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Obama tells us, every day, that it is the greed of the Big Business leaders that is ruining our country and they need to pay their “fare share” of taxes.  But, have you noticed that those business leaders he is talking about are Conservatives?  Jeff Immelt, his good buddy, runs GE and is the “Jobs Czar” for Obama and, as the “Jobs Czar”, he has stated that we need to bring jobs back to the US and he sees that as his “primary focus”!  Yet he is sending GE’s X-Ray Technology Division over to China, killing a huge number of jobs here in the US, and he is going to spend TWO BILLION DOLLARS in China to train Chinese workers in how to design and build our technology!  So he was appointed by Obama to be the “Job Czar”, to work to rebuild the American economy, and he is sending one of our major scientific companies over to China and is spending TWO BILLION DOLLARS to train them!  Did I forget to mention that, in our collapse of our economy, GE made over a TWO BILLION DOLLAR profit last year, and never paid a dime in taxes on it!  Something else you need to consider is that GE is involved in a lot of Top Secret Technology with our Armed Forces and how much of that will be open to the Chinese, the nation that considers us an enemy?

How did all of this get started?  Well, back before the mid-80s, we had a “Monopoly Law”  that protected small businesses from being taken over by large businesses, to allow for us to have more than one manufacturer for the goods we use, keeping prices down to rates that were affordable.  That Monopoly Law kept our base of small businesses and  “Mom and Pop” businesses running strong.  But Ronald Reagan felt that we needed to rid our large businesses from the restrictions of the law, so he got it dropped as it stood.  That allowed for major corporations to eat up all of the smaller manufacturers, buying out their businesses, destroying jobs, and beginning the collapse of our economy.  Then he “legalized” every illegal that was in the US, giving them access to Welfare, Unemployment, and other benefits meant only for legal Americans.  After allowing millions of illegals to become citizens, he promised he would protect our border, which he never really tried to do, and now we have tens of millions of illegals in our country eating up our jobs!

Then came Clinton; the Clinton Campaign needed money badly, so Bill and Hill went to the Chinese and promised to open the doors to our economy if they would invest money in the Clinton Campaign!  The Chinese saw the opening they had been looking for and jumped in with open wallets!  That was when we began to see American-made products disappear from our stores, and it got worse, and worse until, now, we can’t find any American-made goods!  And, when the Chinese needed assistance with our government and our laws, the Clintons were there to help them out!  During the 1992 – 1996 Clinton Administration, they implemented “Pollution” laws that placed higher taxes on our businesses, forcing them to move out of America to manufacture goods at a profit!  And they began restricting Oil Companies’ access to oil in our own country forcing them to go overseas to drill in the Mid-East where they could make a profit!  These two Presidents made the major pushes that forced American businesses to leave our country, destroying American jobs and destroying our tax base!

I’m not saying that they were the only ones, but they were the Presidents that made the big pushes that began the destruction of the American economy,  just like Obama and his “Healthcare Bill” and other wasteful plans.  But this time, we saw it coming, this time we knew what was happening and the people have stood up against it!  And, now, we have a Progressive government that has not offered a budget bill since they have been in power!  And their only ability seems to be to whine and threaten the American public whenever the Conservatives offer a bill that will straighten out our budget!  So everyone is getting tired of this mess and they are looking for adjustments to the Conservative Bill that will make the Progressives happy!  Are they kidding?  It is the Progressives that got us into this mess, it is the Conservatives that are working to end it, and now the Progressive’s want compromise?  This is exactly what the Progressives planned to happen when they passed all of those expensive bills before last year’s election; they knew that, if they won the elections, they would have built the road they needed to take over our country but, if they lost, they could make the Conservatives look responsible for the whole mess!  The time has come for the American people to truly wake up and realize that this is all meant to destroy our country as we know it!  The time has come for all of us to look to the future of the children and grandchildren of our great nation, to protect their Rights and Freedoms, and to leave them the great country that our Forefathers left to us!  The Tea Party elected Representatives have drawn a line in the sand, they want a “Balanced Budget” amendment passed with any current budget and we need to stand strong behind them!  Just remember one thing; if the budget bill does not get passed and times get tougher, it was the Progressives that put us in this situation!  Stand strong, Americans, support our elected Representatives, and let’s get the job done right this time!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Lines and talk at the ammunition counters of various outlets while I was pricing items and after a number of different suppliers settled on the best price and deal, tells of many out here making ready for complete chaos to put it mildly.

    Many in the area, since it is Texas and not far from the out of control Mexican Border, but many see a nation in a slide where only the strong will survive too.

    Your “Rant” has set the history leading up to this point, so many retired or looking to retire see all the thousands of dollars paid into the system gone, stolen in their words and a Pyramind Scheme in place now paying benefits by way of taking from those paying in now as they work and giving to some who paid in all of their lives and now are retired.

    I have come to the point of thinking a major house cleaning is the only thing that will place our country on the right track for recovery, as they all seem to say as I listen silently in line with others in the same age group and probably position as well.

    Though some disagreement existed in conversations and statements, all agreed we are under the heel of the most corrupt regime ever in place in this Nation, a traitor for a President and a cabinet appointed all being left wing anarchists..

    The so called ”Tea Party” is very peaceful, more militias now than the Clinton Era makes me think ”Change” I can believe in might be on the horizon.. If anyone need ask why? Just look back at the history documented above…

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