As many of my friends know, I spent the past two weeks in Australia, near Wollongong; it is a beautiful country, with great people and there will always be strong ties between Australian Vets and American Vets.  However; their lifestyle has been greatly diminished by a Progressive government that suddenly  took control over their nation.  I would like to share with you some of the Progressive ideals that are in effect in Australia now,  in order to allow you to understand the full truth of what they are trying to do in America, and will get away with it if we are not very careful in the upcoming elections  and do not vote in any “Liberal-light” Republicans:

1.  They have had their guns taken away from them.  Now, I know that this will seem an “intelligent” move to many liberals out there, but there is much  more to it than simply taking away guns:  you cannot carry a pocket knife or any other kind of weapon, including a penknife.  If you are carrying a baseball bat in your car, you can be arrested for carrying an illegal weapon.  If you have a baseball bat with both a ball and a glove, you won’t be arrested.  Now, here comes the really bad part; if someone breaks into your home, which still happens, and they try to kill your wife and/or children, and you have to beat that person up to keep your family from being harmed, you will be arrested for assault and battery and will be put in jail!  You are supposed to sit and wait for the police to take control over the situation!  Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?  I had too many people quote that same law to me for it to be false!  If you watch the news on TV, it appears that there is very little crime, but the truth is that they don’t report all of it to make the people feel safer!  You can own a gun for hunting, and hunting only, but it has to be a specific type of gun and it has to be registered and stored in your own gun safe.  If the police come to your house and ask to look at your gun and your wife gives them the key, you can be arrested because the only person that is supposed to have access to that gun is you, and you alone!  Funny thing is; many of the criminals are still armed, in one way, or another, and that problem has never been solved!

2.  The Progressive government has not made any real effort to end much of the Pork spending within their nation, but they have increased taxes to the point that it is absolutely idiotic!  My friend has gas in his home, both for the stove, which he never uses, and the water heater, only.  However; this past month his gas bill was $300!  A can of beer is $6.98, but is really $7.00, because they don’t use pennies!  A gallon of milk, when figured by the gallon, not by litres, is around $6!  I talked to a woman in the grocery store who told me she had two children and her husband in her home and I asked her how much her weekly grocery bill was; she told me that, if she was real careful in how she spent her money, the bill was usually around $350 per week!  Gasoline is $2.39 per liter, which works out to around $9.08 per gallon!  Needless to say, the cost of living is so high that most people, if they can meet their monthly expenses, have little money for anything else!

3.  Muslims and the Chinese illegals are flooding into their country, taking over businesses and gas stations ( sound familiar? ), and are beginning to gain enough of the population in certain areas to sway voting in their favor.  They are rude and treat the locals like they are in their way!  I went to the big casino in Sydney one night, it was very, very small, but it was filled with Chinese and muslims, who filled the high dollar tables, throwing money around like it was candy! 

I have limited space on here so I cannot go much deeper into what I saw while I was over there, but I can tell you that the Progressives have taken over the national government and are totally controlling the people through the removal of their ability to protect themselves by removing their rights to have guns!  Then they raised taxes so high on the needed items like utilities, food, gas, etc., to the point at which the citizens are forced into a lower lifestyle to exist!  And they have made home ownership out of reach by forcing the prices of homes to over $250,000 for what would be considered a small “dump” over here!  But the government leaders and the rich still live their exotic lifestyles, while the people suffer!  Australia is a great nation, made up of great people, but it is now the perfect example of the truth of the Progressive ideal of a society, and it should make Americans wake up to the true threat of “Progressivism” in the United States!  They are not looking for a “better world for us all”, they are only looking for true power and wealth for themselves!  And it is for that reason that we need to rid ourselves of Obama and the Progressives in Congress!  And it is also the best reason for us not to look at people like Romney, who ran a “liberal-light” government in his own state when he was governor!  We need the new candidates, the people who walk the Tea Party line of the rules of the true Republic government that started our nation, to win and control our government, to rid us of the danger of Progressivism in the US, to return us to our Constitutional rights and government that our Forefathers set up for us!  If we are not careful, we will become the second “Australia”!

I wish to appologize, but when I wrote this article this morning, I was still quite tired from my trip.  I wrote that gas was around $9 a gallon, when it is around $6.  I have corrected the mistake above and appologize for the error.  But, $6 a gallon for gas is extremely high.


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Since I have never heard any news whatsoever of Australians doing anything to stop the problems they are having we can expect exactly the same if all we are going to do is complain to congressmen and senators and even the president and nothing else.

    I tend to think they are the ones that are making things the way they are because most people would not voluntarily give up so much in tax from their earnings, give up freedoms bought and paid for in Blood and live with corruption as if it is routine.

    If our Founding Fathers had taken NO action other than paper documents and verbal protests we would still be England’s Colony and so goes the facts of obtaining, regaining and sustaining freedom in the USA. We have ridden as far as we can on the Coat tails of those who came before us and handed us these things at birth, the time is right to duplicate their actions.

    Freedom was a right but now barely exists, if we are to be so stupid to watch the exact scenario taking place in country after country and we are the last one left what is it that makes us think it won’t happen here?

    the 5th column is already in the White House, read history of many countries and see what comes next…

    • 100% correct, Jack! It has been the greed of Congress versus the lack of interest by the citizens that has allowed this to grow as big as it has here. In Australia, they believe in a kind of “Life goes on” attitude, as did our parents and many of our own generation. But they were caught off guard, and we have not, so we have a chance. When they see a major change in our government next year, they will look at it as an example that needs to be followed, if they have not been taken over by the Chinese and muslim immigrants.

      • The following is from Tom Wolinski:

  2. Jim Campbell says:

    I think the snowball headed for Hell is so big that it cannot be turned around, I once thought the influence of your vote should be an echo of the amount you pay in taxes and if you recieve any Government funds you have no vote. My grandchildren will know firearms skills and will know how to survive but other than that they like everyone else will be on their own. Jim

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