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I just finished watching “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” and it brought back memories from my life.  I remember growing up in little Hickory Corners, Michigan, going out to the woods at night and laying down to look at the stars and their beauty in the sky.  I would spend those nights thinking about my country, a country I learned about from going to the Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day parades in town, watching those who served, who sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms and rights march with pride down the main street!  I remember going to the local American Legion and listening to them talk about their memories of the war, and seeing their tears when a brother died!  I remember how much the Flag and the Pledge of allegiance meant to them, how they would stand in pride as tears slowly dropped from their eyes as they honored our great nation and the men and women who sacrificed their lives to keep their families free!

I remember joining the Army at 17, in 1968, and going to Vietnam to fight alongside my brothers from the 57th Assault Helicopter Company, two months after I turned 18.  I remember their honor and courage as they did everything they possibly could to stand proud for America, to show the world that we would fight to win any war to bring freedom to the world!  I also remember the Anti-War Activists who did everything they could to destroy the honor of every man who served, and the memory of every man who died while serving their country!  They showed their acidic hatred for us at every possible venue, and they are responsible for the deaths of so many of my brothers who ended their own lives, because they couldn’t take the constant hatred and names,  like “Baby Killer” and “Crazy Vet” syndrome!

In January of 1984, I went to DC to work to improve the lives of my brother veterans, and to work to bring home the POWs who remained, alive, in Vietnam, while our government protected its butt by telling everyone that they were all dead!  And, when I went into Congress for the first time, I saw it populated by ex-Anti-War Activists, like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid!  And I could see those people doing everything they could to destroy our nation, to bring us down to our knees to allow other nations to claim dominance over us, simply because they wanted the money and power involved in doing so!  And I tried to find honest Representatives to work with but, out of all in office at that time, I could only find two, and they weren’t completely honest, but they tried!  So; in June of 1986, I felt like Jeff Smith, the character in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”, and I collapsed under the burden of the lies and deceit, because no one would fight it!  So I went off to the mountains in West Virginia and hid out for six months, staying away from anyone, other than store clerks and mail men. 

When I left and came back to the world, I became very vocal and stood up and told everyone about the corruption in DC, and how there were people who were working hard to tear our nation down, but no one listened!  But I kept on, because I knew that, sooner or later, this country would wake up and work to bring back the great nation of the United States of America, because Americans don’t give up, they don’t surrender; they fight for what is right!  And, now, our citizens have woke up to the dangers of the Progressive threat, and they are fighting, every single day, to destroy that threat and regain America for the people!  And, in my pride for the actions I see around me, I go back to little old Hickory Corners, and I see the crowds of people at the parades, standing up and cheering for the veterans, and I remember the love that we all held for them, and our great nation they fought to protect!

I have but one favor to ask of all of you; stand up and let the world know just how proud you are of your nation, of how much our Flag and our Pledge of allegiance means to you, of how important the men and women who serve our country, and have served our country, and their personal sacrifices are to the strength and courage that keeps our great nation alive!  Show them your thanks and pride when you see any Parade or Celebration for them by being there to show your support!  I remember last year’s Veteran’s Day Parade in St. Louis; there wasn’t anyone there except for Veterans and serving men and women!  I was so embarrassed by the turnout, and the lack of concern by the Mayor and his staff!  But, even more, I was hurt that so many had other “important” things to do than to stand up and show their pride for those who truly served their country!  Are we Americans, or are we simply self-interested individuals?  This is the time for every American to stand up and fight for the rights and freedoms they were given by men and women who fought for those rights in 1776!  And the time has come for true Americans to show their thanks to those who served to protect them from dangers in the world!  To quote President Kennedy; “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”  The time has come to show that you are willing to let this country know just how strongly you will stand to protect it from the destruction of those wish to destroy it!  If you are a true American, no one has to explain this to you, get out and show your patriotism, with heartfelt pride and honor!  We can no longer sit at home and complain to our TVs; if we are true American citizens, we need to let this country know that the depth of pride we have in our hearts for our nation, our Flag, and our Constitution is a good thing, and let those that stand against the America we all know and love understand that we will not surrender our great nation to their ambitions for power and greed!  We can all be “Jeff Smiths”; the time has come to stand up, to fight the good fight, and let the world know that true Americans are proud of America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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