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For anyone who is new to my blog:  I worked on the Hill in DC, out of several Congress and Senate offices, from January of 1984 through June of 1986, so what I am about to explain to you comes from very personal experience.

Deals; this is how our representatives in Congress get things done.  No Bill makes it through both the House and the Senate, to the President’s desk, without deals.  And, once it does make it to the President’s desk, more deals will be made to get the bill passed.  The way it used to work is that Representative Smith, a Conservative, would present a Bill before Congress to allow for better benefits for the Military.  Congressman Jones, a Liberal, would tell Smith that there was no way it would pass because his people did not feel the Military personnel needed higher benefits.  Then Smith would ask Jones what he would need to get it through; Jones said he needed higher Welfare benefits to make the bill pass the House.  When both got what they wanted, it would go before the Senate and, if there was nothing wrong with the bill, the Senate would approve it and pass it to the President who would sign it, if he agreed with it.  That’s the way our system was set up, and it worked, for a very few years!

The way it now works is that Smith puts up the bill but, in order to get his side to back him, he needs to add funding for a statue of Congressman Robertson, funding for a new park for Congresswoman Johnson, funding for new airport for Congressman Williams, and on, and on, and on!  Then, when presented to Jones, he demands a new private jet for his own use, one of his fellow Liberals demands a $500,000 allotment for buildings for the “poor”, to be given to his brother, another demands $250,000 to be put in the bill for a new museum for his personal history, and so on, and so on, and so on!  When it is presented to the Senate for a vote, the Pork really piles on and, once every Senator gets his own bit of the money, it is passed on to the President!  By the time it reaches the President’s desk, the original Bill, that would have cost $200,000, now costs $2,5 Billion for all the pork added to it!  But, wait; it ain’t over yet!  Now, the President let’s Congress know that, if they want him to sign the Bill, to make it Law, he wants another $1.5 Billion added to it for the “Social Welfare” of people in “poor little Saudi Arabia”, because their own leader won’t use the UN funds sent to him, at the cost of American taxpayers, for the people it was meant to help! He never mentions that the leader of Saudi Arabia assisted him in getting $40,000,000 for his last campaign and, since the leader will be the one who determines how the new money sent to him will be doled out, he will probably be keeping it all for his own use!  So the $200,000 Military support Bill goes to $4 Billion, and it gets signed into law!  And, what started out as a 10 page, simple Bill, is now a 850 page, intentionally complicated document that is designed to make it too difficult for the average American to read, much less understand!

This is why we need to be so careful on our stand with our new Members of Congress, to make sure that they never sway from what we elected them to do!  It is way too easy if you are a new Member to slip your values a bit, if the leaders of your own  Party are telling you it is necessary to make the changes you are fighting to have signed into law!  Look at Mitch McConnell; he has been in office for a long, long time, and he has been involved in the Sponsorship of so many Bills that his personal wealth has gone from “average”, to tens of millions of dollars!  Did he earn all of that money by working “so hard” in Congress?  NO!  He got his own paybacks on every Bill he signed, through “under the table” operations!  So he has gotten very rich by stealing from the American people!  And, now; he is trying to become the man who will “DEAL” with the Progressives to get a “Balanced Budget” amendment into law!  Don’t believe it!  Not one bit!  We have elected several good people into Congress and they know what we want; we want a true Balanced Budget amendment and we will not sit back and let something that only “looks good” go through!  Make sure you let our Representatives know that we, the true American voters, are willing to suffer a bit to get a balanced budget and we will not sit back and let the “Mitch McConnells” turn this into another “Magic Sideshow” of fancy words and useless promises!  Contact every Member of Congress you can and tell them that, as the true citizens of this great country, we demand that they stand up as Americans and forget about their own needs and wealth for once, and vote to protect our nation from bankruptcy!  And, sometime after the next election, we need to end these “Lifetime” positions in our government and put the same limitations on our Congressmen and Senators that we have on our President: no more than two terms, with an additional, maximum, two years if they are replacing someone who died!  The time for the “true” change in our government, and our country has come, and it is time for each and every one of us to stand up, as true Americans, and make our voices heard!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Tom 57th AHC says:

    Just to add one more thing Mike, changes to our Supreme Court need to be made. NO ONE should have a LIFETIME appointment! That’s outrageous!

  2. Tom 57th AHC says:

    Just to add one more thing Mike. Changes to our Supreme Court must be made. NO ONE, should have a LIFETIME appointment. That is simply outrageous!

  3. John Ryan says:

    I often refer to this film when D.C. Politics are the discussion but it does speak for itself and ties in with this Rant..

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