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Sometimes we don’t see the way our government is manipulated; it looks like everything is going exactly the way it should, but it isn’t, as the “Powers Behind the Throne” move in simple, silent ways, shaping our futures, right before our eyes:

Look at the 2008 election:  Hillary Clinton began her campaign two years before the election, she spent huge amounts of money to win yet, when the Democratic Party wanted Obama to win, she backed down and didn’t even face him in the Primaries!  She had to have been promised something, something big enough to allow her to back off, something we know nothing about but, with her drive and ego, she had to know she wasn’t going to win.  Then, on the other side, Romney was ahead, he had the primaries in the bag, but he did what Clinton did and backed down!  And who did the Republican Party put up against Obama?  McCain, the man who had absolutely no chance of winning the election, until Sarah Palin became his VP candidate and she wowed the crowds with her strong Conservative stand!  But someone did not want her to be heard, to be seen as a viable candidate, so Saturday Night Live, and others, went after her accent, the words she used, and the fact that she was an attractive woman to destroy her credibility and Obama won, just like he was supposed to!  If you can’t look back and see how that election was manipulated, you need to go back over the facts, and you’ll see the truth!

Now comes the runup for the 2012 campaign, and who is the Republican “Good boy”?  Romney!  Why?  Because he was promised to be the Republican candidate in this election if he backed down in the last one, which he did!  And we need to pay close attention to one very serious fact:  The Republican Party used to be the Liberal Party until  the 1968 election, when the Progressive War Protestors stood up against the Democratic Conservative Party and forced a change, which made the Democrats leap over the Liberal Republicans and become the ultra-liberal Progressive party!  If you can understand this, you can see how our country has been collapsing from the strongest nation in the world, to the nation that is on the quickest path to self-destruction!  And, knowing that, you can see why it is so important that we go back to our conservative ways, to rebuild our nation to what it once was, and the only way to do that is to ensure that everyone we vote into office next year is a true Conservative!

We will have a fairly large group of candidates running for the Republican Party this year: many are true Conservatives, and some are RINOs.  The trick is to not listen to what the others say about who is good, and who is bad; we need to use our own reasoning and values to ensure that the right person is our new President and that our new Members of Congress are true Conservatives!  The Powers That Be are already pushing Romney on us, but he has a liberal record as a Governor and he has not yet even backed off the fact that he put Government Controlled Health Care in his own state, basically because he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.  He is like every other candidate that has been in power for far too long; he sees his “experience” as his power, his ability to “work with both sides” as a good thing.  And he has the money and backing of the Republican Party on his side!  We need someone who has stood strong for Conservative values, someone who stands up for America and her citizens, someone who won’t back down on the issues we hold dear and will fight to follow them through to completion!  There are several good ones out there, so I won’t direct you to any of them; all I ask is that you use your common sense and loyalty to our country to guide your decisions when the Primaries come, to vote in someone who will truly lead America in the right direction!  We need to end the manipulative practices of those in power and bring the Republican Party back into the hands of the true citizens of this country, and return America to the standing she once had in the world!  Australia has been a good lesson to me of where we will be if we don’t end the Progressive power grab over our country!  We need to stand up as Americans and show the world that we, the true patriots of the Republic of the United States, will never settle for Second Best again!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Bud says:

    YES! We need to vote for what is best for the COUNTRY and forget the party, our personal agenda and everything else. We need to get back to THE CONSTITUTION and the rule of law.

    • The one idea we need to be careful of is a third party. It is too late for any third party to develop enough of a following to allow it to run a candidate against the Republican Party without splitting the ticket in 2012 and allowing Obama to walk in like Clinton did when Ross Perot split the Conservative ticket. The Progressives did the intelligent thing in ’68 when they took over the Democratic Party, instead of trying to split it. We need our candidates to run on the Republican ticket, whether or not the Party wants them. There are far too many people who will vote Republican simply because it is something they have done throughout their entire lives, because they see it as the Conservative Party, and they won’t walk away. With all of the corruption in voting across our nation, we need every Conservative vote on one candidate in order to win. That’s why I mentioned the Party, not because I am in love with it.

      • We need to win the confidence of the independant voter and reach out to our young adult voters so they are not fooled with Obamas campaign lies like last time. Since he took office two years ago, everything has gotten worse. Young voters need to recognize that, and dump the bum in 2012. I would vote for a pet rock before Obama.

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