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Growing up as a boy, my father taught me that men don’t shed tears, except when their friends and family die, when they see American symbols like our Flag that mean so much to veterans and our military and when frustration is so strong that it pushes us into a dark corner.  Well, my friends, I am in one of those dark corners now!  I have been trying to wake up people to the corruption in our government and to the move by Progressives  to destroy our great land!  And I have been doing this for 35 years now; 35 years of pounding my head against the wall because no one thought it was “important” enough!  Now people are paying attention but all that is happening is letters and phone calls to Congress, which are basically ignored, blogs and articles that give people a chance to learn and vent some emotion, but where are the people on the streets?  What  is so hard about getting up and going out to walk down the street with a sign that expresses your anger?  Everyone was sure up for it last year, and look how well it worked!  But, since the people who were behind the movements in the local areas grew some fame and moved on, the whole movement has stayed at home!  You don’t need those who seek political entry to put together a gathering for you, do it yourself; call some friends and tell them to call their friends and hold a demonstration wherever you want!  As long as you are not stopping people and are not causing trouble, you have the right to protest wherever, and whenever you wish!  How do you think Reid and  Pelosi grew so much power?  The Anti-War protests!  They knew that the only way to get people to pay attention to them, and their interests, was to get out into the streets and stand up and make your voice heard!

It frustrates me that the very people who descended from those who built this great country don’t use their Freedoms under our Constitution, yet they sit back and complain whenever some radical group does!  How do you think those radical groups grew so much power; they went out and earned it!  Our nation is being taken over by muslims who have been given “Special Rights and Privileges” by the Members of our Congress, because those Members are slipped money from the muslim groups that use profits from oil to infiltrate our nation!  When I came home from Vietnam, I couldn’t get a loan to buy a house because I didn’t have any credit rating, yet Congress passed legislation to allow for “Very Special” extremely low-interest loans to any muslim who came over here and applied for citizenship, and our “beloved” Members of Congress knew that those loans were going to buy up all of our Gas Stations!  And our government pushed laws and restrictions on oil drilling here in the US, to force our Oil Companies to go over to the MidEast for oil!  So, basically, our government handed over control over our gas, oil prices and big profits to the one group of people who hate us and openly state that they want to destroy our country; MUSLIMS!  Who are the terrorists who attack our troops and kill them:  MUSLIMS!  Who are the terrorists who attack and murder Americans, and American interests overseas:  MUSLIMS!  By the way; have you ever seen them attack any part of the oil industry we buy oil from?  And who are the terrorists that attack us here at home, who murder innocent Americans and their children:  MUSLIMS!  Yet the government and press hold control over our personal ideas, our anger towards muslims through POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, because we are too afraid to appear “racist” or “haters”!  So the muslims don’t need to stop their murders, they don’t need to end their control over our oil interests, because Americans are too afraid to stand up to them as they take over our economy and infiltrate our government!

We have seen what the levels of frustration can do to the human mind; look at the Norwegian that attacked and killed all of those children, and bombed that building; in my own heart, I cannot, for any reason, understand killing children, and I think that act was horrendous!  But I can understand what drove him to the tipping point; his nation is being completely taken over by muslims, and he couldn’t stand by without doing something he felt would wake his people up.  The problem he had is the same problem that is causing the muslim take-over of many European countries; the people sat at home and did nothing, while the muslim populations in their countries grew large enough for them to begin taking control of their nations!  And, as many European nations are UNARMED, they have no way to stand up and fight the muslims to remove them, now that they are taking control!  But we still have another option; we have an opportunity, next year, to retake our government and to change bad laws and pass new laws that will put our futures back into the hands of the legal citizens of America!  We have not yet reached a “tipping point of no return”, we can put the right people into Congress and pass laws to remove every illegal in the US, to bring American businesses and jobs back into our country, and to bring our oil and gas industry, and our gas stations, back into the hands of real Americans, not fake ones that send their profits to another country to support terrorism against us!  But, in the mean time, we need to prove to Congress that we are not a voice to be ignored!  We need to show them that the “average American voter”, the “grass-roots” Americans, are no longer willing to sit on the ground and be walked over by greedy foreign interests and corrupt politicians!  We need to hit the streets with signs, “flash” rallies, and protests against those whose corruption and greed is destroying our Freedom, Rights, and safety as American citizens!  I keep saying “Stand Up Americans”; the time has come for you to listen!  Stand up Americans, get out of that chair, get your friends together and hit the streets!  Use the tactics that worked so well for the Anti-War protestors and make your voices heard!  Learn from our enemies against our Constitution and fight back with their same tactics!  We are very, very close to the tipping point; it will come in November of next year and, if you don’t stand up and make your voice heard now, our futures, and our children’s futures will wind up as nothing more than “dust in the wind”!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Joseph Werner says:

    Everything you said I agree with as I think we blew this opportunity . I tried my best and from most of your Blogs your right on the Money . If people think the conservatives and Republicans are having a hard time try being a voice with out power we talk our hearts out but unless the people we elect into office listens to us it does us no good . Its only after the election do we find out we elected the wrong guy or gal. Our next step is to pray !!!! Thank you Michael

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