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I remember watching the first Explorer launch go up into space when I was in the 6th Grade; we had a couple of rooms in my school that had televisions in them and every Sixth Grade class was together in one of them, gasping and cheering!  One of the teachers said that it was like the “Yellow Brick Road” in the “Wizard of Oz”, because we had taken that first big step into our future, one of scientific exploration and discovery!  I remember President Kennedy’s speach about our future in Space Travel and how important it would be to our nation to become the leader in Space Research.  And I remember all of the Shuttle flights, including the one I saw personally, and the ones that ended badly.  But we were Americans, we were the leaders in all things scientific, in all forms of manufacturing and research, and in every aspect of Space exploration and technology!  And we never quit; no matter what happened, no matter how much the explosion of two of our Shuttles hurt us deep in our hearts, we kept on going, because we knew it was important!  But, now; we have simply QUIT!  We have taken the most advanced piece of Space technology, the International Space Station, which never would have been in Space had it not been for our drive to become better human beings, and have literally handed it over to the Russians for their governance in how it is to be used in the future!

I know, everyone’s going to say that it’s our station and we have the right to be on it whenever we wish, but that right went down the toilet when we ended the Shuttle Program and have now put our transportation to the Station in the hands of a nation that has always stood against us on everything we have done, except the Space Station, because they needed us to have access to it!  Now we have given the Russians the keys to the door, and they can simply say “No!” anytime they want to.  I know; we have treaties and agreements with them.  But look back at our history with the Russians and tell me when you can see one single time that they have honored a treaty with us when it wasn’t necessary for their own needs!  Yes, we can fly up on their Space Capsules, but it will cost us $50 Million every time we do!  And, all they have to do is say that they don’t have room, and we will be put off until they decide they want us to go back up, if they do!  I remember, back when we put up the first Space Station, the Russians made a big deal out of the fact that it could be used as a “Weapons Base”, one that would allow us to drop Nukes on them without enough warning for them to respond or prepare!  That’s why we changed it to an “International Space Station”, to ease their fears.  Now we have given them everything they need to use the Space Station against us!  I know that many of you would think that it would not be possible for them to do that because we could simply put one of our Shuttles back in service and go back up there and stop them, but that wouldn’t work; all the Russians would have to do is put on a different type of Docking System, and we would not have access to the Station!  Besides; from this day forward, we will have no real idea of what they are sending up there, because we do not have physical control of the station anymore!  And don’t forget all of that advanced technology that we have on the station; they now control it!

I don’t know what the reasoning was behind dropping our personal access to the Station 3 years too early, before we had a private business that could take us up there, but it was pure idiocy!  I know that Obama claims it was necessary because of the drain on our economy but, compared to the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars we spend every year on illegals in our country, the cost of the Space Shuttle program was insignificant!  In the past five years, since the Democrats took full control over Congress, we have lost our standing in the world, we have gone from “Financially Solvent” to near bankruptcy, we have given control over our Financial Base to the Chinese, our Manufacturing Base to the Chinese and, now, our control over Space to the Russians!  And it is “all Bush’s fault”!  How in the world could anyone look back over the past five years of our Government’s operations in DC and see it as anyone’s fault but the Progressives?  Is it that hard to understand when your lives and livelihoods are going down the drain, that the people who are causing it are doing it intentionally?  They have destroyed our jobs and our ability to own our own homes!  They are ruining our financial system because, for the past five years, they have refused to put forward anything but budget increases!  And they knew our taxable income base was eroding away, because they gave the Chinese our Manufacturing base and they opened the doors for illegals to come into our country and waste our Welfare and Medical benefits, then screamed out the need for a HealthCare Bill, because not everyone in our country could afford medical care!  And that “everyone” who could not afford healthcare was all of the tens-of-millions of illegals who snuck into our country!  And, after Pelosi had pulled dirty political tricks, as when she had locked the House’s doors, to keep the Republicans out of legislation planning, in 2006, the Progressives are now screaming that the Tea Party Republicans who are trying to fix our financial mess are “playing Party politics”!  This has to end, and it has to end now!  If we are ever going to have a chance to save our country from the rape of Progressives, we need to ensure that, when the elections are over next year, we have full control of Congress and the White House, and that the people we put in office will do the jobs we elected them to do!  It will be a difficult period of time but, like the Great Depression, we will find our way back out and rebuild this country into the strong nation it used to be!  It’s time for Americans to stand as Americans, to use our Constitution to stop the attack against our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights and to force the Progressives out of our government!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    As much as I hate to see the effect of something other than “Verbal” actions back and forth I think it is all that will ultimately change any damn thing, just like the original actions that gave us this Country in the first place. The old saying comes to mind ” Actions Speak Louder Than Words “…..

    We have allowed a bunch of anti U.S.A. Lawyers and corrupt individuals into our bodies of Government and they will do anything they can and want to remain there in power.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, ” The Fifth Column ” has arrived and is in place, will we just sit by and watch it all from the sidelines??? Are they just waiting out all of the Veterans of war to die out so there is not a chance of any reprisal??? Well the guys are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and the smell and taste of blood is still on their memories and they will be around for a much longer time than the World War 2, Korean, Viet Nam and Desert Storm Guys so if it comes to a show down we’ll adjust our lines to age already lived in the front!!!

    Not what many of us want but might be what turns out to be necessary..

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