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When people discuss our Founding Fathers, they go into great detail about how they worked so hard to write a document to control the way our politicians could run our country, how it could protect the Freedoms and Rights as Americans.  They talk about the Revolutionary War, and how they risked their lives to bring our nation into existence, how they risked their families and farms, how they understood the danger involved in their actions, but they never discuss the truth about the people, how they would relate to our lives, what they were going through inside, in their hearts and minds.  They were but a very small group of the people who lived in the American Colonies, yet they stood up and did what they thought was right, even though the majority of the people around them would never make any effort, or risk anything to join with them.  But they still went forward with their ideals and they formed the greatest nation our world has ever seen!

I am involved in efforts to bring back Conservative values to our country and I meet a great many people who have seen the corruption and greed in our politicians, and they are standing up to make an effort to truly change the path our nation is following.  They are average people, they have families and jobs and they have many other things they can do with their time, but they want to do something, they feel the need deep in their hearts to do help our country in its time of need, so they walk away from other interests and volunteer their time and efforts!  When I ask them why, I hear almost the same answer from every one of them: “I’m not sure about what I can do, I may not be of any real value, but I have to do something, I want to do something!”  They are honorable citizens who know that something must be done, that someone has to do it, so they stand up and volunteer!  They know that there might be some danger from actions by groups like the Unions, who have attacked Tea Party members who were simply making a statement by taking part in rallies, they know that making a political stand is something that could put them under scrutiny by the current government, but they stand strong as American citizens and do what they can to show unity in our country!  That is what built this great nation; citizen involvement in efforts to take control of how politicians dominate their freedoms!

For all of the honor we carry for our Forefathers, we need to look at many of the true Founding Fathers, and Mothers, that get little mention for their efforts, because they weren’t the leaders.  Look at the people who could have stayed home but got up and joined the Revolutionary Army; the men who fought and died, the ones who were permanently wounded, the ones who never had a peaceful night’s sleep again, because the War was burned into their memories!  Look at the citizens who stood up and protested and were arrested, some killed, because they stood against “their King”!  Think of the writers, the women who took care of the soldiers, the people who put their lives at risk by handling supplies and protecting the soldiers,  the wives, mothers, brothers, fathers, children and other family members who spent the rest of their lives without their father, or mother who took part in the effort to free our country!  And every one of them knew that they had the possibility of losing everything they owned, of dying, of leaving their families without someone they loved so dear, but they followed their hearts and stood up for a movement that freed the entire nation!  They never saw it, but it was their efforts that made us the United States of America, and their honor will always stand strong!  And there is no difference between those brave men and women, and the courage they showed in doing what was right, and the true citizens of this great nation that stand up today and fight for the right to return America back to the land that we all grew up in and love!  You are your own kind of hero; granted, you’ll probably never receive any kind of honor for what you do, but deep inside your heart you will know that you were part of a movement that brought our nation back from the brink of disaster!   When you hear Progressives call us names, say that we are “Terrorists, and make fun of us, realize one simple thing; we are the force they fear the most, because they can control the politics, but they can’t control the people!  Let your heart guide you and do everything you can to make our great nation what it once was because, in the future, you will know that you are truly an American, that you stood up for what was right, and you never let the honor of your nation down!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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