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I wrote this back around the first of the year, but didn’t put it out because I didn’t want to be looked at as a “racist” for writing the truth.  But, now, I think what I am talking about is something that everyone needs to consider, because a great many terrorists have crossed our southern border to build up their forces here, in our own country, as our politicians make too much money by keeping the border open!  This is a legitimate threat from a people who hate America, and Americans, but know how to look “peaceful and innocent” to gain our trust, until they decide to attack us!  Please go to the link at the bottom when you have finished:

I know that I will receive flak from people because of what I am about to say, but I believe that it is time that we end our “misdirection” of Political Correctness and begin using pure logic as our approach to the muslim threat.  I spent some time on the web seeking out the number of people killed by muslims, not just “radical” muslims, but all muslims, and I want to share these facts with you (These are just a small few of the deaths of civilians and non-combatant military, I am not including those killed in war on both sides).  I have also included the fact that Christian women are kidnapped for marriage.


1.  Fort Hood:  13 dead, 29 wounded

2.  9/11:  2819 people

3.  1988 African Embassy Bombing:  12 Diplomats

4.  1983 Lebanon Embassy Bombing:  300 soldiers and diplomats

5.  Pan Am Flight 103, 1988:  180 people


1.  Iraqi Christians cancel their Christmas Festivities after 68 Christians were killed in a bombing attack.  Thousands have been forced to flee their country under the fear of death.

2.  Egypt:  10% of the population is Christian.  Christian girls are kidnapped on a regular basis and sold to muslim “husbands”, and are forced to marry them.

3.  Since the Pakistani woman, Asia Bib, has been sentenced to death, muslim attacks on Christians have increased by ten times as much!

4.  Three Christian men in Turkey have been beheaded in an attack against them by muslims who felt they were “bad” because they were Christians.

5,  Four Christian men in Somalia have been butchered because they were Christian.

As I said; this is a microscopic example of muslims killing people who don’t follow their religious beliefs, simply because they don’t follow their beliefs!  It’s happening here, and across the entire world!  Muslims claim that Christians have killed millions of muslims yet the number of people of other religions, killed by muslims, is staggering!

1.  120 million Africans have been killed by muslims

2.  60 million Christians have been killed by muslims

3.  80 million Hindus have been killed by muslims

4.  10 million Buddhists have been killed by muslims

Total:  270 million non-muslim religious people have been killed by muslims in our known history, yet we are supposed to see them as a “peaceful, caring” people!

Here is a link to a site that quotes, accurately, the Qur’an’s message to the muslim people as to how to treat “Infidels” (non-muslims):    http://infidelsarecool.com/2006/12/overwhelming-evidence-of-i/

It’s not hard to see why, when Christians quote the Qur’an accurately in public, they are verbally attacked and denounced by muslims as being “racist” or “haters”!  And, in many cases, they are marked for death and are assassinated!  They don’t want the truth to get out!

The next time you hear someone tell you that we are cruel to the muslims because we don’t see them as a “peaceful people”, remember this rant.  If you do not recognize an enemy by his own words, you will become a victim of his war!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    The “Phrase” we always hear is ” Let the Record Speak for itself ” … Including the wars over the centuries what else do we have to base our strategy on?

    Those not ready for war will be consumed by it first and we will be at war with this segment of the world’s population or is it more like we have been and are but not fully engaged in it to win it yet?

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