nation, wish to deal with the threat of muslim terrorism in their homeland! It is not our place to dictate terms, it is not our place to demand that the Israelis work for peace, or go to war; that is the right of the people of Israel, just as we have our own right to determine how our nation remains free!

In this crowd today, we have individuals and families who have worked to maintain their own homes and livelihoods and, for the past several decades, we have been quiet and let our government do exactly as it wished! And our government has taken out our country, and our Constitution, and thrown it in the trash! Two years ago, the hard-working, tax-paying citizens of this country stood up and let their voices be heard! And, for the first time in a long, long time, some members of Congress listened and things are changing! We have carried many names, including the Tea Party, and our “President” and his Administration have called us everything from “Tea Baggers” to “Terrorists”, yet we have continued standing for what we believe is necessary to return our nation back to the “Grand Republic” it was meant to be! We don’t need names, we don’t need to be corralled into a fence of public opinion; we simply need to stand, to make our voices heard, to rebuild our nation into a place where our children and grandchildren can live their lives in freedom and safety! This is America; the Land of the Free, kept that way because of the Brave!

And, in the world we live in today we, too, are under the constant threat of muslim terrorism, along with Israel, and we share our fears of losing our friends and family members, of losing our own lives to those who want to erase freedom from our world! And that shared fear, if nothing else, is what should drive the people of the United States to stand together with Israel, to show a unity of mind and strength in keeping both of our nations free! They are a true ally, they share a belief system of freedom and religion, one that allows Christians to be Christians, Jews to be Jews, and muslims to be muslims! None of our people, either American, or Israeli, want to dominate the world; all we want is peace and safety! But the muslim leaders of the MidEast keep stating, over and over again, that they want to “exterminate Israelis, then destroy America!” So we are here today, standing as one with the Israelis, showing them that we will be behind them in their efforts to keep peace in their country, whether through diplomacy, or combat, and regardless of what our current Administration may say or do! The people of America will not abandon the one true ally we have in a region full of anger, hatred and violence! Stand up Americans, stand up for Israel!

Wake up Americans, or lose America!

Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Joseph Werner says:

    You got it right Michael! I wish there were more people like you in this world! Obama is evil; he is the Devil! He uses his office as a suicide bomber who attaches bombs as Arabs who tie bombs around their childrens waist. In this world there are around 25 million people who die of starvation each year; our God works in a strange fashion, sometomes pretty hard to accept. Joe

  2. Tom.....57th AHC.....Gunner says:

    Excellent Mike, I could not agree with you more. Obama must go in 2012. He has caused enough destruction in this country already. It is pretty obvious to see what his agenda is. Tom….57th AHC

  3. Rob says:

    To the point. I hope there will be a good turn out for the rally. I have it penciled in to go

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